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Saab Factory Gears Up For Increase In Saab Car Production

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The Saab Factory is gearing up for an increase in Saab Car production, with the 9-3 Sedan, SportCombi, 9-3 Convertible, 9-3x and all new Saab 9-5 Sedan according to TTELA.

In the near future, the Saab factory will be prepared to take on a significant upswing in production meeting the expected demand.

In addition, there are also plans to focus on the recruitment of staff in order to support the new Saab’s mission.

The road ahead is looking bright, for newly owned Saab Automobile.


Now Saab gears up new recruits and new ways of working to take the company into the future

Recruitment of staff in key positions in finance and purchasing, as well as new employment in production.

There are some concrete things that are now waiting for the new Saab leaving GM and concentrating all its activities to Trollhättan.

With the final documents that make Saab into an independent company signed on Tuesday, now begins a frantic activity to tow the company out of the frozen lake that GM put the Swedish subsidiary in, while setting a new course on the global market again.

There is much that must happen in a short time now, “says Mats Fägerhag , director of technology development at Saab, and mentions the sub-contractors must begin to deliver the material again.

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Göteborg Saab Facility Consolidated To Trollhättan HQ

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Photo Credits: Saab History

As Saab Automobile completes its facilities consolidation, the Mölnlycke office in Pixbo/Göteborg office has finally closed and the approximately 100 people that worked there, have moved to the headquarters in Trollhättan, Sweden according to TTELA.

This process started last fall as reported here on Saab History and has taken time to completely phase out. At one point, these offices included up to 125 people including the former Saab design team.

Nearly 100 people have moved up to the Trollhättan factory in Mölnlycke.

Yesterday, it was those in finance & marketing that have moved from Pixbo in Mölnlycke to Trollhättan. In total, nearly 100 people have thus moved up to Trollhättan.

Saab’s business plan included efforts to concentrate its operations geographically to Trollhättan to have all operations and employees close to each other. Production has also taken home the manufacture and development of models from Germany and Austria to Trollhattan, which also will be emphasized in marketing which recognizes the mark as genuinely Swedish.

But even the more geographically related activities conducted in the office of Pixbo outside Gothenburg has gradually moved from there up to Trollhättan. Even before the design department had moved away and in the process of creating the new Saab so now people in financial, marketing department and in the aftermarket gradually started to move up to Trollhättan. Yesterday marked the last day for most of those who worked there in Pixbo and a move to Trollhättan.

For the Union, it is about one hundred members now been transferred to Trollhättan. A slight chance to work down there in the Gothenburg area will remain.

– There will be no teleworking, “says Ms Gustav’s information department.

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Swedish Govt Returns To GM HQ Next Week To Talk Saab

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Representatives from the Swedish Government will be arriving in Detroit on Saturday just prior to the NAIAS along with Saab and Volvo representatives to provide any remaining information the owners, GM & Ford respectivelyneed for the sale according to Reuters.

If I were the Swedish Government representative, I would prioritize Saab because it needs more care than Volvo’s non-dramatic sales process with Ford.

I hope all parties once and for all, get it done when they arrive in Detroit. I think all parties will be on the same physical location at the same time, so they best seal the deal.

Representatives from Sweden’s finance and industry ministries will meet in Detroit with Saab parent GM and Ford (F.N), currently in the process of selling its Swedish car unit Volvo Cars.

“As we understand it, GM has not closed the door to a sale (of Saab), even if the official line is a wind-down,” state secretary Joran Hagglund said.

“We want to make totally sure they (GM) have all the information they need.”

Dutch sports car maker Spyker Cars (SPYKR.AS), which wants to buy Saab, has said GM has set a deadline of Jan 7. for bids for the Swedish firm. [ID:nLDE603121]

Saab, which GM has controlled since 1989, posted a loss of $340 million in 2008 and is expected to have made a similar loss last year.

A deal with Swedish luxury car maker Koenigsegg to buy Saab fell through in late November and in December, GM said it would start winding down Saab’s operations though it would consider new bids for the firm.

Spyker’s CEO, Victor Muller, has said there are multiple parties still interested in buying Saab, which employs over 3,000 workers in Sweden.

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Jan Ake Jonsson Speaks At Press Conference In Trollhättan

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Dagens Industri and Swedish Radio West are both reporting on a recent press conference at Trollhattan’s Innovatum Tuesday night where Saab Automobile’s Managing Director, Jan Ã…ke Jonsson criticized the Swedish government for doing too little too late for his company.

Here is the article below.

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Prospective Buyers Tour Saab Automobile Facilities

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

Sweden’s “The Local” confirms reports that the prospective buyers for Saab Automobile are still visiting the facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden at this time.

It is unclear if all the 27 that have signed the confidentiality agreements with Deutche Bank who are managing this process along with the reconstruction team, are touring the facilities.

Here’s the piece from the local.

Suitors tour Saab headquarters

Buyers interested in purchasing in beleaguered Saab Automobile have been visiting the company’s main base of operations this week to get more information about its factories, organization, and business plan.

According to Saab spokesperson Gunilla Gustavs, a total of 27 potential suitors have signed confidentiality agreements indicating they are serious about making a bid for the Swedish automaker, which is currently undergoing a court-ordered restructuring.

“There may be more. Several are Swedish, but most of them are international. A number have ties to the auto industry. Others belong to other sectors, such as finance and investment companies,” Gustavs said to the TT news agency.

Saab CEO Jan Ã…ke Jonsson is meeting with potential buyers this week at the company’s Trollhättan headquarters in western Sweden and in the coming weeks will also receive representatives from Deutsche Bank, which Saab has hired to manage the sale process.

Plans for US owners General Motors (GM) to complete the sale of Saab in June remain on schedule. Saab currently has until May 20th to complete the restructuring process, but has already indicated that it may request an extension from the Vänersborgs District Court.

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Shaw Saab Promotes Red Tag Sale Until 1.5.2009

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Photo Credit: Saab History

Shaw Saab of Norwell, Massachusetts that I recently visited, is offering a red tag sale on all 2009 Saab 9-3s, 9-5s and 9-7xs.

In addition, this sale can be combined with the Saab XWD Salomon Ski program offered to participating dealerships in the Boston region up until January 5th, 2009.

The details of this red tag sale include the following:

Promotional Overview:

Between november 4th, 2008 and January 5th, 2009, this national event will offer special red tag pricing to every customer in america who is in market to buy or lease an eligible new 2008/2009 model year Gm vehicle. The program will be available at any dealership that chooses to participate. General motors Corporation will be running advertising featuring the line “the price you see is the price you pay.” it is therefore very important that you review these materials and that your red tags display the final price you are making available to the customer, and that there are no extra fees or charges other than tax, title and license.

Eligible Vehicles:

All new and unused retail 2008 and 2009 Saab models.

Program Dates:

Retail deliveries of eligible vehicles from november 4, 2008, through January 5, 2009, will be eligible for
the red tag event pricing and related dealer incentives.


Red Tag Price = All compatible factory cash back offers, dealership(s) price discount. This price includes all fees, dealer/doc fees, excluding ONLY tax, title and license.

*Red Tag price may be even less. Tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment extra. Price not available with special GMAC finance or lease offers. At participating dealers only. Take delivery by 1/5/09. See dealer for details. **Any listed vehicle can be ordered and personalized to your desire. Vehicles may not be in-stock at our stores, however, will be ordered per your specification.

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Saab Automobile USA Red Tag Event On ’08 & ’09 Models

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Saab Automobile USA has recently launched a “red tag event” on all 2008 & 2009 Saab models.

It is interesting to note that the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, SportCombi, as is the convertible 9-7x and even the 9-5 are shown.

The catch with this program is that as a consumer, you need a credit score of 700 or better to qualify for the program.

Here are the details, for more click here.

*Red Tag price may be even less. Tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment extra. Price not available with special GMAC finance or lease offers. At participating dealers only. Take delivery by 1/5/09. See dealer for details. **Any listed vehicle can be ordered and personalized to your desire. Vehicles may not be in-stock at our stores, however, will be ordered per your specification.

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