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Saab’s Goteborg & Stockholm Offices Consolidated

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Photo Credit: Saab History

TTELA reports this morning that Saab Automobile’s Göteborg & Stockholm offices are to be consolidated.

The Göteborg office for Saab Automobile AB has 125 people in it and it is near Mölnlycke/Pixbo area close to the airport. In this office, the marketing, sales and design staff are located.

Saab Automobile AB Sales, Marketing & Design – Kvarnbacken 2, 43542 Mölnlycke, Sweden‎ – 031-354 00 00‎

The Stockholm, Sweden office is basically a GM Nordic office with about 25 peolpe in it, and so that will be rightfully consolidated to Trollhattan, Sweden as well.

General Motors Norden AB Årstaängsv. 17 11743 Stockholm, Sweden 08-632 85 00

These two offices will be relocated to Trollhättan, Sweden as a continued consolidation and centralization of everything Saab to where it all began.

It’ll be nice to hear that there will be a new separate design facility in Trollhattan. I wonder if this will be utilizing the existing former site of the “Saab Advanced Concept Center” that is located near the Saab Car Museum?

Here’s the piece from TTELA.

Saab Automobile in Trollhättan only

Trollhättan Saab Automobile concentrating all its activities to Trollhättan, reported Dagens Industri.

Offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg closed, but all the staff offered to move with. In total, 150 people.

Concerned departments in the Gothenburg area is the marketing department who had an office in Gothenburg and parts of the design department in Pixbo, Mölnlycke outside.

– We will include building a separate, new capacity Design in Trollhattan, “said Eric Geers, Communications Director at Saab Autommobile.

Saab has also taken on a new charge of sales in Sweden. Former Director Patrik Riese ended a few weeks ago and went to Volkswagen. Instead, many old Saab employee Kjell-Ake Eriksson, responsible for sales in Sweden.

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Saab Automobile AB Ready For Visits By Potential Buyer Visits This Week

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Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA indicates that Saab Automobile is ready for visits of up to 10 potential buyers of the Swedish based car company.

There should be more information regarding this creditors meeting on Monday, April 6th at the town hall with the Vanersborg court.

Here is their coverage translated by google.

Saab is gearing up for visit of potential buyers.

There are about 10 potential buyers and in the coming weeks most of them will visit Saab to have a look at the plant.

– We want to make a good impression, says Eric Geers, Saab Exec. Director

According to him no dates are decided upon yet but we can assume that there will be several visits in the coming weeks.

And even if Eric Geers does not want to comment on who the potential investors are, it appears that he is ready to receive both Swedish and foreign investors.

As TTELA has informed previously, it is not only investors associated with the car industry that have shown interest.

The visits are the next logical step to a possible sale of Saab Automobile. Guy Lofalk, from the reconstruction group informed TTELA last week that extensive information about Saab has already been handed over to the the highest ranked potential investors.

Having in mind that the potential investors will visit Saab there is plenty of activity at Saab. The manufacturing area and offices will be inspected and there will be a presentation of the company for the potential investors.

– We want to do a good impression and therefore we are carefully studying our business plan and preparing the presentation of our business says Eric Geers.

He compares the process, from the potential investors point of view, to that of buying a house.

– Imagine that you want to buy a house. You want all the information available so you can make a decision, says Eric Geers.

But are you, just like buying a house, cleaning and dressing things up just to make a extra good impression?

– No, that is not what this is about. We know what we have and we believe in our product and the business plan that we want to sell, says Eric Geers.

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