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The Saab Automobile Factory Continues Production Today!

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Photos Will Be Coming Soon

The Saab Automobile factory continues production today as I mentioned it would earlier, after a 4-week hiatus according to Saab Automobile as indicated on TTELA.

“The production run will also include a few all new Saab 9-5’s as well” according to Eric Geers, Saab Automobile’s Global Communications Manager.

At 8 o’clock, the first Saab 9-3 Convertible in history was built in Trollhättan, following years in Graz, Austria, and initially in Uusikaupunki, Finland. I bet the factory workers were pretty excited to built their first convertible ever in Sweden today!

In addition to the convertible, the 9-3 model range and the old 9-5 wagon will continue to be produced.

Here is the article below loosely translated:

First convertible built!

TROLLHÄTTAN amidst of all the turmoil surrounding the future took Saab Automobile in Trollhättan in to write a little company history on Monday morning.

– The first 9-3 Convertible in Trollhättan produced here today, “said Eric Geers, Communications Director at Saab Automobile.

– It was on the line at 8 o’clock.

9-3 Cab has been returned to Trollhattan, having previously been in Austria.

The start of it and other models on Monday morning came after a four-week break. It was so good it was now, a typical day at work for employees.

– We are 9-3 and one or another of the old 9-5, “said Paul Akerlund, club chairman for IF Metall.

– It can also be one of the new 9-5, “he says.

But when it is on the Test series in different pace and with more manual tasks than it could be in the future.

Parts of the tools necessary for the production of the new 9-5 is still in Germany at the Opel plant in Rüsselsheim.

While production of the drug once again in Trollhättan, Sweden on Monday morning was GM’s liquidation documents at Companies Registration Office desk in Sundsvall assessment.

– It is too early to say when we are ready to appoint a liquidator, “
said Per Nordstrom, general counsel at the SCRO.
– But it will be ready within the next few days.

Until the liquidator has been appointed managing director Jan-Ake Jonsson, Saab’s board of directors and continued control over the leadership of Saab.
The liquidation described in Trollhättan happen in an orderly manner and the aim is to achieve a so-called solvent liquidation, which means ability to pay against the creditors and customers, while the closure is done.

It is also apparent that Saab’s board of directors and CEO must not thwart a liquidation.

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Bloomberg Reports That GM May Not Decide This Week

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This morning, Bloomberg is surprisingly reporting that, GM may not decide this week.

In speaking with Saab Automobile’s union leader, Paul Akerlund, the decision may be next week. Saab History has been in touch with Mr. Muller of Spyker Cars as well very early this morning when the news broke and learned that this is quite possible.

This puts the question into play, so what about the December 31st deadline? Is that still valid and if so, is it just GM’s response that will take place next week, assuming that if a deal is to be complete, it just needs to be submitted before this date?

If a decision is made next week, would be during their monthly GM board meeting which is presumably on or around the first week of the month?

Here is Bloomberg’s article below:

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — General Motors Co. is prepared to wait beyond the end of this week before deciding on the future of the Saab brand as it reviews remaining bids, according to Paul Aakerlund, a board member at the Swedish carmaker.

GM told Saab last week that it would wind down the unit and simultaneously continue talks with bidders about a sale, said Aakerlund, who also heads the IF Metall union at Saab. Negotiations to sell Saab to Spyker Cars NV collapsed Dec. 18 and Spyker Chief Executive Officer Victor Muller blamed the failed deal partly on a “strict deadline” for an agreement by Dec. 31. The Dutch carmaker submitted a new offer on Dec. 20.

“It’s our understanding that if there’s a bid that GM finds sufficiently interesting, then the 31st of December is not a date that’s holy,” Aakerlund said in a phone interview today.

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Victor Muller Speaks Speaks To The Press In Trollhättan

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Photo Credit: Bengt Nilsson / TTELA

TTELA & Swedish Radio have recently met up with Victor Muller today at Saab in Trollhattan today.

Check out the brief comments below, and more importantly, listen to him speak about his true interest in Saab by clicking here.

This guy really wants Saab and it certainly sounds like it!

TTELA Meets Up With Victor Muller Of Spyker Cars.

Shortly after 4 o’clock on Tuesday Victor Muller, CEO Spyker cars, met with Saab. At Saab, he met with Saab’s representatives and union representatives throughout the day.

– We have come due dligence (thorough business review), that is where we are in negotiations with GM, “said Victor Muller when TTELA met up with him in the Saab port on Tuesday afternoon.

He calls the party “very cooperative”. Negotiations have been intense, as Spyker-CEO, since Sunday when the new bid was added.

– It will be extreme until 31 December when GM’s deadline expires, as it looks.

Why do you want to buy Saab?

– Because it is a brand icon status. I can see a beautiful and wonderful future for Saab.

What can you say to employees?

– We at Spyker are doing everything we can, I can assure you..

Here’s a piece from the transcript below from Swedish Radio as well.

In an interview with The voice of Saab prospective buyer Spykers CEO Victor Muller and myself secretive about who or who is behind the money in this deal.

– Our business plan is fully funded. One of the sources are the European Investment Bank, but there are many other sources, “said Victor Muller.

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Spyker Cars CEO, Victor Muller In Trollhattan Today

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TTELA reports, that Spyker Cars CEO, Victor Muller is in Trollhattan, Sweden today.

Muller met with the folks for the Saab Automobile union, IF Metall and discussed the deal with them. Evidently, all that is needed are the contracts to be completed by December 31st according to Muller.

Here’s hoping all contracts are completed and the sale is finalized. I’m sure there will be more updates today.

In the meantime, here is the article below:

Spykers president in Trollhattan

IF Metall’s chairman Stefan Löfven met Spykers president and founder Victor Muller in Trollhättan, Sweden on Tuesday and discussed the possible deal between GM and Spyker. [updated 15:40]

The meeting took place with local Metall Chairman Paul Akerlund and Union Anette Hellgren.

– We met him for a good half hour and he reported thoughts about the business plan, including financing, and how they see the production and development in Sweden. It was a good conversation and we were clear to us that it is a most serious buyers who want to do business. And now it’s hurry, “says Löfven.

– GM needs to show that they want to do business, then it also depends on the government and the Debt Office makes what is for them.

Do you consider that Spyker is a good buyer?

– Yes, with the funding is available. We want the production and development in Sweden with the Swedish management and business plan is the same as the Koenigsegg and the Saab-developed. And it was tested on the length and breadth of both the Debt Office and the Bank and the Government’s own consultants, so it is sustainable.

There is much speculation about the financing. Muller gave no information about it?

– They have, after GM broke off last week, made on the parts that GM had questions about. With it may be considered that the funding is resolved enough.

Muller reported the people behind the funding?

– I will not go into details, but now it’s between the GM and Spyker. It is important to us that GM really wants to sell because there is speculation in another direction. If all parties are now working quickly and concentrated so it may look good, “
says Löfven.

Although the Union representative Anette Hellgren was cautiously optimistic after meeting with Victor Muller.

– My perception is that he seemed to be a very enthusiastic and committed person who is eager to buy Saab.

Anette Hellgren says he is confident that much will be ready before 31 December.

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Swedish Minister Maud Olofsson Visits Saab In Trollhattan

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Photo Credit: SVT

The Swedish Minister, Maud Olofsson is visiting Saab in Trollhattan today according to TTELA

The last time she visited Saab in their home town was back on February 23rd, the day after the company filed for reconstruction, which ended up lasting six-months. […]

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The GM Board Meeting Continues Throughout Tuesday

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Photo Credit: Saab History

Trollhattan’s TTELA news organization reports that the GM Board meeting will continue throughout Tuesday.

At some point later today there may be a statement issued by GM for the press according to their news relations officer Tom Wilkinson, but as of now, there has been nothing released. In addition, it is important to emphasize that GM wishes not to hold a press conference for questions & answers, only a press release or statement.

The delegation that is at the meeting, from Saab and the Swedish government are expected to be leaving Detroit Wednesday afternoon returning to Sweden later that night.

Here’s the piece below by TTELA.

Saab’s delegation leaves on Wednesday

Trollhättan, Sweden The Swedish delegation from the Economy Ministry and Finance Ministry, headed by State Secretary Joran Hagglund, is scheduled to return home from Detroit on Wednesday night.

It says press secretary at the Ministry of Industry, HÃ¥kan Lind.

This means that the Swedish government representatives have a full day in which to further meetings after that the GM board will present its final decisions.

How long Saab Director Jan Ã…ke Jonsson stays in Detroit depends on the situation.

– What time he goes home depends on the information coming. We keep some flexibility, “says Ms Gustav on Saab’s communications department.

The board of GM meet on Tuesday morning local time, late morning Swedish time, for a meeting expected to last all day.

Paul Akerlund, chairman of the IF Metall Club at Saab Automobile, describing the mood inside the Saab factory for the decision:

– Of course it is a bit tense. But I certainly think that there is relatively good, you can surely remember that just a week ago we were more or less excluded.
He perceives the noises from Detroit as positive.

– Yes, and you can understand so we have a bit over-hand information. And I think that GM’s willingness to try to find a new owner this is truly honest. Unfortunately, time is short but there are discussions and there are very positive.

According Akerlund are a few pieces of stakeholders that GM is in talks with.

Is it still possible that GM itself chooses to retain Saab?
– Excluded is not well but I personally would not believe it, but their traces on the sale is settled.

Akerlund believe in no news from GM until late in the evening or night.
– And then I guess that it has declared that it will continue the sales process.

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Koenigsegg Group Visiting Saab Automobile Today

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Photo Credit: TTELA

TTELA reports that Christian von Koenigsegg and Bard Eker are now visiting the Saab factory in Trollhattan, Sweden to discuss this deal that they withdrew from.

It seems, that they are fully willing to tell all about why exactly they pulled out. This is for business people, quite amazing. I really hope to hear more details from them here so we can learn what’s up and why this all went down like this.

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Saab Automobile To Double Production In 2010

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TTELA reports that Saab Automobile wants to double the production at the factory in Trollhattan, Sweden beginning in the first of the new year.

Saab raises rates after the New Year

Saab Automobile will more than double the rate of production at the factory in Trollhättan, Sweden after the new year, from 100 to 220 cars per day. The increase is made from a very low level and is a first step towards a normal volume of production.

Trollhättan. Saab Automobile is planning to more than double the rate of production at the factory in Trollhättan, Sweden after the new year, from 100 to 220 cars per day.

The increase is made from a very low level. With the current pace of construction more than 30 000 cars per year. The change represents a first step towards a normal volume of production.

– We will raise the rate from week 1, and go from 13 cars per hour to 28 cars per hour, “says Paul Akerlund, chairman of the IF Metall union at Saab Automobile, the newspaper TTELA.

Today’s construction rate is so low, that the customers you have to wait too long for their new cars.

64 of the 700 persons who were dismissed from the factory this spring have been reinstated in the last month. Paul Akerlund think it needed more re-employment to cope with the growth of production, and of course hope that the factory will wind up even more during the course of next year.

Under the current forecast, Saab expects to sell about 60 000 cars 2010th

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