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A Saab Enthusiast’s 1962 Saab 96 Barn Find

Posted on 23. Jun, 2010 by .


Photo Credit: Charles Gould

Saab enthusiast, Charles Gould has recently written a rather detailed account of his “barn find” acquisition of a 1962 Saab 96.

Below is the first chapter of this incredible story.

Another Saab Story- Barn Find 1962 Saab Model 96!

Written by Charles Gould
Photos by Gabriele Isenbrand
Chapter One

I received the Craigslist ad from a friend on Friday night, even before I saw it on the Vintage Saab list, where it had also been posted. The ad said that the 1962 Saab, had been parked in this garage by a little old lady in 1978, and that it had sat there ever since. The ad confessed that the engine was stuck, and that the rest of the car’s condition was unknown, but the photos made it look fairly derelict, with all of the dust and debris which had collected on it for those thirty-three years.

Everyone on the Vintage Saab list had speculated that thirty-three years in a dark, damp New Jersey garage could not have done it well, and that between the salt air, and the obvious mice infestation, it was probably a fairly rusty candidate for restoration.

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The Newly Independent Saab Automobile Is Akin To A Little Flower That Needs Careful Nurturing To Grow

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

Saab Automobile has been recently referred to as a small flower in many dialogues I have had. It was only logical that I discuss that reference here and now.

The Saab “flower” that has recently begun the process of being released from GM as a newly independent company, and is now starting to slowly show signs of life, but it’s a careful and delicate flower that will take some time to nurture and grow.

In February, Saab Automobile announced it’s plans to be independent from General Motors and just last week, Saab Automobile is now seeing light coming down from the forest canopy (to maintain the flower reference) having exited 6-months of reconstruction.

It’s appearing that it will now be until the end of September, that see the photosynthesis really takes over and allows the Saab flower to begin to blossom on its own, as an independent entity from GM.

My point in all of this is that we must realize that at this stage in the process for Saab, the company must be looked at as a flower that has just starting to grow. We have been very patient over the spring and summer as that little seed was planted early in the year. As the fall is just around the corner, we must do all we can to support this little car company so that it begins to develop and mature.

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