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Wall Street Journal Says Saab Must Be Carved Out Of GM

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The Wall Street Journal says today that Saab must be carved out of GM in order to receive state aid from the Swedish government.

I am liking where this news dialog is going today, especially after Saab Automobile AB’s own Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson has said that in order for Saab Automobile to succeed, they need to be separated from GM.

DETROIT (Dow Jones)–Ford Motor Co. (F) and General Motors Corp. (GM) will have to “carve out” Volvo and Saab to secure any state aid from Sweden, a senior Swedish official said Monday.

“Sweden also plans to synchronize approval for any aid with the March timetable laid out by U.S. authorities monitoring loans granted to GM and Chrysler LLC.”

We know that the “carving out” of Saab from GM will be challenging, but certainly not impossible given the integration between them.

It will be interesting to see how this de-integration process begins with Saab Automobile and General Motors. I hope it yields the same positive results as it did with Daimler after departing from the DaimlerChrysler split I mentioned earlier.

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How Integrated Is Saab Automobile With General Motors?

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Saab Automobile’s President, Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson has recently stated that for the Saab brand to succeed, it needs to be separated from GM.

While this is good news, how will this be possible in the short and long term given their level of integration with GM? I take this separation as a process which will take some time, even if Saab Automobile manages to become separated and with a new owner.

One case study on this process, could be the DaimlerChrysler deal, which began as a collaboration in 1998 and ended 9 years later in 2007, whereby Diamler & Chrysler managed to merge, then split.

I believe that if Saab Automobile can split from GM, they could end up like Daimler, resulting in a better situation for success, and a company with an owner that cares about their future as well.

So the question here I have is, how Integrated Is Saab Automobile With General Motors? From what I now understand, there are quite a bit of areas in which they are integrated that include: Parts, Patents, Design, Technology, Service, Products & Facilities, am I missing anything? It will surely take some careful design in Saab’s business plan as to where to begin in the separation of these areas. I am positive they won’t all need to be separated immediately because they can’t be. Perhaps Saab Automobile could consult Daimler in how they managed their separation process their U.S. counterpart?

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