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The “Save Saab” Gathering In Norway

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The “Save Saab” convoy in Norway to Sweden was represented by surprisingly only 5 Saabs.

For more photos, please click here

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"SAVE SAAB" Gatherings Are Growing Around The World

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“SAVE SAAB” campaigns are growing around the world at a rapid pace following the kick-off event in Detroit that used the original idea from our friends at the Saab Club of the Netherlands.

It looks like the over Saab Clubs worldwide are beginning to organize their own “SAVE SAAB” campaign, all on the 17th of January.

I still think we should have a global Saab club organization here between the clubs because this kind of global initiative to “SAVE SAAB” is unprecedented. However, these events will be taking place after the 15th, which means they will either be a showing of celebration or solitude.

If you are planning on having an event in your region of the world that is not listed or needs updating, please contact Saab History. If you need the “SAVE SAAB” artwork for your signs, please also let me know.


Adelaid, Australia

Details as follows:

Date: Sunday 17th
Meeting place: IKEA (near Adelaide Airport)
Time: 10.00 am. Breakfast at IKEA
Plan: To drive from Ikea to General Motors Holden at Elizabeth.

This will be a peaceful rally to show solidarity with our overseas
counterparts and we don’t want to antagonize Holden workers, many of
whom are still working short shifts. We want to save Saab. We don’t want
to damage Holden.

More details at http://www.saabclub.org.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2513

Melbourne, Australia

The Date: 1.17.2010

Saab Club Members in Melbourne are planning on doing their own “Save Saab” convoy.

Please take a look at their website for more details:



After first advising that they wouldn’t be staging a gathering, the Saab fans in Bulgaria are now getting together on Sunday.

The administrator of the forum and founder of the club has posted a message which states that we will gather in front of the previous SAAB show room at 10:30 on Saturday the 16th. Then at 11:00 we’ll make a circle in front of the US embassy and head to the GM headquarter in Sofia. The convoy will be escorted by media representatives.

Details available here.


Czech Republic

Prague (Czech Republic) – Saab enthusiasts will gather between 8:30 – 9:30 in front of IKEA Cerny Most. Then they will enjoy joint breakfast at the IKEA restaurant. At 11:00 the convoy will take off and will head to the center of Prague and then return back to the parking lot in front of IKEA.

Brno (Czech Republic) – Saab fans will gather between 8:30 – 9:30 in front of central IKEA. Then they will enjoy joint breakfast at the IKEA restaurant. At 11:00 the convoy will take off and will head to the city center and then return back to the parking lot in front of IKEA.

For more details, please visit this link.


Beijing, China

Date: 1.17.2010

Approximately 50 vehicles are planned to attend this event which takes place on the 17th.

The Route: Please check the website for more details

Click here for more details:

Shanghai, China
Another event in China, unsure of the date.

Information is available here.



The Saab Club of Latvia is holding a “Save Saab” convoy.

Date: 1.17.2010

The Route: The convoy will stop at the U.S. Embassy, Riga Motor Museum and others as it attempts to attact the media.


The Netherlands


Saab Support Convoy Jan 17th, 2010, the Netherlands.

Dutch Saab-enthusiasts show Saab brand is very much alive. Saab Support Convoy intiative followed around the world.

Amsterdam, Jan 9th 2010. On January 17th 2010 over 350 Saab-owners in The Netherlands and Belgium will gather for the “Saab Support Convoy”. Within ten days, over 350 dedicated Saab drivers have joined the initiative of members of the fansite Saabforum.nl.

Even though the outcome of current negotiations is not clear, the participants of the Saab Support Convoy want to show their loyalty to the
brand and their support to employees of Saab. The initiative was quickly picked up internationally, with Saab Support Convoys now being organized in Great Britain, Sweden, Russia, Denmark and even several states in the USA.

The initiators of this event, Eric van Nimwegen and Sidney Polak, are quite amazed by the way this event has evolved. “The folks on the saabforum.nl are an enthusiastic lot, but we never could have guessed that so many of them want to make this statement,” says Eric. “It’s great to see that other countries are following our example.”

“Meanwhile, we’ve got over 35 volunteers in the organization of this event,” according to Sidney. “We want to make sure that this will be a safe and fun event, two characteristics that are usually found in Saab owners and their cars.”

The Saab Support Convoy will start from eight sublocations in the Netherlands and Belgium and gather on the Military Aviation Museum in
Soesterberg. From there on, the Convoy of 350+ Saab cars will drive to Muiden for an informal gathering.

More information about this event can be found on www.saab9k.nl/index_gb.htm and www.saabforum.nl (Dutch)

More information on www.saab9k.nl/index_gb.htm and www.twitter.com/SAABSAABSAAB
Pictures: www.pbase.com/paul_teixeira/saab (Hi-res material available on request with Lindy Dragstra).


Date: 1.17.2010

The Norwegian Saab Turbo Club are gathering for a “SAVE SAAB” event.

For more details, please visit their club website here.


Date: 1.17.2010

Press Release

Our plan is to gather at 11.00 o’clock on the 17th January at the parking near a Broadcasting Station in the Center of Warszawa. . At around 12.00/12.30 o’clock we will form a big Saab Convoy through the city of Warszawa, going to the USA Embassy , GM Head Quarter in Warszawa, the Swedish Embassy and ending aprox. 14 o’clock on the park lot near a TV-station. We had already contact with Polish media and hopefully the local media will be there.

You can find out more details at the Saab Club of Poland website and there is also a Facebook page for this event.



Ekaterinburg, Russia

Saabers of Ekaterinburg will gather on 17th at noon on Gorkogo Street to form a convoy to drive by the US Consulate.

Details available here and here.

Moscow, Russia

The Date: 1.17.2010

Russian Saab Owners 12:00 at Khodynka Airfield for meet and greet, then at about 1pm to form a convoy to drive by the US Embassy in Moscow. Discussion of the event is currently under way on Saabnet.ru Forum



At 10:00am, Saab Enthusiasts will gather for a “SAVE SAAB” group photo in front of their dealer.

For more details, please visit this link.


Two Plans


Apparently at around 11am, they will arrive at the Saab Car Museum and then sometime at around 1:30pm (13:30), a huge convoy will drive around the Saab Factory, the Saab Technical Center and so forth.


The run will begin with a meeting at IKEA parking in kungens kurva between 12 and 1pm. the drive will take in the Swedish parliament and GM’s Swedish headquarters.

The event website is here. http://forum.saabturboclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=272706




The Saab Club of Taiwan gathered this past weekend on the 10th and took some photographs. They even used the same looking signs as we had in Detroit!

United Kingdom

Press statement Save Our Saab Support Convoy UK, 17th January 2010

Participants list: http://www.uksaabs.co.uk/UKS/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=51809
Individual Saab owners from various areas meet at :
· From Midlands, Northern areas –
8.30am-9.00am M1 Jct 15a – Northampton Services (Rotherthorpe)
· From London, Kent and Essex areas –
9.00am-9.30am M25 Jct 23 – South Mimms Services
· From West, South-West areas –
8.00am-8.30am M4 between Jct 12 and 11 – Reading Services
· Proceed to Luton via M1, Jct 10
· 10.00 – 11.00 – Meeting of Saab owner convoys CAR PARKING and line up of cars
· at Stockwood Park, Discovery Centre London Road LU1 4LX Luton
· 11.00 – 12.00 – Time for meet and greet, Car Show, photo shoots, etc.
· 12.00 – > – Depart of Cavalcade for Drive by to the Saab UK Headquarters,
Griffin House Osborne Road Luton Bedfordshire, LU1 3YT
· Proceed via A505 to Imperial War Museum, Duxford
· 13.00 onwards – Arrival at Duxford Museum and line-up of 50 cars
· Best examples of 62 years Saab car history in front of Wing Co Joe’s Café
· Raffle of Saab memorabilia

07738 470117
01582 894883


United States




Saab Enthusiast Gathering Near GM Renn Center To Save Saab

On Thursday, January 7th, a deadline will expire and GM will ultimately need to decide the fate of Saab Automobile.

“Sell Opposed To Shutdown”. There are two known interested parties that have submitted bids to buy Saab, Spyker Cars & Merbanco.

As time is of the essence, Saab Enthusiasts have therefore decided to take an initiative by gathering near GM’s world headquarters in Detroit, in order to send a message to GM to “SELL SAAB”.

Saab owners and enthusiasts from the U.S. & Canada will gather near the GM Renaissance Center at approximately 1pm by showing their unwavering Saab spirit in lining up their Saabs, holding Signs, taking group photographs and speaking to the press about how important it is to sell Saab.

Since GM emerged from bankruptcy court this summer, they are now 60% owned by the U.S. Government. Saab owners, Saab dealers and U.S. taxpayers alike, all want to see Saab sold in order to preserve thousands of jobs and and nearly $500 million dollars from the 218 Saab dealerships, small business assets in the United States.

“If there are enough Saab owners and enthusiasts parked outside of the GM Renaissance center in Detroit, perhaps we could really show them how serious we are in wanting Saab Automobile to have a bright future and be sold.” says Ryan Emge, editor of SaabHistory.com, an independent promotional news site.

This timely event marks a final effort in the Saab Community to save a company that has historically seen the value in saving the lives of its customers.

What: Saab Enthusiast Gathering Near GM Renn Center To Save Saab

When: Meet On Tuesday, January 5th at noon. / Saab Car Gathering is at 1pm nearby. (Press To Attend)

Where: Lunch At GM Renn Cenn Food Court followed by Saab car gathering at the public lot at the corner of Atwater and St. Antoine alongside the bay behind GM Renn Center.

For more details, please visit: “SAVE SAAB” promotional coverage of event

Times Square, New York City (NYC)

January 24th, 2010- 10am Tappan, NY
Meet @ 10am: Exit 5S of the Palisades Parkway
Leaving @ 11am to be in the middle of Times Square
@ noon.

Please join us and show your support that
The Saab Spirit still lives no matter what the final outcome of GM’s decision.

Check out the link and register @ www.saablink.net/forum/showthread.php?t=45392

Please e-mail: airsaab@aol.com

Southern California

The Saab Club of Southern California are also doing a run in the United States following the kick-off event in Detroit.

Please contact: m.c.lawrence@gmail.com.

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Saab’s Jan Ake Jonsson Presents To Supplier Organization

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In Södertälje Sweden, the town where Saab had their former engine factory, Saab Automobile’s Managing Director, Jan Ã…ke Jonsson will be conducting a presentation titled “The Road Ahead For Saab” to FKG on Wednesday.

FKG is an automobile industry association which represents automotive suppliers. According to the FKG website, this organization was established twenty years ago and it works together with automotive supplies in other Nordic countries such as Norway and Finland. There are approximately 300 members of this organization at this tiem.

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Saab History On The Koenigsegg-Saab Announcement

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This past week was quite the monumental week and I have to tell you, it was extremely emotional for me at all levels, albeit a very positive feeling through and through.

I find it just my luck that while the news broke, I was picking up my Wife’s parents from Norway arriving at Boston Airport (the same airport I test drove the Saab 9-5 Friction Tester. a few months ago). With my in-laws, conveniently living in Norway, the same country as Koenigsegg’s buyers are from (The Eker group), although a bit North of Fredrikstad, Norway, closer to the Artic circle, I feel a two-fold visit coming this winter for business & pleasure. Now to start looking for a winning lottery ticket. 🙂

The amount of media covering the Koenigsegg-Saab memorandum of understanding was quite outstanding, but the actual “news” in terms of information was believe it or not, very small and I did my best to reflect that fact here on Saab History while keeping a healthy balance with my family. Let’s keep in mind, I strive for quality not quantity, Saab’s philosophy no doubt, a right-sized approach to doing what I do every day.

We all know the history of Saab which I continue to strive to best reflect here on Saab History over the years, now we’re learning about the history of Koenigsegg now too as result of this news last week.

This new era for Saab Automobile in 2009 has every possibility of being the greatest reflection of 60+ years of Scandinavian innovations & ingenuity and engineering prowess we’ve seen yet. What’s better is that this arrangement still up there on cloud 9 on our minds is now well positioned to fall into the markets lap. Saab Automobile has always had the product, but now we have the leadership and the capital to make the dream become reality.

Koenigegg has an excellent reputation and product portfolio and have not been on the market that many years, relatively speaking only 15. However, during that time, they have made some remarkable products and have a very distinct brand image that has been carefully developed. Their leadership and visionaries are highly desirable and one can hope that their flat-management style will transcend into the offices at Saab Automobile as well.

The questions we must ask ourselves now include many, but let’s start with the plan itself. What plan do these two companies have that will be put into action and when? What will it look like to the consumers, the dealerships and the importers all around the world? Then, when a plan is completed, when will the rubber hit the road and the public will see the results?

Since the majority of Swede’s started their vacation during the midsommar holiday this weekend, the question is, what happens from here on out with Saab Automobile & Koenigsegg? Will this momentum that hit us hot & heavy a week ago, die out over the summer? Is there more pr coming from Saab Automobile & Koenigsegg to keep it going? The final question is much like what my colleague indicated, is the onus on us, the tired enthusiasts that have been going above and beyond to keep the news moving through their websites? What is our future with the Koenigsegg-Era?

All of these questions need answers, so here’s hoping that the Koenigsegg & Saab Automobile folks are taking notes and seriously addressing these questions publicly.

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BÃ¥rd Eker of Norway, A Man With A Plan For Saab Automobile’s Turnaround Through Koenigsegg

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BÃ¥rd Eker, the Norwegian financier of Koenigsegg with his Eker Group, has recently interviewed with Sweden’s SVT on camera.

Here is a rough translated summary of this interview, again if you can provide a translation of this dialogue with SVT, we would greatly appreciate it for all of us that aren’t 100% fluent in Swedish.

This is a very positive and motivational dialogue we’ve all been waiting for, he really gets it as does his entire team at the Eker Group and Koenigsegg Automotive AB.

The Norwegian financier BÃ¥rd Eker says that the purchase of SAAB is a “boys dream”.

-We ‘ve all, had a dream that we dare not talk about and we are lucky and have the wind in its sails now.

He is reticent about the negotiating technical details.

-GM has put up a lot of money and so much money we are not supposed to use it and think we do not need to either.

He talks about the environment rather than on the funding, saying that if they get SAAB, it will be an environmental management standard.

-Everyone must think about the environment and car production must be in the forefront.

What role he will have in the future is not yet clear.

-You have to think again and bring up the old spirit SAAB had and combine it with SAAB’s culture and create products that people want. It is a very exciting challenge, “says BÃ¥rd Eker to SVT

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Sweden’s Auto Motor & Sport Launch Saabometer For Visitors To Vote On Possible Saab Automobile Buyer

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Sweden’s Auto Motor & Sport Magazine launch a “Saabometer” for visitors to choose whom they think have the best chance as the ultimate buyer of Saab Automobile AB.

Interestingly enough, Renco tops the group, without even a mention of the other U.S. investor, Ripplewood.

Magna surprisingly, who said the were interested in Opel and not interested in Saab Automobile, also continue to show up on their list.

The three I see as more lucrative are Koenigsegg/Norwegian Government, Chinese investors (Geely or BAIC) or and this is a long shot, but Fiat.

I would be surprised to see any of the U.S. investment companies as well as Magna show up as a buyer at this point from all I have heard, but again, I hope to be proven wrong here with some news as to who the buyer is sooner than later.

Here are AM&S’s rationale for their polling below.

Renco Group, 100 km / h
Strong finances – owners of AM General, Hummer manufacturer. Perhaps the most logical, even if the owner Ira Rennert has some old skeletons in the closet.

Magna International, 90 km / h
Established cooperation on the 9-3 convertible and a fancy subcontractor who wants to have its own brand. Moreover, backed by Russian investors. Canada and Sweden? Should work!

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Saab USA European Delivery Program 1957-2008

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Saab History has recently been contacted by an anonymous source indicating that the Saab Automobile USA European Delivery Program that began in 1957, the first model year for SAAB, imported to the USA, has ended officially at the end of 2008.

The fact that the European Delivery program page on Saab Automobile USA’s website is still there, is irrelevant says the source.

The program was enjoyed by many since it began and over the past few years, there have been some Saab History visitors, Frank Wulfers, Jay Klein, Seth Bengelsdorf to name a few, that have told their story including David Swanson who wrote a book about it!

Even though Saab Automobile USA maintains that they are still “strengthening their EDP program”. it is actually completely over as of last year:

This anonymous and highly credible Saab History source has also provided the following details about the program that are eye opening:

Saab AB never wanted to lose EDP. But it was a struggle from the start with GM. Their goal was to integrate all operations of Saab into GM’s systems.

After asking them for over a year GM finally agreed to have a conference and find out what EDP was all about. Management in Sweden and the US couldn’t get through to them about the profit and incremental sales. It was good for the dealers as well as GM. However, that the implementation of the program was manual became an obstacle they couldn’t get around.

The first hold on the program was not allowing sales of 2008s in May of ’07. 6 months went by then 12 and still GM hadn’t figured out a way integrate EDP into their systems. So no 2009 sales. December of ’08 GM discontinued all sales to military personnel. So, for now no one is minding the store and that’s why the “under review” remains.

Will it ever come back???? All management in Sweden that were involved with EDP have new positions within Saab AB. With no one from Saab pushing for
it, the chances are slim.

In the meantime, here were the last details of the Saab USA European Delivery Program as of 2007.

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Per Eklund Competes In Nordic Rally Cross 2009

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Photo Credit: Eklund Racing

Per Eklund, longtime Saab rally driver, who said he was determined to rally again in 2009 earlier this month, is now reported to be engaged in the Nordic RallyCross.

According to the Per Eklund fan site run by enthusiast, Mike Jager, this event will be held on four tracks, crossing Norway and Sweden beginning on May 16th and ending on August 22nd.

For more information, please visit the site directly.

Here is the calendar below of the dates:


The racing calender 2009:

1. May 16, Arvika, Sweden
2. June 20, Trondheim Norway
3. July 25, Strägnäs Sweden
4. August 22, Lyngas

For the latest news, see the official homepage: http://www.rallycrossnorden.se/

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