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All New Saab 9-5 Makes North American Debut In Miami

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Photo Credit: Etienne Morsa / Saab Huy

On Friday, October 23rd, Saab Cars North America (SCNA), will host a presentation for the North American debut of the all new Saab 9-5 sedan at the South Florida Auto Show in Miami.

I hear that the presentation will be conducted by Mike Colleran, the new Chief Operations Officer of the SCNA. This will be his second public speaking event this year since we last heard him at the 2009 Saab Owners Convention this past August.

At ths show, the all new Saab 9-5 will stand alongside the Saab 9-3x that we saw at the debut in New York, this past April.

I wish Mike Colleran well for his presentation and the public reception of the first look of the all new Saab 9-5 on North American soil.

Here’s the press release from the auto show website directly which states that the all new Saab 9-5 is debuting as a hatchback?

Also making a national debut is the 2010 Saab 9-5. As Saab’s flagship sedan, the 2010 9-5 returns to its roots with the company’s traditional hatchback Scandinavian design, sporty driving and responsible performance. With highly efficient, four cylinder turbo engines, the 9-5’s all-turbo powertrain line-up will be able to run on gasoline, E85 or diesel. The 9-5 will also offer high-tech features, including, adaptive Bi-Xenon lighting, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and starting and dynamic parking assistance.

Source: SFIAS

Here’s the press release from Eric Geers in Sweden, perhaps representing Saab Cars North America as the new press contact stateside?

New Saab 9-5 Sedan makes its US premiere at the Miami Auto Show

The all new Saab 9-5 Sedan, making its US premiere at the Miami Auto Show, takes center stage on the Saab stand as the Swedish premium brand celebrates the start of new era.

New Saab 9-5 Sedan makes its US premiere at the Miami Auto Show

All New Saab 9-5 Sedan
Showcasing ‘stand out’ Scandinavian design backed by an array of high-tech functions, Saab’s distinctive new flagship brings a fresh, alternative choice to the premium sedan segment. The clean, ‘organic sculpture’ of the bodywork, with elements inspired by Saab’s award-winning Aero X concept, heralds the introduction of a bold, more expressive design language for the brand.

The spacious, driver-focused cabin features a new iteration of Saab’s signature cockpit layout. Advanced technologies include: an aircraft-like head-up information display (Pilot HUD); adaptive lighting (Bi-Xenon Smart Beam); adaptive cruise control; Saab DriveSense adaptive chassis with real-time damping control; keyless entry and starting; tri-zone air conditioning; dynamic parking assistance and Saab XWD with a rear eLSD, the industry-leading all-wheel-drive system.

The all-turbo powertrain line-up carries forward Saab’s rightsizing engine strategy, which focuses on responsible performance through the development of small, highly efficient turbocharged engines.

Eric Geers
Tel: +46 703 205490

Here are the details.

Miami, Florida – October 23 – November 1, 2009

Saab Exhibit 9:30 a.m.

Miami Beach Convention Center,
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33140

WEBSITE: http://www.sfliautoshow.com/index.html

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How Will Saab Compete In An Era Of Emerging Hatches?

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It is rather ironic, but today it seems like everyone except for Saab, is launching premium hatchback models. I say, good for them for doing it because Saab was historically known for hatches, however that 28-year history of hatchbacks came to an end in 2002.

Joe from Gaywheels states that “The trend seems to be melding the sedan with wagon to get a hybrid hatch. Not as functional as a wagon but arguably more sexy.”

The majority of the competition is now beginning to offer a number of premium hybrid hatchback models for buyers today from 3-doors to 5-doors and the demand is growing.

When it comes to the all new Saab 9-5 sedan, many were hoping including myself for that to also be a premium sport back model with a hatch, but it was not.

To clarify, while Saab has wagons or combi models and even an all new 9-5 Wagon coming. However, these models are not hatchbacks are not a replacement for a sport back premium hatch as they are wagons and therefore a completely different segment.

The question now is going to become, can Saab Automobile, once a legend in premium sport back hatches, compete in a premium hatchback segment where they no longer offer this in their product portfolio? I wonder if ending the hatchback a whole seven years ago and now seeing the market demand what they once had with competitors responding, is going to finally send the message to Saab Automobile. Regardless, Saab best take swift action and include a hatch in the all new 9-5 sedan as a variant and certainly in the new 9-3 to debut in 2011.

Here’s a list of manufacturers with their respected models on board with a 5-door hatchback model today that are part of the premium luxury sport hatch segment including some with the versatile twin-back system.

BMW 2010 3-Series & 5-Series Hatchbacks W/Twin Back


Audi 2010 A5 Sportback


Skoda 2010 Superb W/Twin Back


Honda 2010 CrossTour


Opel Insignia 2010 5-door hatch (same platform as all new Saab 9-5)


Jaguar To Launch 2014 Hatchback To Model Lineup


Porsche – 2010 Panamera


Aston Martin – 2010 Rapide 5-Door Hatch


Bugatti 2013 Bugatti C16 Galibier 3-Door & 5-Door Hatch


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Koenigsegg Spotted Visiting Saab Headquarters

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Photo Credit: TTELA.

TTELA reports that Koenigsegg is visiting Saab Automobile AB headquarters in Trollhattan, Sweden as shown above.

This is very exciting indeed, things are in motion, the new owners as seen in the photo, Bard Ã…ker & Christian Von Koenigsegg together along with some handlers?, above at the factory are walking, talking and getting things done.

I hope to see more details in the near future, very nice to see before the weekend.

New Saab Owner visit Trollhättan


Today, the new owners visit the Trollhättan Saab factory, with Christian von Koenigsegg at the forefront.

Norwegian Entrepreneur, BÃ¥rd Eker, took the opportunity to visit the Saab museum factory. And in the party who met CEO Jan Ã…ke Jonsson believes it TTELA also be able to identify the new chairman of Koenigsegg Group, Augi K Fabel, who has become billionaire after building telecom giant Vimpelcom.

– We have decided that the negotiations are still underway between GM and stakeholders which do not need to go out in the media, “says information manager at Saab, Eric Geer.

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The New England Saab XWD Salomon Ski Promotion

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

I have been talking about Saab Automobile partnering with ski resorts for the up and coming XWD product launch, and at least finally, something, although not as significant as it should have been with Okemo, is taking place.

In New England, participating Saab dealerships are offering a Saab XWD & Salomon X Wing Ski Promotion program until January 5th, 2009, when the Saab-Salomon partnership in North America comes to an end.

This program allows in summary,

Test Driving:

Those test driving a 2009 9-3 XWD, a complimentary pair of lift tickets redeemable at a certain ski resort in New England for any day of the week for the season.


Those buying either a 2008 or 2009 before January 4th, 2009 following their test drive, will also get a a pair of skis and two lift tickets for the season in New England!

Here are the official details below:

Saab XWD & Salomon X Wing Ski Promotion
New England Saab Dealers

Promotion Dates: 11/16 – 1/5/09 Advertising Dates: 11/16-1/3/09

Purchase Incentive Details:

Consumers will receive a complimentary pair of Salomon X Wing skis and bindings with the purchase of any new 2008 or 2009 Saab between 11/16/08 and 1/5/09.
· Once a consumer has purchased a new Saab the dealership is responsible for completing the “Salomon X Wing Skis Purchase Incentive Redemption Form” and faxing it along with the Purchase Agreement to GM R*Works at 313.967.9647 (Attention: Eliza Ollinger). The form must be legible as this will be used for fulfillment.
· Consumers will then receive a Salomon Promotion Certificate within 2 days (via USPS) of R*Works receiving the above redemption form.
· Consumers can take the Salomon Promotion Certificate to redeem one pair of skis and bindings to a participating Salomon Retailer (a complete list of Salomon retailers is included in this packet).

Test Drive Incentive Details:
Consumers will receive a complimentary pair of all-day passes to Ragged Mountain Resort when they test drive a new Saab 9-3 with XWD. The passes are good for any day of the week.
· Once a consumer test-drives a new 9-3 XWD, dealerships are responsible for completing a BRC with the consumer information and faxing it to GM R*Works at 914.244.4660 (Attention: Jennifer Pollack). The form must be legible as this will be used for fulfillment.
· The day passes will then be mailed to the consumer within 2 days (via USPS) of receiving the BRCs via Fax.

In-Dealership Displays:
Dealerships will receive the following point-of-sale materials on Friday November 14th.
· 1 Outdoor Banner (vinyl with ropes/grommets for hanging)
· 3 Showroom Posters
· 3 Showroom Window Clings
Each Dealership will also receive one pair of X Wing skis for on-site display. It is strongly recommended that each dealer orders a ski rack and outfits a 9-3 with the skis.

Also included in this packet:
· Salomon X Wing Skis Purchase Incentive Redemption Form
· BRC for the Ragged Mountain test drive incentive redemption
· Complete list of Salmon Retailers
· Media Flowchart
· Program Contact Information

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