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Swedish National Debt Office Submits Final Approval For State Guarantee Of European Investment Bank Loan

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The Swedish Government’s Maud Olofsson and Bo Lundgren held a press conference today at 3:20pm in Sweden about the Saab Spyker EIB loan Guarantee.

They indicated that the final review of the Swedish National Debt Office has been completed and submitted to the EIB, now we await the decision from the European Investment Bank.

The response from the EIB is expected either today or Monday, February 15th, when the Spyker Saab sale is expected to close.

For more information about this conference and for a video recap, please visit this link.

Here’s a recap from Sweden’s E24 News covering the press conference that was over 20 minutes long.

The Debt Office has given its final approval of the State guarantee for Saab’s loan from the European Investment Bank for 400 million euros. The Debt Office also believes that the business plan is “reasonable”.

– We are the projects and ensures that makes us a greener vehicle fleet, “said Maud Olofsson, during the press conference.

– Then it’s up to Spyker and GM to make up for the deal. But we have sufficient collateral to provide these guarantees, “she says.

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The Spyker Cars shareholders who held their meeting today, unanimously approved the Saab Sale.

The name change to Saab Spyker Automobiles may be held off until their general meeting on the 22nd of April according to TTELA “Name issue should be discussed more with the defense group Saab”, according to Victor Muller.

According to multiple sources, Spyker is to be delisted from the Amsterdam stock exchange and listed as the new company Saab Spyker on the Stockholm & London Stock Exchange.

At 9:20 EST/3:20 Sweden, Enterprise and Energy administrator Maud Olofsson will be holding a press conference about this at this link here.

There was apparently was a live blogger from the Netherlands that was able to cover the story as reported below.

Good morning from Zeewolde (-7.5 degrees Celsius).

Friday, February 12, 2010 09:34
About 25 minutes begins here where the shareholders of the takeover of Spyker Saab presented to investors

Friday, February 12, 2010 09:35
Shareholders drip now inside the workshop of Spyker

Friday, February 12, 2010 09:36
The press is kept outside the gates

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Saab History To Swedish Government: Are You Listening?

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Industry Minister Maud Olofsson
Sweden’s State Secretary Joran Hägglund
State Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt
Social Minister, Social Party, Goran Hägglund
Finance minister, Anders Borg, Anders Borg
Hans Lindblad, State Secretary


Dear Swedish Government;

It has come to our understanding that it is ultimately up to you to ensure that the bidders for Saab Automobile have a letter of authority granting them the critical European Investment Bank (EIB) loans.

We have also learned that you continually fail to provide such guarantees which may include the recent bids that came in last night to Deutsche Bank who are brokering this transaction for GM.

We are writing to you because we want to know why you repeatedly ignore the messages from GM as indicated in today’s press release? Furthermore, why do you believe it is morally, economically and socially acceptable to sit down and let a large global industry leader in your home country die while you pretend to help? Moreover, how can your ignore the voices from your country and continue on as their appointed leaders, by showing continued indifference towards your fellow constituents and Saab Automobile?

You are now in the spotlight around the world and we are watching your inaction, which continuously and systematically tears apart Saab Automobile.

What is your ultimate goal and objective? We have been trying to send you a messages all along but you seem unable to understand them. GM is serious, they will wind down Saab.

What more needs to be done, so that you understand that there is an urgent need for action? You have known about this for over a year and now are showing up in Detroit to provide more information this weekend?

We will not sit down and let Saab Automobile go quietly into the night.

We will continue to keep contacting you and keep the pressure on.



Ryan Emge / Saab History

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Swedish Government Needs To Grant EIB Loan For Bidder, Failing To Do So Will Likely Result in GM Not Accepting Bid

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It has come down to this. The Swedish Government needs to grant the EIB loans to any of the interested parties so that they can buy Saab. Failing to do so, GM will likely reject all incoming bids.

It’s clear that when GM’s CEO indicated that the parties have not shown the money, they were really referring to the EIB loan. It’s the EIB loan that gives GM a secured funding source for a number of years.

If the Swedish Government think that all they need to do is provide more information to these parties and GM when they arrive on Saturday, they are totally mistaken. The Swedish Government needs to provide each party, an actual confirmation letter that they will be receiving the EIB loan within 90 days of closing a sales deal with GM. If they don’t do that, it’s pretty unlikely GM will again, accept any bid without it.

I strongly urge the Swedes to contact the Swedish Government and put the pressure on them to make this happen. The Swedish Government cannot afford to be indifferent to Saab Automobile any longer. It’s ultimately up to them. Time is of the essence.

If you are a Swede and you love Saab, you owe it to your country and to all of the people that have worked so tirelessly over the past year to ensure that Saab has a chance at survival.


Photo Credit: Regeringen

However, the decision makers for Saab Automobile AB appear to be the five individuals below, so copy and paste your message and get it out to all of them. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

If you also want to call them directly through an international phonecall to really get through, you can call like others have requested Telephone Number (+46 08-405 10 00), and ask for the office of any minister you want to talk to.


Industry Minister Maud Olofsson:

I ask that you click on this link here (http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/7452) and send her a message directly to Minister Maud Olofsson as others have already been doing since yesterday.

Maud Olofsson, Näringsminister, vice statsminister
Telefon work 08-405 10 00
e-post till Maud Olofsson, via registrator
Eva Ankersjö, Assistent
Telefon work 08-405 80 70
Titti Aunér, Statsrådsassistent
Telefon work 08-405 45 82
Sweden’s State Secretary Joran Hägglund:

I ask that you click on this link here (http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/7452) and send a message directly to Secretary Joran HÃgglund.

Jöran Hägglund
Statssekreterare hos Maud Olofsson
work 08-405 10 00

State Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt

I ask that you click on this link here (http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/7452) and send a message directly to State Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Statsminister
Telefon work 08-405 10 00

Social Minister, Social Party, Goran Hägglund

I ask that you click on this link here (http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/7452) and send a message directly to Social Minister, Social Party, Goran HÃgglund.

Växel work 08-405 10 00
Fax fax 08-723 11 91
Besöksadress work Fredsgatan 8
Postadress postal 103 33 Stockholm

Finance minister, Anders Borg, Anders Borg.

Anders Borg, Finansminister
Telefon work 08-405 10 00
I ask that you click on this link here (http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/7452) and send a message directly to Finance minister, Anders Borg.

Hans Lindblad, State Secretary
Telefon work 08-405 48 39

I ask that you click on this link here(Regeringen.se) and send a message directly to Hans Lindblad.

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Saab History Year In Review – 2009

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Saab History marks it’s third full year since its launch in the fall of 2006. This year was quite unlike any that Saab has had over its lifetime including the past twenty years under GM ownership.

I have decided that unlike previous years writing a review about the happenings about Saab History specifically, it seemed more appropriate and timely to cover Saab’s own history over the course of the year.

Below is a month-by-month summary I have provided which will be updated based on the events over the course of the next three days.



At the first of the year we understood that GM was was strategically reviewing the Saab brand and gave Saab 3-months to find a buyer. If no buyer was found and a deal secured, GM would keep Saab running until December 31st, 2009, then wind the company down.

Following this news, speculation grew rapidly on what company could be the new buyer for Saab Automobile ranging from Fiat, TATA, BMW to Porsche, all stating that they are not interested in buying the company.

As dialogue rapidly continued about the sale of Saab, we heard from Saab and representatives from the Swedish Government attending the 2009 North American International Auto Show about the status of Saab. Saab Automobile’s own, Jan-Ake Jonsson stated “that in order for his company to be successful, it needed to become separated from GM. It was here where we learned about the “official talks” beginning with GM’s interest in selling Saab. This included everything from the company’s business plan to potential loans needed from the European Investment Bank in order for to become independent of GM.

In parallel, the 2010 Saab 9-3x and 9-4x official spy photos were released combined with those of the all new Saab 9-5 sedan. On the others side of the spectrum, GM was forced to sell the Pikes Peak heritage collection car.

At the end of this month, we learned that there was a significant date coming up of February 17th, which was the date that GM submitted their viability plan to the US Government.



At the first of the month, Saab Automobile began to update their global marketing strategy as they continued to work hard to develop their sustainable business plan.

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FIAT Returns After 20 Years Since Saab Purchase Attempt?

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Sweden’s Realtid.se are reporting that Fiat is returning to the table along with Grimaldi & Jacob Wallenberg, the same people that were planning on selling Saab to FIAT back in 1989, before GM bought them.

This all feels like it was twenty years ago with the same players showing interest, but instead of the Wallenberg’s looking to sell Saab, perhaps they may be trying to help keep them alive along with FIAT?

The question here is, would Saab Automobile still welcome Fiat too? Remember in May, GM Europe were talking with FIAT!

It doesn’t look like an ideal situation, because of the corporate conglomerate idea of Fiat honestly. I do think Saab needs to be independent, not owned by a huge corporation once again.

Here’s the article. Thanks to Ted Y for sharing this with us here on Saab History today!

Googletrans of portion of above article:
Earlier on Wednesday reported Realtid.se to prepare a panel discussion on the future of the automobile on January 26, where among other Fiat chief will attend.

Grimaldi and Jacob Wallenberg said to have taken the initiative to the event, and when Realtid.se Find Grimaldi is found that the objective is much more than just organize a public panel discussion.

In fact, the idea is to get to a solution of Saab, which is that Saab could become a subcontractor to the successful car company in the world such as Fiat would be willing to let Saab produce selected models in the Saab factory.

According to Grimaldi, the Saab factory in Trollhättan and flexible production for different car models.

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Swedish Government Prepared To Support Jobs In Trollhättan For Saab Employees If Sale Falls Through

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Photo Credit: Jerry Lövberg, TTELA

The Swedish Government held an emergency meeting yesterday about the support of job creation in Västra Götaland region of Trollhättan, Sweden as a quick and swift response to GM’s unexpected decision on Friday.

The results of the meeting involve an effort to provide 542 million Swedish Krowns ($75 million USD) that will help drive innovation, education and social action according to Sweden’s SVT.. While the Swedish Government continues to state that they will not be the owner of Saab or support the company, they will support the employees of the wind down does in fact take place.

Of course, they are hoping that the situation turns out differently given the renewed bid from Spyker Cars and other interested parties over the weekend.

Emergency plan for Trollhättan: The Government is investing 542 million

Published 21 December 2009 – 16:57

The government is now making an extra effort to 542 million crowns to support job creation and conversion against Trollhättan and the Västra Götaland, writes in a press release. The drive is about innovation, education and social action.

Minister for Employment, Sven Otto Littorin assured that the department has been working on preparations for a long time.
“We are fully prepared and we’re ready.

“Plenty of resources in the region”

-The information we received from GM is an orderly liquidation, but what it means we need more clarity, “he said.

Littorin also assured that there are plenty of resources for different types of social activities in the region.

“Very difficult situation”

“It was new information yesterday about the potential new stakeholders in the Saab, but there are things that GM will manage,” said Maud Olofsson, when she opened the press conference at the Ministry of Industry on Monday.

“We hope, even if it is a small straw, to make it possible to resolve the issue of Saab, but I want to stress that it is a very difficult position,”
said Olofsson.

During the day, she has had several meetings, both in Trollhättan and Gävleborg.

-Both towns have been hit by large ‘notice and we are now working for a decentralized model where resources should be close to people.

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Swedish Minister, Maud Olofsson Now Responds

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Photo Credit: SVT

Swedish Minister, Maud Olofsson responds to GM’s announced closure of Saab today according to SVT.

She looks angry at GM, and why not, they are to blame in this as they plan on “winding Saab down” afterall.

-A very sad news for all employees and will at the worst possible time, “said Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson (C) in his first comments on GM’s announcement that Saab closure.

“I am the first to complain that GM did not want to pursue the deal, she said, adding that she does not think GM has really clear about how the settlement will go to.

When Maud Olofsson later held a press conference in Trollhattan, she was more critical and noted that she is the GM who made the decision.

-Owners of Saab is GM and GM could have done much more for Saab in any year. The government has tried to make it as attractive as possible to be here in Trollhättan, “said Olofsson.

“Must take responsibility”
“But GM must now take responsibility. The most important thing now is to take care of the employees and the future, how to take advantage of expertise and what we can build for the new out of it, “says Olofsson.

But just a minute earlier, it is news that the government and the state would go into the Saab.
“We do not have the knowledge and not money,” said Olofsson.

Meeting in Trollhättan
She has called a meeting with concerned authorities and representatives of trade and business on Monday, in Trollhattan, to review the situation.

The meeting will among other things, clarify the need for more action than what has already been presented in the form of additional resources to the Employment Service and Almi, type TT.

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