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United Kingdom Save Our Saab Convoy, Jan 17th, 2010

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Here’s an update from our friends in the United Kingdom that are moving forward on their Saab Convoy that will take place on January 17th.

It is really nice to see that this convoy has the full support of legendary SAAB rally driver, Erik “On the Roof” Carlsson as seen in this Bloomberg video below.

Excellent job!

Press statement Save Our Saab Support Convoy UK, 17th January 2010

Details at a glance:

Participants list: http://www.uksaabs.co.uk/UKS/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=51809
Individual Saab owners from various areas meet at :
· From Midlands, Northern areas –
8.30am-9.00am M1 Jct 15a – Northampton Services (Rotherthorpe)
· From London, Kent and Essex areas –
9.00am-9.30am M25 Jct 23 – South Mimms Services
· From West, South-West areas –
8.00am-8.30am M4 between Jct 12 and 11 – Reading Services
· Proceed to Luton via M1, Jct 10
· 10.00 – 11.00 – Meeting of Saab owner convoys CAR PARKING and line up of cars
· at Stockwood Park, Discovery Centre London Road LU1 4LX Luton
· 11.00 – 12.00 – Time for meet and greet, Car Show, photo shoots, etc.
· 12.00 – > – Depart of Cavalcade for Drive by to the Saab UK Headquarters,
Griffin House Osborne Road Luton Bedfordshire, LU1 3YT
· Proceed via A505 to Imperial War Museum, Duxford
· 13.00 onwards – Arrival at Duxford Museum and line-up of 50 cars
· Best examples of 62 years Saab car history in front of Wing Co Joe’s Café
· Raffle of Saab memorabilia
To whom it may Concern,
The Worldwide community of Saab owners is not only following the news concerning the proceedings of the negotiations of GM with prospect buyers of Saab, but is trying to have their voice heard as well!

Where, with the sale of other parts of GM operating companies, the main concerns were about employment of the local staff, in the case of Saab the loyal fans and proud owners of cars of this iconic marque want to keep this unique Brand alive.

Of course, we also want to support the thousands of people who work in this business in Sweden and the UK.

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Saab Automobile Sales Process Continues Uninterrupted

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Saab History has recently learned more details about what it means for Saab Automobile at this time following the statement from GM.

It has been indicated that Alex Partners are truly working with GM to begin the process of liquidation, however, that process won’t really begin until January 15th thereabouts. Also, as previously mentioned, production at the Saab factory will begin this Monday, so how can production continue if a liquidation will run in parallel? It cannot!

This means, most importantly, that the only thing going for Saab Automobile is this “parallel” sales process which has to be completed by January 15th, otherwise, the liquidation process will continue.

The entire situation that was thrown down “unexpectedly” to Saab Automobile from GM today was looked at as unacceptable, given the time immediately following bids that were received last night. Furthermore, having this news just before the start to the big North American International Auto Show was also unacceptable because guess what, the press may be talking about now?

The folks at Saab Automobile are totally outraged by GM’s untimely press release today and one can really wonder if there is some other “hidden agenda”. The question we must ask ourselves is “how can one in good faith receive 5 bids and 11 hours later shift the goal posts again: where until now GM spoke of a ‘wind down’ all of a sudden it became a ‘liquidation!”.

It’s now becoming abundantly clear to everyone that we really don’t know what to expect from GM as to who they are, what they are doing and what’s in store for Saab Automobile.

However, the Saab sales process continues uninterrupted, so here’s hoping for a positive outcome by early next week or sooner!

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Will GM Accept A Cash Offer Instead Of An EIB Loan?

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While the Swedish Government continues to disregard Saab and GM’s message to them that they will shut down Saab, I still wonder about the following.

Since we have yet to hear the full results and response from GM pertaining to the bids that came in last night, could GM actually drop the need to have an EIB loan and accept a cash offer?

If GM drops the EIB loan requirement, then it would seem that the interested parties could sign the deal to buy Saab immediately. Therefore, the Swedish Government wouldn’t even need to be part of this equation at all!

If there is a cash offer for more than the $400 EIB loan, with even some up front, wouldn’t it be logical for GM to accept it?

I’ve sent a message to the folks at GM asking about this, but they indicated that they could not comment on it at this time.

I really hope one of these bids are accepted, as again they are still reviewing them at this time. It would seem that in lieu of any letter of authority from the Swedish Government granting a bidder the EIB loan, the only remaining way to sell Saab would be for GM to accept a cash offer and waive the EIB loan requirement.

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It's Now Also Up To Swedish Government To Help Saab

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In sending the message to GM that they need to sell Saab, we’re now learning that it’s also up to the Swedish Government. Since our “Save Saab” campaign, it has been revealed that it’s now also up to the Swedish Government.

In an unsurprising twist, it’s been indicated that the Swedish Government has held off from providing the funding that GM needs to complete the deal. It does not matter if each respective party throws in more and more of their own private funds, it’s the EIB loan that still needs to be part of this deal.

The Swedish Government have failed over and over with repeated requests by each party to receive a simple letter stating that they would be secured EIB funding so that they could complete the deal.

Now, the Swedish Government are planning on arriving in Detroit on Saturday to provide GM more information. This “more information” best be confirmations on EIB funding to the interested parties, otherwise they are wasting their time once again as we’ve seen over the past year.

GM needs funding for Saab Automobile’s new products and this entire business plan was all about this loan. Without the loan, it’s a non starter and bids won’t be accepted.

While GM have indicated that a sale may not be likely, we’ve now understood that the Swedish Government have been the ones dragging their heels.

The parties have indicated that they are ready to sign and close and everything is ready, but the remaining item is a letter stating a secured EIB loan.

I want to thank GM for listening to us recently and doing everything they can to sell Saab apparently, it seems like that is working but now it’s up to the Swedish Government

This is it, this is all they need to close, so it’s up to the Swedish Government now to get it done and get the parties this confirmation letter on the EIB loan already!

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GM CEO Says "Nobody's Showing Money For Saab"

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GM CEO, Whitacre Says “Nobody’s Showing Money For Saab” according to a recent report by Reuters and other news sources.

Just show up with the money, that’s it? It appears that Spyker Cars are showing up with the money and are about to submit their revised by tomorrow with the “money” most certainly outlined there for them.

This was a premature statement as the revised bid has not yet come in to them. This is it, GM best take the message and to the right thing once the bid arrives and seal the deal.

Whitacre is pessimistic about finding a buyer for the Saab brand.

“It’s real easy,” he said today in a meeting with reporters. “Just show up with the money and you can have it, and nobody’s showing up with the money.”

Whitacre said he didn’t see how GM could have tried any harder to sell the brand.

The automaker said earlier that it will continue to wind down the brand as it entertains bids for Saab.

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The Strong Press Coverage Of The "Save Saab" Gathering

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The ongoing press coverage of this event leading up to, during and now following has been outstanding. A thank you to all of the members of the press that have contributed to covering this event in such a positive and thorough way.

Here is the leading coverage that will be updated on an ongoing basis that also includes the articles prior to the event.

New York TimesEnthusiasts Descend on Detroit To Save Saab

Reuters Saab lovers rally to save brand as GM board meets

Bloomberg Business Week – Saab Enthusiasts

Swedish RadioRegeringen ska träffa GM och Ford

TV 4 Sweden Saabar samlas vid GMs huvudkvarter

Sweden’s SVT TelevisionSaab Enthusiasts Rally In Detroit

E24 Sweden – Manifestationer för Saab

Danish Radio

USA TodaySaab Owners Picket GM In Detroit To Try To Keep Brand Alive

Boston Globe As Saab owners rally, GM’s shutdown threat remains

Boston HeraldTo rev up support, Saab fans get political

Maine Public BroadcastingMaine Saab Owners Launch Effort to Save Brand From Extinction

AutoblogSaab owners Gather In Wintery Detroit Urge GM to Sell Brand

Autoweek Saab fans gather outside GM headquarters

JalopnikSell Our Saab, The Rally

ExaminerSaab Enthusiasts Rally In Detroit Write Songs To Save Saab From Being Closed

U.S. NewsSave Our Saab Enthusiasts Plan March on GM HQ

Autocar UKSaab workers urge GM sale

The Guardian (UK) Saab Rally In Detroit

EGM Car TechSaab supporters gather outside GM’s Renaissance Center HQ

The ExaminerSaab enthusiasts are impressing me… Are they impressing GM ???

Coverage Prior To

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Saab History Travels To Detroit To Join "SAVE SAAB" Group

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Photo Credit: Saab History

Saab History will be traveling to Detroit to join up with the others in the “SAVE SAAB” campaign, thanks to Cold Brook Saab in Skowhegan, Maine. You may recognize them from earlier, as they are the Saab dealer that have the 10-year partnership with Shipyard Brewing Company here in Portland, Maine.

The purpose of the “SAVE SAAB” campaign is to gather nearby the GM world headquarters at approximately 1pm to show unwavering Saab spirit. The Saab owners and enthusiasts traveling (some great distances) in short notice, will be lining up their Saab cars in the parking lot, holding signs, taking group photographs and speaking to the press about important it is to sell Saab.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I cannot see a future without Saab and if there are enough Saab owners, enthusiasts parked outside of the GM Renaissance center in Detroit along with good media coverage, we could really show them how serious we are in wanting Saab Automobile to be sold so that it will have a bright future.

For more details on this campaign, please visit this link.

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Saab History Interviewed By CBS News Detroit

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Updated: The previous link was not working, it should now work. 1.4.2009

Saab History was recently interviewed by CBS News Radio in Detroit this morning. We spoke about the Saab Enthusiast gathering to save Saab near the GM Headquarters in Detroit that will take place this Tuesday, January 5th.

It was important that I clarified that this is a gathering, not a demonstration as indicated by Swedish Radio. The intent is to be present and show our Saab spirit in support of Saab being sold.

Click here on CBS News Radio’s image above listen to the interview.

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