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Saab Automobile Being Split Into Five Divisions

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Goteborg, Sweden’s post have just released a story that discusses the Swedish Debt office’s requirement for Saab Automobile to split up into five divisions, Powertrain, Parts, Property, Tools and Investering.

It is important to emphasize says Saab Automobile’s Eric Geers, that this was required by the Swedish Debt office as simply a requirement and not for a break-up of the company.

This process which has already been completed, has made it possible for the old Saab 9-5 tooling acquisition to be had with BAIC as recently reported. […]

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Swedish Debt Office Gives Green Light To Saab Automobile

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The Swedish Debt Office has given Saab Automobile the green light according to Eric Geers, information manager at Saab who had an interview recently with Swedish Radio.

Informationsdirektör at Saab Automobile, Eric Geers. Photo: Cecilia Bergil / SR West

Saab Automobile get the green light by the Debt Office for their securities. The company is expected to have sufficient assets to the state should be able to provide guarantees for the loan of the European Investment Bank (EIB). Thus, one major obstacle in the loan process eliminated.

Eric Geers: We anticipate that the process is completed in the coming weeks

But the EU Commission, which examines the conditions for the loan now, want more answers. It can delay the process, but the Saab Information Director Eric Geers believe that the timetable will hold.

– It’s a process you go through and now we answer the questions that the commission does, “he says.

It’s a race against time now, GM has said that the sooner the end will leave you Saab to their fate. But according to Geers so should not the commission of new issues put some sticks in the wheels to get clear solution.

The Commission’s approval is a prerequisite for a continued future for Saab.

And now is the teaching ability of Saab in the new test to declare that Saab was not about to become bankrupt before the economic crisis broke out.

For the purposes of the Debt Office to declare that the State guarantees are not designed in a way that unauthorized benefit a company in Sweden and distorts konkurensen.

Eric Geers assessment is that we should probably meet quite soon without much delay.

– I do not want to speculate on whether it is delayed or not. We expect the entire process is completed in the coming weeks.

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TTELA Covers Saab Automobile’s Lawyer, Kristina Geers

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TTELA covers Saab Automobile’s lawyer, Kristina Geers, Wife of Manager of Communications, Eric Geers.

Here is the piece beginning with some facts from TTELA, loosely translated by google translate:

Kristina Geers

Age: 39.

Family: Married to Eric (Information Manager at Saab). Two children.

Lives: Gothenburg, but to build houses in Ljungskile where Christina has grown up.

Occupation: General Counsel at Saab. Joined the company after university 1997th Became general counsel 2004th

Interests: Golf.
Kristina Geer on …

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Saab Automobile States That Production Continues As Planned

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Saab Automobile’s Gunilla Gustavs states that vehicle production continues as planned for both the next generation Saab 9-5 as well as the Saab 9-3x, as there are already 250 of those produced at this time according to Swedish Radio.

Saab Automobile is not delayed in terms of timetables for the production of the new cars, says Saab’s Information manager Gunilla Gustavs to Sveriges Radio West.

Earlier today, the unions and the IF Metall union denied information from Dagens Industri that the production of the Saab 9-5 would be delayed.

We reject the information from Saab Automobile the data by Gunilla Gustavs.

– I strongly deny it. We work according to our schedule in terms of new Saab 9-5, she said to Sveriges Radio West.

And Gunilla Gustavs is positive even in the case of new Saab 9-3 X.

– We have already made 250 Saab 9-3 X, and we will continue as planned.

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Koenigsegg Spotted Visiting Saab Headquarters

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Photo Credit: TTELA.

TTELA reports that Koenigsegg is visiting Saab Automobile AB headquarters in Trollhattan, Sweden as shown above.

This is very exciting indeed, things are in motion, the new owners as seen in the photo, Bard Ã…ker & Christian Von Koenigsegg together along with some handlers?, above at the factory are walking, talking and getting things done.

I hope to see more details in the near future, very nice to see before the weekend.

New Saab Owner visit Trollhättan


Today, the new owners visit the Trollhättan Saab factory, with Christian von Koenigsegg at the forefront.

Norwegian Entrepreneur, BÃ¥rd Eker, took the opportunity to visit the Saab museum factory. And in the party who met CEO Jan Ã…ke Jonsson believes it TTELA also be able to identify the new chairman of Koenigsegg Group, Augi K Fabel, who has become billionaire after building telecom giant Vimpelcom.

– We have decided that the negotiations are still underway between GM and stakeholders which do not need to go out in the media, “says information manager at Saab, Eric Geer.

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