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Saab’s Goteborg & Stockholm Offices Consolidated

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Photo Credit: Saab History

TTELA reports this morning that Saab Automobile’s Göteborg & Stockholm offices are to be consolidated.

The Göteborg office for Saab Automobile AB has 125 people in it and it is near Mölnlycke/Pixbo area close to the airport. In this office, the marketing, sales and design staff are located.

Saab Automobile AB Sales, Marketing & Design – Kvarnbacken 2, 43542 Mölnlycke, Sweden‎ – 031-354 00 00‎

The Stockholm, Sweden office is basically a GM Nordic office with about 25 peolpe in it, and so that will be rightfully consolidated to Trollhattan, Sweden as well.

General Motors Norden AB Årstaängsv. 17 11743 Stockholm, Sweden 08-632 85 00

These two offices will be relocated to Trollhättan, Sweden as a continued consolidation and centralization of everything Saab to where it all began.

It’ll be nice to hear that there will be a new separate design facility in Trollhattan. I wonder if this will be utilizing the existing former site of the “Saab Advanced Concept Center” that is located near the Saab Car Museum?

Here’s the piece from TTELA.

Saab Automobile in Trollhättan only

Trollhättan Saab Automobile concentrating all its activities to Trollhättan, reported Dagens Industri.

Offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg closed, but all the staff offered to move with. In total, 150 people.

Concerned departments in the Gothenburg area is the marketing department who had an office in Gothenburg and parts of the design department in Pixbo, Mölnlycke outside.

– We will include building a separate, new capacity Design in Trollhattan, “said Eric Geers, Communications Director at Saab Autommobile.

Saab has also taken on a new charge of sales in Sweden. Former Director Patrik Riese ended a few weeks ago and went to Volkswagen. Instead, many old Saab employee Kjell-Ake Eriksson, responsible for sales in Sweden.

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Electric Vehicles To Be Built In Finland, Not Sweden

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Sweden’s SVT indicates that there won’t be electric cars built by Norwegian company, Think in Trollhattan, Sweden. Instead the company is planning on moving production to the Valmet factory in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

It’s too bad, as I was thinking that there could have been some future production of these vehicles in collaboration with Saab at some point as stated with the Power Circle company consortium in Trollhattan, Sweden as originally planned.

No electric cars in Trollhättan, Production may instead go to Finland

Think electric car can go past the West Sweden and instead be Finnish. The Norwegian electric car manufacturer plans to move production to the Valmet factory in Uusikaupunki, Verdens Gang reported.
While the cars will be manufactured in Finland is responsible for delivering the car’s heart, the batteries, the United States according to the Norwegian newspaper.

Earlier this year, a Swedish Electricity Power Cooperation group Circle painted vision of an electric car cluster in Trollhättan-Uddevalla, where construction of the Think could be an important part.

Think building small electric cars in Aurskog outside Oslo, vehicles going to include car pools in Gothenburg and Oslo. The company has approximately 200 employees, many of them Swedes. The goal was to produce 10 000 vehicles this year, but the recession has brought great economic problems for Think.

The relocation of production is as VG condition from Valmet to the Finnish company will participate in a rescue operation for Think. Valmet in Uusikaupunki have previously built, among other things, Saab 900 Convertible. Now being built where the Porsche Boxster and Cayman models.

When the German sports car giant in 2012, move the production to Austria Valmet plans to start producing super eco-car Fisker Karma – and perhaps then the much more modest Think.

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Saab 9-3x Billboard Spotted Near Göteborg Airport

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Photo Credit: Adam H

Adam H of Saab Automobile has recently provided Saab History a wonderful photo of the Saab 9-3x on a billboard outside of the Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This billboard is also very close to where Saab Automobile AB’s advertising, marketing, sales and design office is located in nearby Mölnlycke, Sweden.

I am guessing this billboard was in plain view to all of the prospective visitors as they departed from the Landvetter Airport in Göteborg as they headed North to Trollhättan? If so, good planning over the past three weeks?

A thank you to Adam for the photograph, it must be exciting times at Saab Automobile Sweden at both this office and the main facilities in Trollhättan.

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Saab Automobile AB Status Meeting Set For April 6th

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As I mentioned earlier, Saab Automobile is setting up their reconstruction mid-review status meeting for April 6th.

The Detroit Free Press has also updated us on this status meeting with an e-mail over to Joe Oliver, who works at Saab Automobile AB who is the Manager, Global Media Initiatives within the Mölnlycke facility just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Update: Saab History has also just received a more detailed update from Saab Automobile’s Joe Oliver to augment this piece below, with a second follow-up from Joe saying that the Detroit Free Press piece is not 100% correct, and will be removing it per his suggestion.

Here is this brief summary below:

Joe Oliver to Saab History

On the 6th April there will be a creditors meeting which will be administered by the court of Vänersborg. Saab Automobile’s reorganization team, interested creditors and court staff will be in attendance. As a result of the meeting the court will determine if Saab is on track to proceed to the 3 month point in the reorganization process.

“This meeting will act as a “check-point” for the court to confirm that reorganization plans are moving forward as expected. Our primary focus has been for some time and continues to be to reorganize effectively and attract potential new investors – we are making good progress on both of these fronts.”

“We still plan to launch 3 new cars in the next 18 months and are very confident that Saab will move forward as a sustainable, profitable company.”

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Saab Automobile AB To Lay Off 750 Employees

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Photo Credit: Saab History

During this reconstruction process it has been mentioned today to Trollhattan’s TTELA that 750 workers and 100 executives will be dismissed from Saab Automobile AB.

It is unclear who will be departing and exactly when, but here is the announcement below.

Saab Automobile has not been announced earlier in the crisis for the automotive industry. During Thursday morning was the employees information about the now 650-collar employees and 100 officials alerts of dismissal.

TROLLHÄTTAN Saab Automobile in Trollhättan, 750 employees notice of termination, of which about 100 are officers.

On the factory floor in Trollhättan work, according to Saab’s information, some 1 650 people.

The entire company has more than 4 000 employees. This includes development and design center in Pixbo outside Gothenburg, the warehouse in Nyköping and offices in Stockholm.

Since 1990 the number of employees has fallen from around 7 800. Last year, there have been several cuts through voluntary arrangements with the package of agreements. It has meant that several hundred have left.

Production was halted in the morning at Saab in Trollhättan. 650 metal and 100 officers was given of termination. The reason for notice is the low production rate.

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Sten Helling, Saab Cars USA President Sept-Oct 1991

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Photo Credit: Saab Cars USA, Inc.

Sten Helling accepted a position as interim President & CEO of Saab Cars USA in September of 1991 and worked in the corner office of 35 Executive Boulevard in Orange, Connecticut.

In 1980, he joined Saab-Scania of America as the National Manager of Sales and Marketing. Under his leadership at this time, he saw the Saab car division grow from 14,5000 units to 47,000 within a six-year period, the historic “60 consecutive months of growth”. In 1987, he was appointed executive vice president, sales and marketing.

Born in Gothenburg, he lived in Madison, Connecticut throughout his time with Saab. As part of the a new plan, Bill Kelly succeeded him, a month later in October of 1991.

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