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Countdown to Launch: New Saab 9-5 Ready to Roll

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Countdown to Launch: New Saab 9-5 Ready to Roll

* More than 500,000 km of chassis testing on European roads
* Handling, ride, refinement assessed across 250 measurement criteria
* Unique challenge of forest test track near Arctic Circle
* Customer order book already open in many markets

From the frozen wastes of northern Sweden to the baking plains of southern Spain, Saab’s chief test driver Peter Johansson and his small team of chassis experts have driven on some of the most challenging roads in Europe to fine-tune the dynamics of the next generation Saab 9-5.

Peter and his team clocked up more than 500,000 kilometers, the equivalent of driving 12 times round the world, in their quest to find the best set-up. That meant optimizing two different suspension layouts, front and all-wheel-drive transmissions, passive and adaptive chassis functions and two steering systems with different brakes, wheel sizes and tires, as well as five powertrain options.

Customers will soon enjoy the results of their work. In many markets, the 9-5 order book is already open and the first deliveries of Saab’s new flagship sedan will begin later this year.

The six-strong driving team focused on a core test fleet of 15 cars, including all the major technical permutations, and established a matrix for evaluating handling, ride and refinement across almost 250 measurement criteria.

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RBM Performance Discusses Saab On Television Interview

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Saab History site sponsor, RBM Performance of France has recently discussed Saab in a television interview on a program called Direct Auto.

In this video, not only do we get to learn about RBM’s performance tuning services, but we also get to see his SPG alongside a Saab 9-3 Turbo-X filmed on a runway with an aircraft hangar in the background. A very suiting scene for a great production.

The language is French, so if you are a non-native speaker, I still encourage you to watch the video.

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The “Save Saab” Gathering In Paris. France

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Photo Credit: David Morgan / RBM Performance

Saab owners and enthusiasts in France gathered in Paris for their “SAVE SAAB” event. As I hoped, the Saab enthusiasts gathered with the Eiffel tower in the background.

I am am really impressed with the attendance as some of the people spearheading the event thought there would only be a small turnout. Excellent job in putting together a gathering like this is relatively short notice!

Here are photos from David Morgan, RBM Performance, site sponsor of Saab History. Absolutely impressive job everyone!

Here’s David’s summary of the event.

Well I counted 114 Saabs and about 250 people. Paris was grey and rain,the atmoshere was cheerful but in that there was No organisation except for a time and point of rendezvous! At first the main Paris dealer planned it and then SAAB France took over but did nothing except get a bunch of Police there so as to block the south-east corner of La Place de Concorde for us. After an hour or so it just fizzled out. Everyone took of in their own directions, I felt bad for those who had dreiven a couple of hundred kilometers.

Well there was some press there and plenty of photographers but this was not Holland !!

Here’s some raw video footage from RBM Performance


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Saab History Welcomes RBM Performance As Sponsor

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RBM Performance, a leading independent Saab parts specialist for the past six years is supporting Saab History as an advertiser.

I encourage you to visit their website for your needs, as they have a page in English (just click the flag) at www.rbmperformance.com

Presentation of our company:

RBM Performance is the independant leading saab parts specialist company in France since 2004 with international vocation too. Company launched by myself Romain Mariani (car parts industry specialist but morever a real saab pasionate person).

Our job at RBM performance is providing everything for saabs owners! as our slogan says : “saab’s cars are our passion” therefore rbmperformance.com webshop is one of the largest devoted saab parts store in the world.

We use to provide all kind of genuine spare parts and accessories for all saabs at affordable prices but we also provide a wide range of saab replacement (aftermarket) quality parts for all saabs.

In addition we also have a large stock of used saab parts: all second hand parts are sold with a minimum 4 months warranty.

RBM performance is also specialized from its begining with enhancements and high quality tuning for all saabs.

We are the official dealer in France for:

-MapTun Performance (the well known swedish saab tuner)
-Speedparts (the tuning parts specialist company in Sweden)
-and Abbott racing (the historic saab Tuner from England UK)

We ship worldwide and can sell without the french VAT of 19,6% for all customers outside of the european union.!

We focus on excellence of services proving rapid answers (within 24 hours max) to all e-mails received, unsurpassed knowledge of all saabs from 1975 to nowadays, strong loyalty programm for all our customers etc..

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French Born, US Based Marketing Expert Wants Saab

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Dr. Gene C. Rapaille, a French-born, US-based marketing expert, wants Saab and believes that he has the key to turning around Saab Automobile.

I certainly would not put this individual down as prospective buyer, but he does have some good points about the value in Saving Saab, not just as an automobile company, but a critical brand for Sweden and in terms of design in a global sense.

He wrote Saab History, The local and other media sources this early morning with the following details below:

I want Saab.

Give me Saab, and I will save it and make it prosper again.

Why me? I have been working for most of the car makers in the world (GM, Chrysler, Honda, Renault, Citroen, Ford? and Fortune magazine labeled me the “Car Shrink.” Not only do I psychoanalyze cultures, but I also psychoanalyze cars and brands. I have done this work around the world ? in Europe, North and South America, China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Brazil, Russia, etc.

Beside that, I love cars? I have a passion for them, I collect them.

My work has been used to design and sell the PT cruiser (2.5 million cars sold) see the Wall street journal article attached to this email.

Why Saab? This is a fantastic brand and we should not let it die. This is a brand which has a tribe of loyal followers and represents the core value of the Swedish culture. This is the image of Sweden in the world; this is an element of the Swedish contribution to the world. We cannot let it die.

Why Now?

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Saab 9-3x Launch In Paris Coverage From Last Weekend

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile France

It looks like the Saab 9-3x launch event at the Jardin Garden in Paris went over quite well according to the Saab Newsroom blog.

I encourage you to take a look at the other photos below from the three links for more details.

Here are some highlights below.

Jardins Jardin is an event that took place in the heart of Paris last weekend in the famous garden Jardin des Tuileries. “Jardins, Jardin” is a unique and original event associated with the values of creating the landscape, environmental protection and sustainable development.

The theme for this year´s event is the latest trends in outdoor design and temporary gardens are created by landscape architects, artists, creators.

Surrounded by trees, plants, water and flowers the all new Saab 9-3X was exposed in France for the first time. This green BioPower car in white fit very well in the garden!

Click on these articles to find out more and see pictures

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Swedish Radio Reports Swedish Government Automotive Loans Untouched & Still Available

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Photo Credit: Swedish Radio

The Swedish Government’s Jöran Hägglund, fighting for Saab Automobile’s survival, says that the Swedish Government loans have been untouched since December, 2008 and are still available according to Swedish Radio.

The folks at the Swedish Government, Saab Automobile are happy to hear that the strict rules for these loans actually had a purpose, to keep the money in Sweden while also keeping them out of General Motor’s hands, who are about to file for bankruptcy this coming week.

Car Industry Funds “Untouched”
Statssekreterare Jöran Hägglund. Foto: Markus Dahlberg/Scanpix.

The Swedish government won’t make it easier for Sweden’s ailing car industry to get money from the support package set up by the government to help car-makers like Volvo and Saab last year.

The 3.4 billion US dollar package was set up just before Christmas, but almost 6 months later not a single penny has been paid out.

Top civil servant at the Ministry for Enterprise, Jöran Hägglund, says he is glad that no money has been handed out yet. He told Swedish Radio News that had the rules been more flexible, then much of the money could have ended up in the central coffers of General Motors in the USA, currently about to apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. General Motors is the owner of Saab motors.

The government has not yet applied for funds from the EU’s globalisation fund either, according to Swedish Radio News. Labour Market Minister Sven-Otto Littorin promised to do so back in February, but no application has yet been sent in. The department blames the complicated application procedure for the delay. Finland, Germany, France, Malta and Spain have already received money from the fund.

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The 1967 Saabo – Saab USA Heritage Collection

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Photo Credit: Saab USA Heritage Collection

The 1967 Saabo Camping trailer has been recently added to the Saab USA Heritage Collection.

Here are the details received from the current curators of the Saabo at the collection.

• The SAABO was a caravan produced from 1964 to 1968, by Saab.

· The SAABO caravan (camper/trailer) was manufactured in, outside Norrkoping, Sweden. The project was started by the Ljunga plant and at SAAB in Linkoping. Officially they were working on a project called MEFAN that was supposed to produce hovercrafts for the military. Unofficially they made a camper caravan.

· The idea was to get a product to even out the workload at the helicopter department, that at the time mainly assembled helicopters manufactured in France. After making a model in 1:10 scale they received the OK for production. A first prototype was made at Fisksatra boatyard and the pre-production prototypes at Marieholms Bruk.

The first prototypes were made without brakes, but these were soon added. It was important to keep the weight down as the caravan would be used with automobiles with as little as 25 hp (19kW), like the 38 hp (28 kW) two stroke SAAB 96. And the Swedish regulation at the time allowed unrestricted speed with a caravan if the weigh
was low enough.

• Despite the small size the SAABO was designed to accommodate a family of four (five with an extra bunk). The interior consisted of two a dining table, galley and two wardrobes. Liquified petroleum gas was used for cooking, heating and lighting. The design was made with two half shells of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) enclosing an insulation of folded cardboard. The SAABO had large, low set front and rear windows so the driver of the towing vehicle could look right through it in the rear view mirror. At least 438 SAABOs were made.

— Total length: 3.60 metres (141.7 in)
— Width: 1.84 metres (72.4 in)
— Height: 2.10 metres (82.7 in)
– lnner height: 1.80 metres (70.9 in)
– Weight: 230 kg (507 Ib)
– Cost at launch: 4950

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