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GM Strategically Reviews Saab Automobile Brand

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GM Will Immediately Undertake A Global Strategic Review Of The Saab brand. This title was posted today as part of GM’s plan for long-term viability plan. If you read it closely, it is exactly the same wording that took place just before they announced that GM’s hummer brand was for sale as well, some months ago.

The writing is on the wall for Saab Automobile as part of GM’s submission of their plan for long-term viability to the United States Congress for the “bridge loan”.

Let’s see how this review evolves from here on out, and why not review Saab, it’s only been almost 20 years since GM purchased them, good time now that they are in dire straights. This “review” should have taken place a long time ago, then again GM wasn’t looking to sell them, they were just looking to exploit Saab for engineering prowess and how Saab could benefit them, not vice versa. Now that the engineering has been exhausted and used up, and GM has no interested in investing in Saab for Saab’s sake, they are now looking to “review” them. We should have seen this all along.

Now that GM is “reviewing” Saab, Saab Automobile are responding by looking to the Swedish Government for financial support.

Let’s look at the timeline for Saab History sake:

SAAB (1947-1969), SAAB-SCANIA (1969-1989), GM (1989-2009), SWEDISH GOVERNMENT (2009 – ?) One Can Hope Saab is nationalized before GM cannibalizes them, right? 70% of Swede’s can’t wrong.

I am hopefull for a new owner that truly cares about the Saab brand and its future.

GM Submits Plan for Long-Term Viability to the U.S. Congress

* Reaffirms GM’s commitment to energy-saving vehicles and technologies
* Outlines the need for Federal bridge loans and line of credit
* Requests Federal board to oversee loans, assist with restructuring
* Aggressive plan details GM actions to support long-term success

WASHINGTON – General Motors Corp. today submitted a plan to use Federal bridge loans to create a leaner, more competitive company, one that is profitable and self-sustaining for the long term.

The plan, submitted in response to Congressional hearings in November, includes a detailed blueprint for a successful, sustainable General Motors. Building on a product renaissance and comprehensive restructuring that has been under way for several years, the plan calls for:

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