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Saab Automobile AB’s Insight Into Prospective Buyer Visits

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Allt Om Motor in Sweden has recently spoke with the President of GM Sweden, Patrik Riese about Saab Automobile AB’s prospective buyers.

I think you will find this interesting, particularly what happens when these people tour the factory and test drive the new products as you will read below.

Here is the piece loosely translated.

Within three months Saab has a new owner and already in 2011, the company will profit. It says Patrik Riese, president of GM of Sweden, which do not have any doubt as Saab’s bright future.

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Those who heard Patrik Riese talk about Saab’s future in Motormässan in Malmö on Thursday was easy to believe that it was an unusual ground car salesman who was on the go.

– Within three years, we have four new models in production and the interest to take over Saab is far beyond our expectations, “he said.

Deutsche Bank was engaged to sell Saab Automobile AB of two months ago and stakeholders have flowed to. Of these, Deutche Bank identify 27 serious investors. These have been given access to the prospectus and our business plan since they signed a confidentiality agreement.

According to Patrik Riese has Deutche Bank then selected the 10-12 strongest speculators and invited them to Trollhättan. The first group was there on Wednesday.

– Then investors both meet the company management for three hours and then test-drive our new cars, 9.3 x 9.5 and the new: an. They were then tested Saab’s future tangible eventually. After what I heard they were very satisfied. The other selected investors will similarly visit the next three weeks.

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Saab Automobile’s Global Sales Figures Jan 08 – Jan 09

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Patrik Riese, the Managing Director of GM Sweden, who I guess works directly with Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson Managing Director of Saab Automobile Sweden, is reporting that Saab sales are down primarily due to two reasons to be specific. These two reasons involve the obvious financial crisis, but secondly the speculation about Saab Automobile’s future has made people hold off until the news comes on February 17th.

It will be interesting to see if the sales spike from February 17th until March 31st, if the business plan from General Motors about the future of Saab being independent from the company is positive.

Here is his piece loosely translated from TROLLHÄTTAN’s TTELA

TROLLHÄTTAN sold 659 cars or a reduction of almost two-thirds. So, it looked for Saab in January in the important domestic market.

January figures from Bil Sweden for sales in Sweden looks, not surprisingly given the financial crisis, gloomy out. Car sales fell in January by one third compared with the previous year. But Saab saw the pitch-black out: both the Saab 9-3 and 9-5 raged and represents a decrease of 64 percent or nearly two-thirds.

The market share of Saab fell from 10.7 percent a year ago to 5.8 percent in January this year. If you look at the second crisis, the Swedish brand, Volvo, their market share fell from nearly 22 percent to barely 21. Saab in January was marginally higher than the premium Audi brand in its home market.

– You should remember that there is a single month and that last year’s January sales were strong. I am convinced that speculation about Saab’s future is an important factor that sales are down so much, “said Patrik Riese, head of GM Sweden.

– I think that when we receive a notice of Saab and the uncertainty disappears, we can see a clear rise in sales.
Needless to add, in this context is that of course assumes that the news from GM will be the positive kind.

In particular to 9-5 as the model has quite a few years old now wants Patrik Riese not stress as an explanation of sales Täppet. 9-5 is the 11th place among car models sold in Sweden, with 220 registrations in January.
– We have seen the green version has sold well in domestic market, so people are still interested in it.
– But it is clear that the renewal of the model program is something we look forward, “he adds.

Bil Sweden also echo the proposal of measures that also support Saab to stimulate the Swedish market: green stimuli, scrapping and a time-limited exemption from paying vehicle tax.

……………………..Jan 2009…………..Jan 2008…………..% Change
All Vehicles…………..955…………..1,772…………..-48.2%

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