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Saab Cars USA’s Pro Cycling Series : 1995

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Photo Credit: The Race For The Rock

Saab Automobile USA as many of you know are spending a considerable amount of money with their sponsorship of team Mavic who are participating in the 2008 Tour de France.

This event is certainly not a new concept of being part of the cycling world for Saab Automobile USA. Over the years, Saab USA have been sponsoring cycling events that included a Saab Pro Cycling series that took place in 1995 as I have recently found on the following pro cycling website.

You will notice that Saab Automobile USA, formerly Saab Cars USA, Inc.’s very own Mike Parahus who worked as a regional marketing director for Saab USA, played a major role in securing this arrangement.

ts.jpgInternational Cycling was formed in 1988 to promote and manage cycling teams and events, shall be the ownership and management entity of the proposed team. In the past International Cycling administered the day to day operations of teams such as the Saab Professional Cycling Team, the IME (Independent Medical Examinations) Professional Cycling Team, The Bolla Wines Professional Cycling Team, Plymouth- Reebok Cycling Team and events such as the Adelphia Gran Prix, The Race for the Rock and the US National Cyclo-cross Championships.

International Cycling is comprised of three top industry related individuals. The first is Bill Sykes, a veteran of the cycling industry, having been involved in the sport for the past 25 years. Bill has played a major role in securing sponsors for the team and managed the day to day operations. In 1995 the team was named the top team on the East Coast.

The second individual, Mike Parahus, spent 23 years at the executive level with the Swedish automobile manufacturer, Saab. Mike’s last position with Saab was that of regional marketing director for the entire East Coast, Saab’s most important and profitable market. Mike was responsible for Saab’s involvement with cycling, charities such as the Jimmy Fund, Special Olympics and Bike Boston.

The third individual is Paul McCormack, former Olympian and professional cyclist. Paul has been responsible for the general technical set up of the US portion for Our Ladies Hospital for the Sick, Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland charity ride since it began in 1993. A member of the 1988 Irish Olympic Team, Paul has ridden to many victories in the United States and Europe during his career. Paul was the founder and driving force behind the Sean Kelly Tour of America.

32 56 POWELL, Donnie SAAB Philadelphia PA ” ”
51 51 BISHOP, Andy SAAB Middleton, OH ” ”
DSQ 54 McCORMACK, Mark SAAB Plymouth, MA
62 52 LONERGAN, Declan SAAB Waterford, Irel ” ”

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2009 Saab 9-3 XWD Offered With Greater Fuel Efficiency

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

This just in from Saab Automobile. It looks as though the new all-wheel drive system will now be available in a more fuel efficient engine option, the 2.0 liter turbo.

This is great news for those who want the most fuel efficiency with the best all-wheel drive system!



Model Year 2009 News:

Cutting-edge XWD Mated With Saab 2.0-liter

Saab’s innovative all-wheel-drive system – Saab XWD – is to be offered with 2.0-liter turbo power for 9-3 Sport Sedan and SportCombi models.

Launched to wide acclaim with a 2.8V6 turbo engine, XWD will now be extended to include Aero, Vector and Linear specifications with a ‘classic’ Saab 210 hp/ 154 kW four-cylinder engine.

Saab XWD is an ‘intelligent’, active system that continuously distributes engine torque between the front and rear axles, giving optimum handling and grip in all driving conditions. Wider availability in the Model Year 2009 range is expected to significantly broaden its customer appeal.

Other model year news includes an enhanced Aero range, with BioPower flex-fuel variants for both 9-5 and 9-3 models, and an uprated 2.8V6 Turbo, offering 280 hp/ 206 kW in front-wheel-drive, as well as XWD applications in the 9-3 range.

Saab’s latest product line-up will be displayed at this month’s (July) British International Motor Show in London.

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The New Saab USA “Recycle” Television Advertisement

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On September 20th, 2007, I reported to you that Saab Automobile USA changed their advertising agency from Lowe Brindfors in New York City whom they used for nearly 7 years, to McCann-Erickson, also an IPG company.

Today, through some source, the first television ad by McCann-Erickson for the United States market that was filmed recently in the Freezeout lake region of Montana, is now here in not the 3rd or 4th quarter but in the 2nd, so I would encourage your comments about this advertising message:

Here is the storyboard message:

For the perfect balance of fuel efficiency and power, we take energy from exhaust and recycle it (repeat 3x), turning repitition into joy.

Here is the new tagline, with the understated Born From Jets campaign slogan continuing.

“Efficient, Powerful, Saab Turbo”

Do you like it or not like it, and why?

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The General Motors Ownership Of Saab Automobile

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General Motors has owned Saab Automobile for the better part of 18 years this year, 50% since 1989/1990 and 100% since 2000.

There has been a lot of news as of late and I have decided to just put up a poll to see what the general consensus of the public thinks about what General Motors should do with Saab Automobile.

The poll below has three simple directions for where Saab Automobile could go, so here’s your time to vote:

It will be very interesting to see the votes, but more importantly, the why you voted the way you did, so please make sure you include your reason in the comments field as well.

What Should GM Do With Saab?

  • Sell (60%, 99 Votes)
  • Keep (20%, 33 Votes)
  • Maintain Course & Speed (20%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 164

Loading ... Loading ...

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Saab Sighting Of The Week – Burlington, Vermont

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The Saab Sighting Of The Week certainly goes to a beautiful green Saab, coincidentally situated within the “Green Mountains” of Vermont.

This 1999 Saab 9-5 was spotted on this past Sunday while it was parked right in front of the famous, Vermont Pub & Brewery in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

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GM Planning More Layoffs & To Sell Another Brand

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According to over a dozen sources indicate that General Motors are again planning somewhere in the range of thousands of white-collar layoffs and to Sell another car brand. Apparently, this will be taking place in the very near future on the eve of their 100-year anniversary as an automobile manufacture.

This news as of late, make us wonder what’s going to happen with Saab once again, with sales down 51% since June of last year, Saab dealerships going left and right and now this from Tony Cervonte, the VP of Communications with General Motors who I had the chance to meet for a dinner this past January while in Detroit for the Saab 9-4x BioPower concept launch.

“When it comes to liquidity, we’ve said we have enough for the remainder of 2008, and if we need to so something else, we have lots of options,” Mr Cervone said today. “There are lots of things under review.”

I thought Hummer was under review, but apparently “lots” of things are now.

Naturally, there is also a lot of speculation from the media when it comes to General Motors and the future of the Saab brand, so please take your time to read the following articles and make your own judgements:

The Wall Street Journal

“GM’s three biggest brands are Chevrolet, which accounted for 59% of 2007 sales, followed distantly by GMC at 13% and Pontiac at 9.4%. The five other GM brands lag far behind: Cadillac, with 5.6% of sales; and Saturn, 6.3%; Buick, 4.9%; and Saab, less than 1%. (Hummer accounted for 1.5%).

Just going by those numbers, Buick and Saab contribute the least to GM’s revenue and would be the easiest to let go. Pontiac, as well, is on life support; Brian Nesbitt, vice president of design for General Motors, said in a June 28 interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “We’re still doing a little bit of damage control with the Pontiac brand. It still does a lot of business, but it’s not been easy to sustain customers’ interest in the brand.” Saturn, as well, hasn’t found a consistent brand identity, according to some auto analysts. And GM’s consistent problem has been creating cars that are covetable by consumers (read Nesbitt’s musings in the interview linked above.) If it dropped one or two brands, GM not only could raise money, but it also could funnel its design budget into making a few brands better, rather than taking a miss on every one”

The Dallas News

” The company sells vehicles under eight brands, but most, including Buick, Saturn and Saab, struggle to attract buyers despite offering new models that cost GM billions of dollars to develop. The company has already put Hummer up for sale.”


“Saab, the European upmarket brand, may be an early candidate for a sale, though a buyer is far from assured, Schmidt told Bloomberg News.

Saab on the Block“Saab has been a holy cow in past years and is losing money consistently,” the analyst said. “Credit to GM for holding on to it, but there is a point where you’re left with no choice.'”

CNN Money

“Among the most likely candidates for elimination are Saturn and Saab.”


“Saab: The storied Swedish born-from-jets brand has either been vastly improved or pathetically watered-down during GM’s ownership, depending upon whom you talk to. Either way, with only about 35,000 sales per year in the U.S. — about what the Accord sells each month — Saab is probably due for an ownership change.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

Saab, GM’s European luxury brand, may be an early candidate for a sale, though a buyer is far from assured, Mr Schmidt said.

“Saab has been a holy cow in past years and is losing money consistently,” he said. “Credit to GM for holding on to it, but there is a point where you’re left with no choice.”

GM won’t be able to get much money from selling its brands because they aren’t worth much on their own, said John Casesa, managing partner at Casesa Shapiro Group in New York.

“There’s a good chance that the US automakers will ultimately have new partners, or new owners, depending on the structure of the deals,” he said.

I Stock Analyst

“Saab: The Company made a good first step at revitalizing the brand with the recent 9-3, they just need to keep it up and make turning Saab into a bona-fide Audi/BMW fighter their #1 goal. However the Saab situation is similar to Saturn: either make the necessary investment to fix the brand or just sell it off to someone who can. It would be interesting to see what a company like BMW, Honda, Subaru or VW would do with the Saab brand, or even to see what would happen if the Saab jetfighter company were to take back control of the company.”

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Per Eklund Finishes 9th, Again With BioPower Saab 9-3

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Saab Enthusiast, Mike Jager has recently reported on the status of legendary Saab rally driver, Per Eklund

According to Mike Jager, that in spite of some significant repair work that has delayed Per Eklund’s team, he has managed to at least get things up and running again. Here is the press release in Swedish:

Anyone want to fully translate to English?

Per Eklund var sist till presskonferensen. Men snabbast på banan.
– Allt kan vi inte ha gjort fel i alla fall, säger den 62-årige nestorn från Arvika.

Toppförare och hemmahopp i division I var samlade till torsdagens presskonferens med tillhörande uppvisningskörning (2×3 varv) pÃ¥ banan.”Men var är Per Eklund”, undrade alla.

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Saab Automobile USA Recap 2008 Tour De France : Stage 1

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As part of Saab Automobile USA’s sponsorship of the the 2008 Tour De France, they are now showing their coverage on the versus website as part of their fly to the finish sweepstakes.
The coverage in the video above, depicts the first stage of the Tour De France that took place today, July 5th, 2008 from
To find out more about Saab Automobile USA’s sponsorship of the 2008 Tour De France, and for updates to the race, please check out the Versus website.

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