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European Investment Bank Says Loan Still Available For Saab Automobile

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Joe Oliver, at Saab Automobile has indicated that the European Investment Bank say that the loan still applies for Saab should a new owner come in even though the Koenigsegg Group terminated their agreement to purchase Saab. as referenced on realtid.se

This is positive news especially with a company that may or may not even need extra money. A good incentive with most of the application legwork already done can only be a positive at this time and nice to know the loan was not unique to the Koenigsegg Group.

EIB’s decision to loan to Saab of 400 million still applies, says EIB Eva Srejber to Realtid.se. Koenigsegg-defection alters nothing – but a new analysis should be done.

Eva Srejber, vice president of the European Investment Bank and former relay Riksbank (99-07).

EIB loan agreed in late October, and is addressed to Saab and not to the Koenigsegg Group, explains Eva Srejber. Thus, it freezes not because of Koenigsegg Group on Tuesday announced the defection.

– The ownership change is not unusual for us, when we make such an analysis of the new owners, “says Eva Srejber, which since July 2007 is one of nine members of the European Investment Bank’s management team, and as such responsible for the Bank’s financing activities in Sweden.

– It was a loan to Saab, and the analysis was that Koenigsegg Group would enter the new owner.

But that now is not so alters not loan: a condition that the sports car manufacturer Saab will take is not in the loan agreement between the Bank and Saab Automotive AB.

Will GM be able to count on the Bank-million?

– It depends, I can not say about the future ownership of Saab. But we will do a new analysis of the future ownership picture, when it clears.

Can conditions be changed?

– Yes, in light of the strength of the future ownership picture.

For all EIB loans, there should be a “non-objection from the European Commission and the Government of the country the investment is made. In addition occurs. if there is a state guarantee, a state aid investigation, which ran in the European Commission after the Bank took its lending decisions. In the process, however, was not involved, the EIB, but it is a process between the Commission and the Government:

– Non-opposition to the loan per se is finished, because it is part of the treatment before it is entered into our board, “says Eva Srejber.

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A New Investor Or Buyer For Saab Automobile AB?

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Saab Automobile’s new website/blog tells us that there is a new investor for Saab. I wonder if they are an investor and/or an actual buyer? Either way, they’ve added their 2 cents in their posting recently below which should be added to Joe Oliver’s statement as well.

These are extremely exciting times for Saab and as we move closer to securing new investment the media speculation is at fever pitch.
To set the record straight there has been no official announcement relating to any potential investors but rest assured our negotiations are on track and we expect to have a new ownership structure finalized in the early summer.

Until then enjoy the increased speculation in the knowledge that the next chapter in Saab Automobile’s history is just around the corner. . .

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Saab Automobile’s Response to The Reports On Koenigsegg

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I have just received this from Joe Oliver at Saab Automobile AB at this time regarding SVT’s reports on Koenigsegg.

A thank you to Joe for this response, and here’s hoping an official response, press conference etc, comes soon about what’s happening with their buyer, “whomever” that may be, just as long that buyer ends up being Koenigsegg. 🙂

I am happy for you to quote me on this:

The SVT report is speculation.

There has been no GM or Saab Automobile announcement relating to any potential investors. We have already stated we will be presenting the preferred candidate in the near future and until then we will not comment on identities. Rest assured the process is on track and we expect to have the new ownership structure finalised in the early summer.


Joe Oliver
Manager, Global Media Initiatives
Saab Automobile AB

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Saab Automobile AB Launches Social Media Initiative

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Saab Automobile AB’s Joe Oliver in Molnlycke, Sweden, the office that houses approximately 125 people, have launched a subtle social media initiative through facebook as well as twitter.

It looks like Saab is trying to catch up with Saab History and others leading the pack. I wish them well with their efforts.

If you are interested in checking out their threads on these social media outlets, please check out their pages directly.

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Saab Automobile AB Status Meeting Set For April 6th

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As I mentioned earlier, Saab Automobile is setting up their reconstruction mid-review status meeting for April 6th.

The Detroit Free Press has also updated us on this status meeting with an e-mail over to Joe Oliver, who works at Saab Automobile AB who is the Manager, Global Media Initiatives within the Mölnlycke facility just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Update: Saab History has also just received a more detailed update from Saab Automobile’s Joe Oliver to augment this piece below, with a second follow-up from Joe saying that the Detroit Free Press piece is not 100% correct, and will be removing it per his suggestion.

Here is this brief summary below:

Joe Oliver to Saab History

On the 6th April there will be a creditors meeting which will be administered by the court of Vänersborg. Saab Automobile’s reorganization team, interested creditors and court staff will be in attendance. As a result of the meeting the court will determine if Saab is on track to proceed to the 3 month point in the reorganization process.

“This meeting will act as a “check-point” for the court to confirm that reorganization plans are moving forward as expected. Our primary focus has been for some time and continues to be to reorganize effectively and attract potential new investors – we are making good progress on both of these fronts.”

“We still plan to launch 3 new cars in the next 18 months and are very confident that Saab will move forward as a sustainable, profitable company.”

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Saab History Receives Saab Automobile Reconstruction Documents From Swedish Court Directly

Posted on 20. Feb, 2009 by .



Through my recent contact who is currently standing on the floor of the Saab Car Museum awaiting the press conference, I have just been able to phone the Swedish Court in Vänersborg to obtain both the English & Swedish reconstruction documents for Saab Automobile AB via e-mail in PDF format for our review!

These documents are publicly available and the staff is very helpful with any questions you may have. If you want an official copy, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me!, it will be the same as what you read above, except that there are more pages in Swedish. In the meantime, the document above is the only section in English, pages 7 through 11 only for our easy reference.

TTELA shows this here about the application process that was granted:

Saab has had its reorganization granted

TROLLHÄTTAN – Updated 13.20 – Soon after nine o’clock on Friday morning left the Saab automobile, an application for reorganization to the District Court in Vänersborg. – It is a plan to make Saab more attractive to outside investors, “said Joe Oliver at Saab Information. Just before lunch, it became clear with the administrator – the lawyer Guy Lofalk

Shortly after nine o’clock on Friday morning left the Saab automobile, an application for reorganization to the District Court in Vänersborg. Ingrid Lund on the expedition deliver the application to TTELA.

A few minutes after the District Court in Vänersborg opening reception gave officers from Saab in the application.
– I have just registered and have paid for it, “says Kerstin Karlström the reception.

This means that companies will have an administrator who will examine whether it can live on.
– This is no shock to us, “said Joe Oliver. This is a continuation of the plan we have to make Saab more independently.

He said that Saab has had contacts with outside investors, but there is no Said player who is interested in Saab – right now. But the plan is to bring Saab “back to the roots” and get the new cars that are in the planning.
– This is a positive step, “said Joe Oliver.

Right now it is business as usual at the Saab factory. Cars should be built, salaries paid, suppliers get paid and above: you can still order and buy new Saab.
In the morning the personnel is informed. A press conference is scheduled for at half three on Friday afternoon.

During Friday morning, the media received information that the factory closed down.
But both the Saab and the Union rejected the data. “It is just speculation,” it is argued from Saab’s information department.

Lawyer Guy Lofalk from Stockholm is designated as the administrator of the company. He is an experienced bankruptcy trustee and företagsrekonstruktör. Saab has previously had contact with him and he has said that he assumes the task.
While parent company General Motors recommend Guy Lofalk as administrator.

The process will also consulting firm AlixPartners to be connected. The company specializes in company reconstructions.
Creditors’ meeting will take place April 6.

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Saab Automobile Promotes Ice Scraper To Reduce Co2

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

It is that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere and with it comes the lovely snow and ice. Some of us who aren’t lucky enough to have our Saabs covered need to get that ice off of our vehicles each and every time we drive them.

Saab Automobile AB is offering an ice scraper communicated as a way to save CO2 and Gas. Here is their press release below:



Introducing: The most luxurious, well-designed and coolest ice scraper in the world

Made in Sweden for Saab.

scraper_300.jpgAs winter sets in and the temperature falls below zero, the daily commute takes that little bit longer. In fact before you even drive away there is that irritating layer of ice on the windshield to deal with.

Do you sit in your car with the engine running and the heating on full blast waiting for the ice to melt or do you take the environmental option of clearing the windshield before you start the car? If you opt to scrape, you might scrabble around looking for a suitable implement only to settle for a CD case or credit card – what a pain!

Independent-thinking car brand Saab has the solution to your winter woes. They have designed the most luxurious, functional and coolest ice scraper in the world which is available now from Santa Claus as the perfect stocking-filler.

It’s made of thick, frosted Plexiglas with sharp diamond cut edges, a plough-shaped blade and even a special groove for clearing snow and ice from the wiper blades. Its ergonomic, comfortable and warm grip is made out of leather and pure lamb’s wool. It’s quite simply the ultimate in funky design.

Joe Oliver from Saab says: ”We estimate that, on average, drivers spend 4 minutes clearing ice from their windshields sometimes morning and evening during the winter months. A proportion of these people run their engine in order to use the heater to melt the ice – this adds unnecessary CO2 to the atmosphere which is not environmentally sound. With this in mind, we commissioned the type of ice scraper we would want to use.”

Priced at €44.50, the ‘Saab Funk-Is ice scraper’ is available to buy online through the Saab website www.Saab.com.

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