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SCANIA AB Reports That Saab Spyker Name Change Okay

Posted on 16. Feb, 2010 by .


The SCANIA GROUP AB reports that the Saab Spyker name change is okay. As far as the Griffin emblem is concerned, it looks like SCANIA will have a say in the use of that.


Dear Ryan

The company name, i.e. Saab, is not an issue for Scania.

When it regards the use of the Griffin symbol, there is an agreement between the parties concerned (Saab, Saab Automobile and Scania) which stipulates how and what etc. Until the acquisition not is finalised, I don’t want to speculate on your second question but just to say that Scania will have a say in the future use of the Griffin symbol.

Best regards



P.S. As an old Saab friend, I hope that the brand that got me interested in cars and motor sports really will survive and be well maintained in the future. I was brought up at the times when Erik Carlsson, Stig Blomkvist and Per Eklund were kings of the Rally sport. My first car memories are from my father’s green Saab 92 (which by the later were replaced by Ford Anglia and Volvo PV and Amazon).

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Swedish Government To Review Bids Throughout Weekend

Posted on 09. Jan, 2010 by .


Sweden’s TTELA indicates that the Swedish Government’s Jöran Hägglund and his entire Swedish Government cabinet group will be spending all weekend in Detroit going over the bids to buy Saab that came in Thursday night.

He indicates that there are reputable buyers as we know and will discuss which ones have or will receive the okay to obtain the EIB loan guarantees, the critical aspect to the bidding.

All it takes is one to receive the guarantee and then, signify they are the buyer and ensure that they sign the deal and complete the sale ASAP!

Here is the article below loosely translated:

Jöran Hägglund hasn’t given up.

Joran Hagglund has not given up going to Detroit.

Secretary of State Joran Hagglund has not given up hope that Saab can find a new owner.

Related-We ‘re not going to Detroit to talk about how a settlement should go to, “says Hagglund.

On Saturday he goes to the U.S. for a few days to meet GM’s and Ford’s lines and discuss the future of the Swedish automotive industry and the two companies.

Have seen the basis for bids

Hagglund said he has seen preliminary data from the groups that reported bid to buy Saab.

There are many reputable people, “says Hagglund, but added that he will not and at this stage want to comment on whether he believes that the bids are genuine or not.

– We shall see what we can do that, if possible, contribute to positive sales of Saab, Hagglund said before his trip, but added:

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The Strong Press Coverage Of The "Save Saab" Gathering

Posted on 06. Jan, 2010 by .



Photo Credit: Saab History

The ongoing press coverage of this event leading up to, during and now following has been outstanding. A thank you to all of the members of the press that have contributed to covering this event in such a positive and thorough way.

Here is the leading coverage that will be updated on an ongoing basis that also includes the articles prior to the event.

New York TimesEnthusiasts Descend on Detroit To Save Saab

Reuters Saab lovers rally to save brand as GM board meets

Bloomberg Business Week – Saab Enthusiasts

Swedish RadioRegeringen ska träffa GM och Ford

TV 4 Sweden Saabar samlas vid GMs huvudkvarter

Sweden’s SVT TelevisionSaab Enthusiasts Rally In Detroit

E24 Sweden – Manifestationer för Saab

Danish Radio

USA TodaySaab Owners Picket GM In Detroit To Try To Keep Brand Alive

Boston Globe As Saab owners rally, GM’s shutdown threat remains

Boston HeraldTo rev up support, Saab fans get political

Maine Public BroadcastingMaine Saab Owners Launch Effort to Save Brand From Extinction

AutoblogSaab owners Gather In Wintery Detroit Urge GM to Sell Brand

Autoweek Saab fans gather outside GM headquarters

JalopnikSell Our Saab, The Rally

ExaminerSaab Enthusiasts Rally In Detroit Write Songs To Save Saab From Being Closed

U.S. NewsSave Our Saab Enthusiasts Plan March on GM HQ

Autocar UKSaab workers urge GM sale

The Guardian (UK) Saab Rally In Detroit

EGM Car TechSaab supporters gather outside GM’s Renaissance Center HQ

The ExaminerSaab enthusiasts are impressing me… Are they impressing GM ???

Coverage Prior To

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What Would Bob Sinclair Have Said About All Of This?

Posted on 21. Dec, 2009 by .


What would Bob Sinclair have said about all of this situation with Saab & GM over the last 20 years? This is what automotive news has recently written as a focus on the ongoing situation with Saab with reference to Bob Sinclair, Saab’s former chief in the United States for many years.

Here’s the article referenced below:

If this truly is the end of Saab, maybe it’s just as well Bob Sinclair isn’t around to see it.

Sinclair, who died in May at age 77, made Saab a success in the United States. As head of U.S. operations in the 1980s, he pushed his reluctant Swedish bosses to add content and luxury to their cars.

We forget just how well Saab was doing in this country a couple of decades ago, nearly hitting sales of 50,000 units before the October 1987 stock market crash. Saab was quirky, but also cool.

Think how hard it is these days to take a brand upmarket. You have to marvel at Sinclair, who retired in 1991. In fact, Saab may be the last brand to make a successful transition from downmarket to upmarket — here or anywhere.

In December 1989, General Motors was cash-flush and distressed that it had lost out to Ford in bidding for Jaguar. So GM acquired half of Saab. Several years later, it bought the rest.

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Per Eklund Wins FIA RallyCross Championship In Finland

Posted on 22. Oct, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: RallyCross.com

Per Eklund Wins FIA RallyCross Championship In Finland in his Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan.

Here are the details below thanks to Mike Jager.


Eklund wins in Finland!

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When Will Saab Offer Diesels In the United States?

Posted on 04. Aug, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: Schwedenteile

I have been wondering, with all of the great press on diesels in the United States, when will Saab Automobile offer the TTiD models?

What prompted this question was that I recently heard that my Father who lives in New England, one who had not owned a Saab since the 99 and the 96, was out looking for a passenger car lately. He has a long commute and required a diesel power train, a tow hitch all in a wagon with a 5 or 6-speed manual. His last and final requirement was a service point on both ends of his commute for warranty work, etc. He was initially interested in the Saab, but he quickly learned that the diesels were not available in the United States. Secondly, he does not live in an immediate metro area so service would be a significant problem. His decision at the end of the process involved choosing a VW Passat Wagon TDI instead. As part of his purchase he received a signficant discount on it through the “Cash for Clunkers” program, trading in his old Ford Exploder in addition to an IRS sales tax refund since it’s a 2009 MY as well.

This could have been a great Saab purchase, but since they aren’t available stateside and service convenience was a problem, he and presumably many other customers would have chosen a Saab had the situation been otherwise. I find this a tragic situation for people, including my Father because apparently he wanted a tow hitch with this sportwagon, but unlike the Saab 9-3 SportCombi which has one, the VW dealer says that there are no trailer hitches for his brand new ride, so he has to go third party. He is however, very impressed with the 45 miles to the gallon he’s been getting lately that’s expected to rise after the first 10k. I would have been more impressed if he was behind the wheel of a Saab 9-3 SportCombi TTiD reporting those figures to me though!

We know the United Kingdom, Sweden most of Europe and Australia have diesels, so when will these products be introduced to the United States?

Here’s hoping with the new Koenigsegg owned Saab Automobile, they will have the autonomy to make the decisions become a reality so that we can grow the existing and prospective customer base in the United States.

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Saab History’s Suggested Strategy For Saab Automobile’s Ability To Target Their Post Modernist Audience

Posted on 13. Jul, 2009 by .


After hearing the Saab Automobile brand design chief, Simon Padian state that the target audience for the brand are “modern individualists” (defined in the video above) harkening back to Saab designer, Bryan Nesbitt’s words of “upper liberal” two years ago and my experience at Saab 60th event in San Diego at the modern Tower 13 hotel as well as the super modern House of Sweden in D.C, I thought it was an appropriate time to start asking ourselves, what is Saab Automobile’s target audience, is it truly a post modernist audience?

Living here in the North East region of the United States, I’ve seen a strong base of those who either live or want to live the modern lifestyle as typically depicted in “Dwell Magazine“, effectively falling into the targeted audience for the Saab Automobile brand, however those people are very far and few between. I also think that the same goes for those in the Pacific North West. Within this demographic, these individuals realize that there are a lot of choices these days when it comes to an automobile, far more than when Saab held onto the quirky capable car for those active yuppies in the late eighties and early nineties. Today’s post modernists not only drive Saabs, they drive audis, bmws, top of the line Subaru outbacks, Mini’s, Smart Cars, and then of course the Toyota Prius.

So, what is it going to take to get all of these customers out of these vehicles and into the Saab Automobile? Or better yet, what will it take to keep the existing customers with Saab Automobile? I thought that this would be a good opportunity to instead of focusing solely on the audience, looking at the product itself and seeing what it needs to have in order for Saab Automobile to continue to maintain this targeted audience of post modern/ individualist. There are a number of key areas that Saab Automobile will need to improve on in their new product lineup in order to do better within this target audience that I have provided below as five simplified points.

If this direction does not change soon, Saab Automobile’s targeted audience will completely move on, and if that happens, where will Saab be? Are there other demographics not as specific as this that also equally appreciate each and every factor of the current Saab product portfolio?

1) Rightsized Architectures

I believe the “rightsizing philosophy” needs to be applied to the car as a whole, not just the power train because let’s not forget, Saab Automobile is historically a small-car maker where they’ve succeeded. Saab Automobile is not a large luxury car maker, and doing otherwise will continue to be counter to their efforts. I could see advertisements here in the United States about Saab’s rightsizing philosophy in comparison to just about every other car on the market that’s not “right sized”. It’ll set them apart from the competition immediately.

2) Scandinavian Design Inside & Out

A continuation of the scandinavian design outside and inside, with much more attention paid to quality and choice of materials, which is just starting to show through. There is no other automobile manufacturers in the world that can hold this claim, so Saab Automobile must step up the message on a global scale.

3) Ecofriendly Powertrains

A real effort to get into the eco friendly market, because the BioPower program & the Turbocharger, particularly here in the United States is not going to cut it, it’s just not enough, even the TTid diesel would be a good start, if they can out advertise volkswagen’s new campaign here in the Unites States. It’s also the hybrid market that Saab Automobile can really hit the road running, it needs to happen because people aren’t buying the Prius because it’s a toyota, they are buying it because it’s a hybrid..and now Ford has a Hybrid. If Saab Automobile is an innovator, we need to see it because the power train is a big deal, and it’s going to drive the sales more than the pop-out cup holder, heated seats or the active head restraint system.

4) A Solid Statement of Saab Safety

A solid dialogue about Saab’s Safety through engineering exhibited in every car they make. Showcasing and visually illustrating what makes a Saab safe, the engineering work, the education behind the engineers research & development, the real-life safety, the active & passive safety systems included in every car they make.

5) Practicality & Active Lifestyle

A commitment to outwitting the competition in the practicality department through their legendary hatchback & other functionality through accessories and otherwise, assisting in the active lifestyles that make up the majority of their Saab demographic. This is where the branding exercises will be best illustrated through marketing and advertising of the practicality and other functionality.

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Swedish Koenigsegg & Chinese Geely Spotted Touring Saab Automobile AB Facilities In Trollhättan, Sweden?

Posted on 21. Apr, 2009 by .



Update: Geely & Koenigsegg have both officially indicated to Saab History that they are not interested in Saab Automobile AB at this time.

I have contacted Saab United as well as Swedish Radio to see why sources are indicating that Geely & Koenigsegg have been touring the Saab Automobile facilities as of late.

It’s too bad neither of these companies are interested as many of us were starting to become hopeful that Koenigsegg would buy Saab Automobile according to the poll I posted following the news.

In December, we originally heard there were three prospective buyers from Jan-Ake Jonsson, now that number has blossomed to an astounding 27!

That same month, I began making inquiries to many companies, one was the Swedish based Koenigsegg race car company, who at the time indicated they were not interested.

That was then, but this is now as Saabs United recently reported that there was a Koenigsegg rep spotted touring the facilities in Trollhattan during one of the sessions this week.

Additionally, Swedish Radio also reports that Chinese car maker, Geely, who was rumored to be a prospective buyer in March, has also been spotted participating in one of these tour sessions of the Saab Automobile facilities this week as well.

I leave you with both reports from Swedish Radio about both Koenigsegg and Geely as well as Reuters back in March that first confirmed the Geely interest.

I guess this leaves us with 25 remaining companies from the original 27 prospective buyers in which to figure out at this time.

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