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Radio Station Caller Thinks Onstar Follows Santa Claus

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I was listening to the radio over the holidays and heard a woman call in to a quiz asking the listeners the following question: What “government agency” follows Santa Claus here in the United States?

There were many responses that were funny such as NASA, FAA, etc., but the best response threw me into immediate laughter when a woman responded with “On Star”.

OnStar, as you may or may not know is GM’s company that provides emergency services in all of their vehicles to date.

While her response initially sounded quite comical with the right response being NORAD, I think perhaps she was more tapped into reality that previously thought. If we look GM today, now that they have been bailed out by the Federal Government’s U.S. Treasury, they should be looked at as really being owned by the people.

This would mean that that woman’s reference to OnStar being a “government agency” may not be too far off from the mark.

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GM Asks FAA To Stop Tracking Flights Of Private Jets

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Photo Credit: Matthew Smith

Bloomberg, BBC & Aero News announces that General Motors, in an attempt to continue their isolation from the reality of the rest of the world, has instead of selling all of their private jets, have asked the FAA to stop tracking the flights of their private jets. These are the jets that GM executives fly including CEO, Rick Wagoneer as recently exhibuted during his visit to the United States Congress to beg for a no-strings handout.

General Motors and their leadership still do not get it. Why can’t they just get off of their “high horse” and they fly coach, drive or take public transportation like the rest of us? I am really starting to believe that their company is actually not in the dire straights that they are in because it takes a lot of money to fly and lease these private jets, so where is that money coming from exactly if they “don’t have any”?

Furthermore, for General Motors to request that the Federal Aviation Authority to bar the public (us & the media) from being able to track their flights is absolutely appalling and the epitome of arrogance. Message to General Motors: The 400 pound gorilla in the room is NOT that we can SEE you flying, it is the fact that you are FLYING these jets period!. Get a clue and start living a modest lifestyle so that you don’t take your company further into debt and wasting everyone’s money including, quite possibly the tax payers here in the United States!

As expected I checked to see if I could track one of their 8 jets with the registration N5116 from Aviation Air LLC in Danbury, CT and that website now shows “This flight is not available for tracking per request from the owner/operator”. No surprise! Anyone know the remaining 7 registration #’s for their private jets?

I leave you with Blogging Stocks best response to this appalling news as of late:

General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM) just doesn’t get it. After flying in a corporate jet to Washington last week with tin cup in hand, its executives have not wised up. Rather than flying on public airlines like the rest of us do, they want to keep flying those corporate jets. But they want to make sure nobody in the public can track their flights.

If this is not the height of arrogance I don’t know what is. Bloomberg News interviewed a GM spokesman who said, “We availed ourselves of the option as others do to have the aircraft removed” from a Federal Aviation Administration tracking service. But he declined to discuss why GM made the request.

GM doesn’t need to explain why it made the request. I already know — it wants its executives to be able to keep flying on corporate jets and it doesn’t want Congress or the public to know about it. I think GM executives should consider three options: flying coach, getting the boot from the executive suite, or continuing to fly in their corporate jets until they run out of money.

If they pick the third option, they should not get a penny’s worth of taxpayer money.

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