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Saab History Interviewed By CBS News Detroit

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Updated: The previous link was not working, it should now work. 1.4.2009

Saab History was recently interviewed by CBS News Radio in Detroit this morning. We spoke about the Saab Enthusiast gathering to save Saab near the GM Headquarters in Detroit that will take place this Tuesday, January 5th.

It was important that I clarified that this is a gathering, not a demonstration as indicated by Swedish Radio. The intent is to be present and show our Saab spirit in support of Saab being sold.

Click here on CBS News Radio’s image above listen to the interview.

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Saab History Says Good Bye To Jan-Willem Vester

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Photo Credit: Saab History, February, 2007

I have recently heard that on April 20th, 2009, Jan-Willem Vester formerly of Saab Automobile USA Communications, is no longer working in this capacity.This also means that there is no longer any official voice for Saab Automobile USA, just the GM Premium brands channel.

It was just almost exactly one month ago since his departure that I managed to have an exclusive interview with him about his long career and continual interest in the Saab Automobile. It seemed like just yesterday that I met him for the first time during the picnic alongside Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson at the 2005 Saab Festival in Trollhattan, Sweden.

His responsibilities were numerous from communications to having inroads with the Saab USA Heritage Center, Video Archives and Heritage Collection, and more. I sometimes wondered how he managed to do it all so well, with a smile and humor.

In all of my communications with him, he has been incredibly professional and always followed up and certainly brought his passion for Saab to the table. It has been an honor to work with someone who is clearly a Saab enthusiast and a dedicated ambassador of the brand.

Jan-Willem, as you know started his career with Saab Automobile USA in August of 2004, when the brand team began their operations at the Renaissance Center within GM Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. In the September of 2008, Saab Automobile USA was no more, having been merged into what is known as “GM Premium brands”.

In the meantime, I wish Jan-Willem and his family well. If he’s reading this, I hope to hear from him soon and hope he attends the 2009 Saab Owners Convention with all of the other former Saab USA employees attending, now topping out over 100 strong!

All of us in the Saab community wish you nothing but the very best and thank you very much for your hard work all of these years.

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Saab Dealers In U.S. Participate In GM Conference Call

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Photo Credit: GM/Saab

This past Friday, a number of Saab dealerships in the United States participated in a GM conference call with Mark McNabb, Steve Shannon and others about the status of the reconstruction process.

While the dealerships were not happy with GM deciding to dump Saab in such an expeditious way as of late, they did appreciate that customers would be taken care of because that was the quite possibly the most critical aspect of the dealership experience these days.

An anonymous Saab History tipster has provided the following information as a summary of the conference call.

* Dealerships Want To Clean out All 2008 Model Year Inventory

* Dealerships want GM to provide them a clear single page letter with their letterhead on it, stating the GM responsibility to the (service, parts and warranty) for customers per customer demand.

* Dealerships ask if Warranties, etc. will be now part of Saab Automobile AB. GM responds that they are GM’s responsibility since that is who was making the agreements.

* Dealerships ask if Saab USA headquarters at the GM Headquarters at the Renaissance Center, will continue as business as usual. GM’s responds by stating that this will be the case.

* Dealerships want GM to step up to the plate and not only take responsibility for their parts, service and warranties, but directly to their customers as they don’t believe it’s their role to answer customer’s questions when it comes to GM trying to walk away from Saab. GM reps said they will step it up and work as hard as they can to satisfy their customers.

* GM said it will provide minimal support if any to dealerships that decided to build the special Retail Environment Design (RED) facilities. Dealerships were very angry when they heard this news and a long debate ensued, stating they were encouraged to build these new facilities based on false promises.

* Dealerships lastly, wanted to know if they now will be reporting to Saab Automobile AB instead of GM. GM’s reps responded by saying the management framework is still business as usual until Saab Automobile AB ends their reconstruction phase and indicates their new plan.

* A majority of questions raised by Saab dealerships were deferred due to Saab Automobile’s reconstruction process.

– Adjourned.

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