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Saab Automobile Board Meeting Rescheduled For Tomorrow

Posted on 07. Jan, 2010 by .


As reported this morning, Bloomberg indicates that the Saab Automobile AB management board meeting has been rescheduled for tomorrow to take in additional last minute efforts for other bidders to buy Saab.

The discussion tomorrow will not only include the bidders, but also whether or not to start production this Sunday, January 11th as stated previously.

They have some additional coverage of our “Save Saab” gathering in Detroit, which is again nice to see.

Here is the article below:

Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) — Saab Automobile AB, the Swedish carmaker being wound down by General Motors Co., postponed a board meeting and bidders including Spyker Cars NV are making last-ditch efforts to buy the brand as a sale deadline looms.

The gathering, originally set for today, will take place tomorrow and examine whether or how Saab can restart production Jan. 11 after a four-week break, board member Haakan Danielsson said an interview. Board members may also discuss any possible new bids for Saab, he said.

GM has extended a deadline for Saab bids until today, giving Spyker more time to come up with financing for its offer, people familiar with the matter have said. Genii Capital, a private-equity firm that agreed to buy a majority stake in Renault SA’s Formula One team last month, intends to hand in a cash offer today, according to Lars Carlstroem, the Swedish investor who is working with Genii.

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All New Saab 9-5 Makes 5-star EuroNCAP Ratings

Posted on 18. Dec, 2009 by .


The All New Saab 9-5 has received 5-Star EuroNcap safety ratings

Adult occupant
The passenger compartment remained stable in the frontal test, the windscreen pillar moving rearward only 2mm. Dummy readings showed good protection of the knees and femurs of the driver and passenger. Saab were able to show that occupants of different sizes and those sat in different positions would be similarly well protected. In the side barrier test, maximum points were scored with good protection of all body areas. In the more severe side pole impact, protection of the chest and abdomen was adequate. Protection against whiplash injuries in the event of a rear impact was rated as good.

Child occupant
Based on dummy readings in the dynamic tests, the 9-5 scored maximum points for protection of the 3 year infant. Forward movement of the dummy’s head was well controlled and both the 3 year and the 18 month dummies were properly contained by their restraints in the side impact. The passenger airbag can be disabled to allow a rearward facing child restraint to be used in that seating position. However, information provided to the driver regarding the status of the airbag is insufficiently clear. The dangers of using a rearward facing restraint without first disabling the airbag are not clearly indicated.

The bumper scored maximum points for the protection it offered to pedestrians’ legs. However, points outside Euro NCAP’s normal test zone were found to be injurious. From 2010, Euro NCAP’s assessment of the bumper will be broadened to include such points. The front edge of the bonnet provided poor protection as did the bonnet in most areas where an adult’s head might strike.

Safety assist
Electronic stability control is standard equipment on all variants as is a seatbelt reminder system for the front and rear seats.

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Jan-Willem Vester (1958-2009)

Posted on 07. Dec, 2009 by .


Photo Credit: Saab Automobile USA

It is with great sadness that I share with you the news that Jan-Willem Vester, former Manager, Saab Automobile USA Corporate Communications has passed away today at the age of 51 after a prolonged illness.

A colleague, friend and my first contact when I started Saab History, Jan-Willem Vester has been greatly missed ever since he departed the Saab community earlier this year, and will be forever remembered by family, friends and colleagues.

Jan-Willem’s life began as a young child growing up in the Netherlands with a family that worked in the automotive industry. His Father, worked as as a teacher at a local automotive school and owned a number of family vehicles such as the Peugeot 404 and 504. It was during this time, that Jan-Willem’s interest and curiosity continued in this industry where he began visiting a local auto museum in the area. It was after a number of visits to this museum, which ran numerous films that he first encountered a Saab 96 with legendary rally champion, Erik Carlsson at the Safari Rally.

As he got older, his interest and curiosity about the Saab continued even though his region was effectively split up into only two automotive enthusiasts’ camps, the BMW or the Alfa-Romeo. It made Jan-Willem wonder if there could be something like an even smarter go-between. In his travels around his neighborhood following that first taste of a Saab on film, he began noticing more Saabs in real life such as a bright white ’72 Saab 99 and an orange ’73 Combi Coupe, owned by a local architect. And so the fascination for Saab continued. […]

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Saab History Receives Clarity From Saab Automobile On Swedish Governments Request To European Commission

Posted on 06. Oct, 2009 by .


Saab History has requested and now has received more clarity on the European Investment Bank loan status from Saab Automobile’s Anna Petre, head of Government relations.

A thank you to her for giving us the details, particularly with the three remaining items listed below.

They have not granted the loan yet. The Government have asked the European Commission for a so called notification of the state guarantee. Since Sweden is a member of the European Union there are certain rules for when state aid is permitted and by this notification the EU Commission will see to that the state guarantee for Saab is ok according to EU regulation.

There are three parallel processes that have to be finalized (preferably in the same time frame) before we get the EIB loan. All three are on going and on track.

1. EIB application approved by the EIB Board
2. Finalize negotiations with the National Debt Office regarding the terms
of the state guarantee
3. EU Commission approval of the state guarantee (Swedish Government Seeks Approval On Friday)

Best Regards


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Saab History Interviews Sten Helling, Former Director Sales & Marketing Of Saab-Scania Of America

Posted on 24. Aug, 2009 by .


At the 2009 Saab Owners Convention, I had the esteemed honor to interview Sten Helling, the former director of sales & marketing for Saab-Scania of America, Inc.

It was a pleasure to meet with him and I thank him for giving us the opportunity to learn about his work with Saab-Scania Of America in Orange, Connecticut from 1980 until 1991.

Below is the bio he has provided from when he worked with Saab-Scania of America.

“Sten Helling was born and educated in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He joined AB Volvo in Gothenburg in 1963, transferred to Volvo of America in 1965. He left Volvo in 1980, at that time National Sales Manager of Volvo of America, to join Saab Scania of America, as General Manager, Sales and Marketing.

Bob Sinclair, who became president of Saab-Scania of America in 1979, and Helling, had worked together as President and Manager, Sales and Marketing, respectively, developing Volvo’s business in the western half of the United States, from 1967 until 1979.

Helling progressed as Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Executive VP and President of Saab USA (formerly Saab-Scania of America).

When a GM/Saab board decision was made that Saab USA should relocate it’s head office from Orange, Connecticut to Norcross, Georgia, Helling did not agree with that decision and left Saab USA in 1991.”

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Saab Automobile Sponsoring The Swedish Open

Posted on 15. Jul, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: TTELA

TTELA reports that Saab Automobile AB is sponsoring the Swedish Open in the town of BÃ¥stad.

During this event, Saab Automobile is actively promoting their vehicles namely the Saab 9-3x as well as the Saab 9-3 Convertible “Air Edition”

Here’s a rough translation below.

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Saab Automobile AB Is Planning New Advertising Campaign Once Emerged Succesfully From Reconstruction!

Posted on 24. Apr, 2009 by .


Saab Automobile AB is apparently planning a huge advertising campaign once they successfully emerge from reconstruction this early summer according to TTELA.

This is really starting to sound positive and exciting for things to come in the near future for Saab Automobile!

Saab is planning advertising campaign

Trollhättan Saab Automobile equipping for the future and right now, a great marketing campaign.
– Now we are preparing for the next phase of reconstruction, “said Patrik Riese, Sweden Head of GM.

Saab is planning for a national marketing campaign. In partnership with Lowe Brindfors, one of Sweden’s largest advertising agencies with clients Coop, Electrolux and the Nordic Company, developed now details of the next advertising campaign.

Since it became clear that Saab Automobile reconstructed in Sweden has focused primarily been to support the company’s local dealer.
– We will continue to do so, at least out in April, “said Patrik Riese.

He would not confirm whether it is a new concept developed, or how extensive the campaign is planned to be. Even if it’s Saab’s new 9-3X will be in focus or if the drive should be construed as if the company expects to market is about to turn:

– We plan continued marketing and now we are preparing for the next phase of reconstruction. Then we go out publicly and try to reach out with our offerings.

What is the next phase of reconstruction? Is it when Saab may clear with a new owner?

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Saab Automobile’s Global Sales Figures Jan 08 – Jan 09

Posted on 03. Feb, 2009 by .


Patrik Riese, the Managing Director of GM Sweden, who I guess works directly with Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson Managing Director of Saab Automobile Sweden, is reporting that Saab sales are down primarily due to two reasons to be specific. These two reasons involve the obvious financial crisis, but secondly the speculation about Saab Automobile’s future has made people hold off until the news comes on February 17th.

It will be interesting to see if the sales spike from February 17th until March 31st, if the business plan from General Motors about the future of Saab being independent from the company is positive.

Here is his piece loosely translated from TROLLHÄTTAN’s TTELA

TROLLHÄTTAN sold 659 cars or a reduction of almost two-thirds. So, it looked for Saab in January in the important domestic market.

January figures from Bil Sweden for sales in Sweden looks, not surprisingly given the financial crisis, gloomy out. Car sales fell in January by one third compared with the previous year. But Saab saw the pitch-black out: both the Saab 9-3 and 9-5 raged and represents a decrease of 64 percent or nearly two-thirds.

The market share of Saab fell from 10.7 percent a year ago to 5.8 percent in January this year. If you look at the second crisis, the Swedish brand, Volvo, their market share fell from nearly 22 percent to barely 21. Saab in January was marginally higher than the premium Audi brand in its home market.

– You should remember that there is a single month and that last year’s January sales were strong. I am convinced that speculation about Saab’s future is an important factor that sales are down so much, “said Patrik Riese, head of GM Sweden.

– I think that when we receive a notice of Saab and the uncertainty disappears, we can see a clear rise in sales.
Needless to add, in this context is that of course assumes that the news from GM will be the positive kind.

In particular to 9-5 as the model has quite a few years old now wants Patrik Riese not stress as an explanation of sales Täppet. 9-5 is the 11th place among car models sold in Sweden, with 220 registrations in January.
– We have seen the green version has sold well in domestic market, so people are still interested in it.
– But it is clear that the renewal of the model program is something we look forward, “he adds.

Bil Sweden also echo the proposal of measures that also support Saab to stimulate the Swedish market: green stimuli, scrapping and a time-limited exemption from paying vehicle tax.

……………………..Jan 2009…………..Jan 2008…………..% Change
All Vehicles…………..955…………..1,772…………..-48.2%

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