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The “Save Saab” Gathering In Helsinki, Finland

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The “Save Saab” gathering in Helsinki, Finland had 125 Saabs in attendance and an even larger amount of supporters!

A great job in showing support to a place once home to the production of a number of Saabs including the convertible and the Viggen!

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Sweden’s Maud Olofsson Indicates That Swedish Government Has a Responsibility To Ensure Saab’s Future

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Maud Olofsson who visited Washington, D.C. back in late March to meet with the U.S. Treasury, has just come out to tell us about the active role the Swedish Government has to convince the buyers that they are also committed to see the new owners invest and secure Saab’s future according to Reuters.

This is a welcoming piece to hear compared to all of the dialogue with Maud Olofsson and the Swedish Government back in December, don’t you think? The future continues to look promising, now on the Swedish Government side as well as indicated below.

HELSINKI, May 14 (Reuters) – Sweden’s enterprise minister said on Thursday she had not yet seen a clear business plan from Fiat (FIA.MI) or other potential buyers of struggling Saab Automobile, owned by U.S. carmaker General Motors (GM.N).

Maud Olofsson said was too early to say if the interested parties met all the criteria for becoming a new owner.

“We have an active role from the government side to try to convince potential buyers that we are committed to see new owners who have the muscle to invest and secure Saab’s future,” Olofsson said.

When asked whether Fiat was a suitable owner, she replied that it was one.

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