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A Historical Reference Of Known Saab EV Projects

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As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, Saab History is interested in learning more about individuals taking on the task of converting their Saab vehicles to become fully electric.

The following list has been compiled below of those that have successfully converted their vehicles to electric power. If you have successfully converted your vehicle or know someone who has, please contact Saab History to be added to this list to be showcased here.

A Reference Of Known Saab Electric Vehicle Projects

Brandon Hollinger (Pennsylvania, USA) – 1970 SAAB 96 EV

Mark Kandutsch (Maine, USA) – 1972 Saab 96 EV

Christen Johansen (New York)- 1972 SAAB 96 EV

Duke University (North Carolina, USA) – 1972 Saab Sonett III EV (Current Project Status Unknown)

Walter Kern (Connecticut) – 1974 Saab Sonett III EV (Owner Passed Away)

Mark Ward (Missouri) – 1995 Saab NG 900 EV (Ran, but project ended due to garage fire)

Seth Leitman (New York, NY)- 1998 Saab NG 900 EV

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E-85 Now Available In Washington, D.C. For The Public

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The first publicly available E-85 pump for consumers has been recently installed in Washington, D.C. and on June 28th, there was a press event held at the Georgetown Chevron on 2450 Wisconsin Ave NW in celebration this first for the Nation’s Capital. This is truly a momentous occasion.

Here is the press release below:

June 28th, 2007

e85_dc_200.jpgAll members of the NEVC, CleanFUEL USA, VeraSun Energy, and General Motors, were recognized at a Thursday, June 28 press event announcing the opening of the first E85 retail location in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Installation of E85-compatible parts and equipment provided by CleanFUEL USA satisfied the requirements of the Washington, D.C., jurisdiction and allowed the stakeholder group to receive a PE stamp to move the project to completion. According to Curtis Donaldson, president/CEO of CleanFUEL USA and chairman emeritus of the NEVC, “similar to the announcement coming from the State Fire Marshal in North Carolina a few weeks ago, public demand for E85 and other renewable fuels is driving public officials to find innovative ways to safely convert existing gasoline dispensers to use with E85. CleanFUEL USA has been at the very forefront of this process for some time and looks forward to UL defining the certification requirements throughout the United States. Until that day, we’ll continue to support the efforts to safely and uniformly convert dispensers for E85 use.

Source: CleanFUEL USA, press release

e85_prices_300.jpgAt this refueling station, there are 4 individual stations, whereby one of them includes the E85 pump itself and the price is somewhat competive to regular octane gasoline as well. Here is a zoomed in snapshot of the prices at the pump to see for yourself. E-85 shows up at $2.56/gallon and regular next at $2.90/gallon.

This press release marks a good start to expanding the E-85 infrastructure in the United States with this first publicly available E-85 pump available for the public in the Nation’s Capital.

It is finally interesting to note that this new E-85 pump is also a straight drive 5 minutes up Wisconsin Avenue from the House of Sweden as I have indicated in the map below.

The green marker indicates the House of Sweden while the red indicates the Georgetown Chevron.

Georgetown Chevron
2450 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007


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Robert J. Sinclair – The Early Years with SAAB

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Robert J. Sinclair was President of Saab-Scania of America from May, 1979 until he retired in Sept. 1991. Mr. Sinclair who has been quite active in the Saab community for a number of years since his retirement, attending Saab Owners Conventions, and other such events including the recent Saab 60th Anniversary launch in San Diego, has recently decided to kindly provide us a writeup in his own words about his early years with SAAB before he re-joined in 1979.

A thank you to Bob Sinclair for taking the time to provide this writeup in his own words, it is an honor to share this with the Saab community.

bob_sinclair.jpgRegarding my first tenure with Saab (then known as Saab Motors, Inc., of course, and headquartered at 405 Park Avenue, NYC), I signed on as a Field Sales Representative in March of 1958. The management group at that time was as follows:

President – Ralph Millet, Exec. VP – J. Bruce McWilliams, Sales VP – John Potter, Service Manager – Bob Wehman

I don’t recall the name of the parts manager, who ran the parts depot at Hingham MA.

I was the second field sales rep hired. John Goff was the first. When I joined the company, John was assigned New England. I had all the rest. “All the rest” extended west to the Mississippi; south to the North Carolina border, as Saab was very much a regional operation in the early years. There was one service dealer at Culver City CA, Lindquist Motors run by Ingvar Lindqvist. For a year or so I covered the territory in a 93B stroker.

We then hired five more sales reps, and I was called into the home office with the title of Field Staff Supervisor. Soon after that, Harvey Janes was hired as PR Manager and Jim Dailey was hired as Advertising Manager. It turned out that he was a bit overly fond of liquid luncheons, and in due course he was released and I was asked to add responsibility for the company’s advertising. I knew literally nothing about advertising.

The first thing did was walk over to a bookstore on Park Avenue and buy a book: “The Fundamentals of Advertising.” Dissatisfied with the quality of the company’s press releases, I took up the self-appointed task of editing them before they were issued. The PR Manager wasn’t exactly thrilled by this, but I left him no choice. He eventually resigned, and I took on the PR job as well. During these times the Sales Manager, John Potter, had differences with Ralph Millet and was fired. My title was changed to Acting Sales Manager…and I continued handling advertising and PR as well. As I have often commented, “Life is a learning experience.” Those few years sure were a learning experience for me, still in my 20s.

After some time passed, the parent company sent Jonas C:son Kjellberg over to be Sales Manager; the same Jonas Kjellberg who returned to Sweden a few years later, but came back as President in 1972. Soon after that, Mr. Millet got approval to move headquarters from New York City to New Haven CT. Moving to New Haven wasn’t congruent with my personal career goals, so I resigned and joined Volvo’s eastern distributor with offices across the Hudson in Englewood Cliffs NJ. My title was Ad Manager, but I soon started handling the PR function, plus distribution and a few other activities. Basically, I because Marketing Manager of the distributorship, but my title remained Advertising Manager until 1967 when I was promoted to President of Volvo’s western distributorship headquarters at Torrance CA. In 1978 I moved back to Volvo North America headquarters, then at Rockleigh NJ, as VP Marketing. I resigned one year later to re-join Saab.

Click here to visit the interview of his later years (1979-1991)

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