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Positive Spirit Amongst Saab Automobile Employees

Posted on 31. May, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: Sebastian LaMotte / TTELA

TTELA reports that there is a truly positive spirit amongst Saab Automobile employees as of late with the reconstruction extension and creditors debt reduction news.

Here is the piece below translated by Google translate.

Positive spirit among Saab Employees

TROLLHÄTTAN The positive spirit of Saab is on the rise again.

Yesterday’s decision on an extended reorganization contributed to a brighter future for many employees.

– Very good. It is a step forward, “says Rune Qvist.

Tony Löfgren has worked at Saab for ten years. He was given notice in April and now hopes to get back.

When Saab requested for reorganization in February was the mood among employees subdued and many question marks. Three months later, the difference is big.

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Saab Automobile To Begin Recruiting & Re-Employing This Summer!

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Trollhattan’s TTELA indicates that Saab Automobile AB is to begin recruiting and re-employing some of the recently dismissed employees.

Here is a rough translation through Google’s Translate, can you tell it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve been taking Swedish classes at Folksuniversitet in Stockholm? I got to get back to pick up where I left off, this google translate is getting annoying!

Saab begin to recruit this summer

TROLLHÄTTAN Now it’s clear that Saab Automobile re-employ some of the recently dismissed. How many people can come back is not clear.
The reason is that the production rate is doubled after holidays.

In last week wrote TTELA that of Saab started looking at the possibility of re-employment, which is a must to cope with an earlier decision to double the production rate. Earlier this week came the decision that the company takes back a number of persons of the 701 who had to go in mid-April. Among them was a 50-tal officials.

– We do not know how many there may be question. It is based on how many who report pre-emption. But we follow the rules for reinstatement, “said Paul Ã…kerlund, klubbordförande for IF Metall in the Saab.

He expects that it will take some weeks to reach the number needed to cope with rate increases. To begin with, should among other things such as workstations and stocking densities relayed.

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TTELA Indicates That Over 50% Of Saab Automobile’s Creditors Have Accepted The Debt Reduction Of 75%

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Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA now reports that Saab Automobile’s creditors, over 50% of the 600 creditors that I provided a brief list earlier, have approved that their Saab Automobile’s debts to them, get reduced by as much as 75%!.

Here is the piece again loosely translated from Google translate.

Saab supports shrinking liabilities for piecework hearing June 17

A majority of Trollhättan Saab Automobile creditors agree to forgive 75 percent of their debts. But not the government, which is the second largest creditor.

It becomes a chord negotiating for Saab’s part. It decided alderman Cecilia Tisell on Vänersborgs District Court this afternoon.

More than half of Saab Automobile’s creditors have said yes to Saab chords proposal. This means that over 300 creditors supports Saab.

Quarter four left because Guy Lofalk applied for piecework bargaining Vänersborgs to district court. And now it is thus clear that there will be a negotiation, which will take place June 17.

Of about 600 creditors have more than half expressed support for Saab – among them the largest creditor GM. Now celebrating Saab of support from creditors.

Things begin for Saab’s road.

– We are very glad for the support we have received. It continues to flow into proxies in which the creditors say yes, “says Gunilla Gustavs at Saab Information.

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Saab 9-3 Erik Carlsson Edition Launched In Germany

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Photo Credit: Saab History

Saab Automobile Germany is offering a special “Erik Carlsson” Edition of the Saab 9-3. This model is a truly to the rally legend’s recent 80th birthday.

Here is the press release loosely translated by Google:

Saab 9-3 Erik Carlsson

* Special model for the 80th Birthday of the rally legend
* Modern technology and all-wheel turbo engine with 240 hp

Rüsselsheim. Two victories in the Saab 96 in the legendary Monte Carlo Rally and a hat trick in the RAC Rally in England, the Swede Erik Carlsson and rally legend made. Also known as “Carlsson on the Roof” the Saab ambassador celebrated his 80th Birthday in March. For the Swedish premium brand, it was reason enough with the special model Saab 9-3 Erik Carlsson rally as a tribute to remember their traditions and rally successes. The Saab 9-3 Erik Carlsson Saab presents itself as a typical combination of sportiness and safety – with a powerful 240 hp engine and the ultra-modern four-wheel drive XWD (Cross Wheel Drive) and electronic differential lock ELSD.

Sport-feeling – outside and inside

ecarlsson_version.jpgA doppelflutige exhaust system, a subtle, silver-colored front spoiler, a diffuser on the rear and standard 18-inch wheels give the Erik Carlsson Saab 9-3 a sporty appearance. Optional is a sports exhaust system, a sports suspension and 19-inch alloy wheels.

The interior consists of sporty-elegant impression continued: door, cockpit and center console in Carbon Fairings optics contribute to the sporty character of the tactile quality of leather dashboard, hand brake and shifting.

Saab Drive – Power with Responsibility

eclogo.jpgThe heart of the new Saab 9-3 Erik Carlsson is the partner with Saab Hirsch Performance engine and developed the modern four-wheel Saab XWD technology. The two-liter turbo engine makes 240 hp and a torque of 350 Newton meters. That makes a sprint from stand to 100 in just 7.3 seconds, top speed is 245 km / h. Despite the impressive performance of the fuel consumption is only 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

The modern Saab XWD all-wheel system distributes the torque of the motor depending on the needs continuously between the front and rear axle and ensures optimal grip and stability in all situations.

An important part of the system is an electronically controlled torque distribution (TTD – Torque Transfer Device), the force is distributed between the axles. A valve increases or decreases the hydraulic pressure on the Nasskupplung inside the TTD is activated or deactivated, and so gradually the rear axle. The degree of slip is, how much the rear wheels are driven. The force distribution between the two axes can, in extreme cases by almost 100 percent vary. The electronic locking differential (ELSD) – also standard part of the special model – works on the same principle: It distributes the engine driving the rear axle in practice, also with close to 100 percent of the wheel, which has more grip.

The Saab 9-3 is Erik Carlsson as a sports sedan from 42,350 euros, the Sport Combi will cost 43,950 euros.

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The History Of The Trollhattan-Vänersborg Airport

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Photo Credit: Google Earth/ Karin Snowstar

The Trollhattan-Vänersborg Airport (THN) , located right behind the Saab Factory in Trollhättan, Sweden began when the land was purchased for the use of an airplane factory and airfield in 1937. This was the same year that Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolaget or SAAB, began making aircraft for the Swedish Military.

During the Second World War (1939-1944), the facility was in full swing for the Swedish Air Force and produced the B3, B5, B17, J21 and J21R.

Following the War, the airfield continued but instead of military purposes, it operated commercial civilian flights, flight school, air freight and private flights.

In 1973, the airport was modernized and became a regional airport serving Trollhättan, Uddevalla and Vänersborg municipalities with approximately 10,000 passengers that year.

Ten Years later the airport expanded the runway, new terminal and tower, and the annual passengers rose to nearly 22,000.

In 1985, the Trollhattan-Vänersborg Airport began flying the second historical SAAB civilian commercial passenger turboprop, the SAAB 340. Three years after this launch the SAAB 340 began serving Finland as well.

In 1990, a new route to Arlanda airport in Stockholm began, bringing the passengers that year to nearly 150,000 per year.

In 1992, Swede Air took over operation of the flights at the airport, then a year later SAS closed Swede Air and a new service provided by Golden Air continued service while limiting the existing routes to save on costs, which is when the SAAB 2000 aircraft was introduced.

2000 came and the annual passeners were reduced to 85,000 through Golden Air’s service.

Today, the annual passengers served at the airport is somewhere around 65,000 and continues to operate the SAAB 340 and SAAB 2000 aircrafts.

For more information on the Trollhattan-Vänersborg Airport please visit http://www.fyrstadsflyget.se/


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Sweden’s Expression Polls Visitors On Next Gen Saab 9-5

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Sweden’s Expression Polls Visitors about the possibility of Buying The Next generation Saab 9-5 once it hits production at the end of this year.

The results look split, presumably for obvious reasons, will there be people waiting for a large car in this global environment today? It’s a fair question. Of course phrasing a question as “Are you eager to buy a huge Saab 9-5?” would be kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy to what the answer may be.

Whatever happens, I just hope that this next generation Saab 9-5 is a hatch like it may appear to be, and has a right-sized hybrid engine, true to Saab engineering philosophy.

In English: “Are you eager to buy a huge Saab 9-5?”


Here is the piece from the Expression below, again loosely translated from Google Translate.

Soon the new 9-5 Now Saab large Giant.

New pictures of what to all appearances, the next Saab 9-5 shows a combination of luxury car coupé format.
And it can be built in Sweden.

Already in the autumn may be the car for sale at the premises of traders. And last summer believed Saab present the model.
And it is about time. Old 9-5: an was a success in Sweden, but it was already 1997 and the beginning, despite its many updates to be years.
Large luxury car

With its new large car is Saab entirely his own way, contrary to the trend of small light vehicles. External dimensions of the masked images to judge really well taken – the car should be around five meters long. It is in the same line as large as Luxury Vehicles BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-class.
Each car will be built is not yet clear, the fight is between Trollhättan, Rüsselsheim and German. The Swedish Government, which demands that the production moved back to Sweden to lend money to the ailing company. GM expected to announce his decision before the summer.

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Trollhättan, Sweden’s Newspaper TTELA, On Saab’s Race Against The Clock

Posted on 28. Jan, 2009 by .


Here is an update from Trollhättan, Sweden’s newspaper TTELA titled “Saab’s Race Against The Clock”

We know that the first version of the business plan from GM shown to Jöran Hägglund on behalf of the Swedish Government was not credible, so back to the drawing board for Saab Automobile & GM in a race to get a solid business plan submitted prior to February 17th.

Below is most of the article loosely translated from Google translate:

Saab’s race against the clock


It is busy days at Saab. February 17 GM will present its action plan for the U.S. Congress. Then a solution which secures the future of Saab’s be clear. – It is a bit of a race against the clock, “says Anna Petre, Saab’s responsible for the contacts.

Yesterday, she was Human Resources and Allan Roth Lind in Gothenburg together with other representatives from the automotive industry to inform the Western alliance Swedish MPs and politicians about the situation. A series of meetings these days.

– There are daily discussions right now, “says Petre.

English plan
TTELA wrote already two weeks ago to Saab, GM and the Swedish government outlined a plan for the Swedish Saab. It aims to collect nearly all the production (including the 9-3 convertible and the next 9-5) and the development of Trollhättan.

The parties have different interests, all of which perhaps can be satisfied with such a solution.

The state wants, whether to offer financing loans, the Saab-job ports in Sweden. GM, in turn, see an opportunity to break out Saab in a more independent role, perhaps for future sale.

However, the approach must be understood to have long-term economic viability.

Anna Petre want neither confirm plans or say something about how the negotiations proceed.

– A few months forward, then the picture has become clearer, “she says.

An important date is, of course, February 17, when GM will present its action plan for the U.S. Congress.

The plan under discussion for Saab includes access to short-term financial support in the form of rescue loan and / or support through the European Investment Bank.

No formal application has not yet been made, it is a complex process and the rules have just been completed.

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