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Saab Automobile USA Marketing Director Now “U.S. Segment Director For Premium Brands”

Posted on 28. Jan, 2009 by .


As this transition continues for Saab Automobile, I have come to find out that Saab Automobile USA’s marketing director, Roger McCormack whom I interviewed back in January of 2008 is no longer working in the capacity as a sole marketing director for Saab Automobile USA.

Today, he’s now working in the capacity as “U.S. Segment Director – Cadillac, HUMMER, Saab at General Motors”. It’s unfortunate to hear this, but not surprising given the move his peer, Steve Shannon made back in October by moving from solely working with Saab as General Manager, to the “Executive Director, Marketing Of Premium brands, Saab, Cadillac & Hummer).

This means that there is no longer anyone solely responsible for Saab Automobile’s marketing efforts in the United States. The marketing responsibilities now falll in Steve Shannon’s lap, who in my opinion has way too much to do for one person. How much can one single person really do acting as a General Manager & Marketing director for three car brands in the United States? There are just too many responsibilities here.

Since Saab came to U.S. soil back in 1956, there has been enough work to constitute a marketing director and team devoted solely to the Saab’s presence in the United States right up until 2004, before the team was consolidated & subsequently reduced during the move to Detroit from Norcross, Georgia. Evidently, according to GM today, there is no need to have even one person solely devoted to marketing the Saab Automobile in the United States. I don’t agree with this decision and have always said that there hasn’t been enough marketing here in the United States. So the question here is, how will scaling down the department to not even one full-time person, be beneficial to Saab Automobile’s future of marketing in the United States?

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