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Saab Chief Executive Jan Ake Jonsson Responds

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Saab Chief Executive Jan Ake Jonsson Responds to the news media today about GM closing Saab, according to TTELA.

Jonsson believed in success

Trollhättan Saab Chief Executive Jan Ake Jonsson, who as far maintained their optimism, looked somewhat browbeaten out when he carried out the interview after interview.

– Of course I am very disappointed. It’s been an incredible concentration over a long period. When not in case it is not a positive situation, I will not hide from.

He was convinced that everything was going to go without a hitch.

– All this kind of negotiation goes through peaks and valleys. It succeeds in some things and some fail. We’ve made progress every day. Now we move on from here.

Saab CEO has no answer to when the plant closes or when the employee is terminated.

– We need a directive from GM. It is GM that has made its transparency and, in their way, there are no preconditions to implement this. And instead of picking up any other option decides to GM settlement.

Has the last car was built?

– GM has decided to phase out and that means not going to be built Saabs here. While we wait for precise directives so is still my opinion that the liquidation of a business man so it ends.

How lengthy decommissioning will not know Jan Åke Jonsson.

– I think it is too early to judge exactly what the final outcome will be. There are a variety of assets in the company, operations can continue in another form in order to support the automotive industry. It may evolve over the next few weeks.

What should employees do after the Christmas break?

– I do not know for sure, but we are sitting on a lot of material in the factory and it would be wrong not to build the cars, because I think they have a great value. But it is something we can analyze in the coming days.

Will someone buy the new 9-5.

– It is too early to predict. We’ve built 30-35 units in the current situation and I do not know what will happen to them.

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