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Swedish National Debt Office Submits Final Approval For State Guarantee Of European Investment Bank Loan

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The Swedish Government’s Maud Olofsson and Bo Lundgren held a press conference today at 3:20pm in Sweden about the Saab Spyker EIB loan Guarantee.

They indicated that the final review of the Swedish National Debt Office has been completed and submitted to the EIB, now we await the decision from the European Investment Bank.

The response from the EIB is expected either today or Monday, February 15th, when the Spyker Saab sale is expected to close.

For more information about this conference and for a video recap, please visit this link.

Here’s a recap from Sweden’s E24 News covering the press conference that was over 20 minutes long.

The Debt Office has given its final approval of the State guarantee for Saab’s loan from the European Investment Bank for 400 million euros. The Debt Office also believes that the business plan is “reasonable”.

– We are the projects and ensures that makes us a greener vehicle fleet, “said Maud Olofsson, during the press conference.

– Then it’s up to Spyker and GM to make up for the deal. But we have sufficient collateral to provide these guarantees, “she says.

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U.S. Investors May Be Involved In Saab-Koenigsegg Deal

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Forbes via Reuters are now claiming that U.S. investors may be involved in the Saab-Koenigsegg deal that is underway.

I think this recent news makes the low volume supercar manufacturer, Koenigsegg more credible due to financial backing. The question now is who are these U.S. investors, perhaps the Wyoming based Merbanco group that we learned about last week?

STOCKHOLM, June 12 (Reuters) – U.S. investors may be among those backing Swedish luxury carmaker Koenigsegg in a purchase of General Motors’ loss making unit Saab, a Swedish news agency reported on Friday.

A source told Reuters this week that Swedish carmaker Saab has struck a preliminary deal with Koenigsegg to take over the loss-making GM brand.

‘According to sources Koenigsegg has the backing of Norwegian and U.S. investors,’ Swedish news agency E24 said on its website.

Saab Automobile, which was put up for sale by its now bankrupt U.S parent earlier this year, had been in talks with two or three bidders in the past weeks and has declined to comment on reports that it had signed a preliminary deal with Koenigsegg. Keywords: SWEDEN SAAB/

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