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Saab History Wishes SCNA Well On Royal Oak Open House

Posted on 20. Apr, 2010 by .


Saab History wishes the folks at the new Saab Cars North America well with their open house tonight at the new headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan.

As you may remember, I was hoping to attend this event but have received no support from the folks at Saab Cars North America, therefore it didn’t make sense to look elsewhere for it.

It’s the Saab Community that makes me want to keep Saab History moving forward at this time, that being said a colleague of ours from Michigan, that was at the Save Saab Rally in Detroit, will be attending the event and plans on providing us photographs later this evening following the event.

It will be interesting to hear what becomes of this open house this evening.

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Saab Cars North America Open House Is Now Booked

Posted on 12. Apr, 2010 by .


The Saab Cars North America open house on April 20th from 5:30 until 7:30pm at their new headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan has now met their maximum occupancy level.

I’m still hoping to go, so if someone wants to host Saab History in attending this open house, please contact me.

I’m still interested in attending, but will only be able to do so with your support.

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Saab Cars North America Receives $1.2 Million Tax Credit Towards Royal Oak, Michigan Headquarters

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by .


This just in from Michigan Governor Granholm’s office & the Michigan Economic Development Corporation regarding Saab Cars North America’s new headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan.

– Saab Cars North America – The global automaker plans to invest $2.4 million to establish its North American headquarters in Royal Oak, focusing on marketing, sales and product evaluation. The project is expected to create 158 total jobs, including up to 60 directly by the company.

The MEDC estimates the increased economic activity created by the project will create an additional 98 indirect jobs.

Based on the MEDC’s recommendation, the MEGA board today approved a state tax credit valued at $1.2 million over five years to encourage the company to expand in Michigan over a competing site on the East Coast.

The city of Royal Oak has approved an abatement valued at $29,000 to support the project.



Date: March 16, 2010
To: Michigan Economic Growth Authority
From: Amy Deprez, Manager
Packaging Team

Marcia Gebarowski, Project Specialist
Packaging Team

Subject: Briefing Memo – Saab Cars North America, Inc.
High-Technology High Wage (Lookback) MEGA Credit

Saab Cars North America, Inc.
100 Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan 48265

Saab AB is a Swedish company engaged in vehicle manufacturing. In 1990, General Motors purchased controlling interest in Saab AB, and in 2000 bought the remainder of the company. Spyker Cars N.V. purchased GM’s interest in Saab Automobile AB, for a mixture of cash and preference shares, resulting in Saab Cars North America, Inc. being established as the North American operations of Saab AB.

Spyker Cars N.V., no relation to the prior Spyker Company, is a private company, founded in 1999, and headquartered in Zeewolde, Netherlands. Saab will be a stand-alone niche manufacturer with three or four model lines. Spyker believes strongly in the benefits to be achieved in the sharing of certain assets and technology services, especially Saab’s extensive global network of 1,100 dealers, marketing & sales, merchandising, promotion and sponsorship activities.

Saab Cars North America, Inc. is a new entity without a presence in Michigan currently.

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Saab Cars North America To Relocate To Royal Oak, MI

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by .


Photo Credits: Oakland Press & Biddison Architecture

Saab History has just learned that there will be details about Saab Cars North America’s relocation from the GM Rennaissance Center to the new facility at 4327 Delemere Court Royal Oak, Michigan tomorrow.

At approximately 1:30pm, the Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm will announce Saab Cars North America’s move to Royal Oak at a press conference. I am sure at around the same time an official press release will also be issued by SCNA, describing this move.

It was back in October of last year where we first learned about this particular location and over the course of the fall, Saab Cars North America (SCNA) received numerous tax benefits for their new headquarters to relocate here.

Since Saab’s start in the United States back in 1956 , they held headquarters in New York City, New Haven & Orange, Connecticut, Norcross, Georgia and most recently, the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit. This move marks a new beginning for the Saab Cars North America team as they continue the process of separating themselves from GM, their former parent.


I highly encourage the folks at Saab Cars North America to host an open house, showing their new facility. This would symbolize full transparency, their open door policy and trust and relationship building with not only the press, but their their existing customers and all of the customers they plan on welcoming back.

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"Save Saab" Campaign Sends Strong Message To GM HQ

Posted on 05. Jan, 2010 by .



Photo Credits: Saab History

I want to say, today was from what everyone that attending including the press have said, a great success. We had over 50 people attend which is phenomenal, and over 20 press members from local and national interviewing us.

Everyone that attended included folks from Cape Cod & Hingham, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin and as far away as Iowa! The true Saab spirit really was well represented and you could feel it.

The folks at GM were very supportive of this initiative today and despite the weather, we all hung out outside in the parking lot with the GM world headquarters as our backdrop for nearly 2 hours in the blistering cold and snowy weather to send our message.

The message we believed we were successful in sending was for GM to “Sell Saab”. We hope that the press coverage will be as positive as it can be in covering this event.

The job is not yet done as there is one last remaining aspect to the “Save Saab” campaign and that is for GM to Sell Saab.

It was clear today that they got our message, now they just need to do the right thing and complete the deal.

More to come!

The “Save Saab” initiative

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Update: Saab Cars North America Possible HQ In Royal Oak, MI

Posted on 20. Oct, 2009 by .


Saab Cars North America’s public hearing last night went well as the first stage in securing their new headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan.

This first phase involved creating an “Industrial Development District” which was passed by a 6-0 vote! This is good news!

The second phase will involve the tax abatement hearing, now that the district has been approved and that public hearing will be on November 16th.

It is interesting that in the records, SCNA is referred to Saab Automobile USA. Perhaps their new name doesn’t go live until January 1st, 2010 officially?

Here is the public report posted thanks to the folks at the City Commission.


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Saab History Says Good Bye To Jan-Willem Vester

Posted on 29. Apr, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: Saab History, February, 2007

I have recently heard that on April 20th, 2009, Jan-Willem Vester formerly of Saab Automobile USA Communications, is no longer working in this capacity.This also means that there is no longer any official voice for Saab Automobile USA, just the GM Premium brands channel.

It was just almost exactly one month ago since his departure that I managed to have an exclusive interview with him about his long career and continual interest in the Saab Automobile. It seemed like just yesterday that I met him for the first time during the picnic alongside Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson at the 2005 Saab Festival in Trollhattan, Sweden.

His responsibilities were numerous from communications to having inroads with the Saab USA Heritage Center, Video Archives and Heritage Collection, and more. I sometimes wondered how he managed to do it all so well, with a smile and humor.

In all of my communications with him, he has been incredibly professional and always followed up and certainly brought his passion for Saab to the table. It has been an honor to work with someone who is clearly a Saab enthusiast and a dedicated ambassador of the brand.

Jan-Willem, as you know started his career with Saab Automobile USA in August of 2004, when the brand team began their operations at the Renaissance Center within GM Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. In the September of 2008, Saab Automobile USA was no more, having been merged into what is known as “GM Premium brands”.

In the meantime, I wish Jan-Willem and his family well. If he’s reading this, I hope to hear from him soon and hope he attends the 2009 Saab Owners Convention with all of the other former Saab USA employees attending, now topping out over 100 strong!

All of us in the Saab community wish you nothing but the very best and thank you very much for your hard work all of these years.

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Saab History Connecting Former Saab USA Employees

Posted on 10. Mar, 2009 by .



Saab History has been receiving a number of e-mails from former Saab Employees, particularly in the United States trying to re-unite with their fellow colleagues lately, presumably because of the fallout of General Motors and the relaunch of Saab Automobile as a newly independent company along with koenigsegg.

So who would have imagined that the fall of GM, would provide so many people, an opportunity to finally voice their opinions, share their information and provide truly interesting material with regards to Saab history.

All of the former Saab USA employees that worked during the following eras either physically in these offices or satellite offices, are now looking to reunite with one another, which is great.

405 Park Avenue, New York (1956-1961)
100 Waterfront Street New Haven, CT (1961-1971)
60 Marsh Hill Road / 35 Executive Blvd Orange, CT (1972-1992)
Norcross, Georgia (1992-2004)
Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan (2004-2009)

As you know, back in 2005, there close to 150 people that gathered in Connecticut for a 1st ever, Saab USA reunion. This year, there is another former employee reunion in Connecticut as well.

It is the work that many of you did that has contributed to Saab’s presence here over the years in the United States and that is why it’s important to celebrate each and every one of your accomplishments. In an effort to make this easy for you, I have placed a permanent contact link for all of you to the left of this site so you know what to look for titled “SAAB Former Employees Click Here”.

Please contact Saab History, if you are a former Saab USA employee looking to connect with another peer or colleague, I will do my very best to get you together.

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