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Saab & Spyker Meet With Swedish Government Today

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Photo Credit: Saab History

Goteborg, Sweden’s post indicates that Spyker & Saab Automobile are in a meeting with the Swedish Government today.

The people in the meeting are indicated to be Victor Muller of Spyker, Jan-Ake Jonsson of Saab Automobile and Joran Hagglund of the Swedish Government.

Here is the article loosely translated:

Swedish government in flash meeting with Spyker

General Motors has confirmed that the Dutch Spyker is the only remaining bidder for Saab. In short, the Swedish government meet with representatives of the Dutch sports car manufacturer.

– We are aware of the schedule last December, so it’s clear that we will do everything we can to really make sure that we, as negotiation, is the date, “said Secretary of State Joran Hagglund to Swedish Radio.

On Tuesday affirmed General Motors chief executive Ed Whitacre, the two options for the Saab. Either Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker, who is said to be the only remaining bidder, over or so Saab is down.


Spykers CEO Victor Muller’s statement to the news agency, Dow Jones Newswire was more modest.

– I can not confirm that we are the only potential buyer of the Saab, but I think it is unlikely that there are other buyers left, “said Muller.

The Swedish government, which is well aware of the rough time frame, will shortly meet with representatives of Spyker. The government says it does not feel any pressure from General Motors.

– We have good cooperation with GM. We have been clear to them also about what kind of requirements we have. We want an owner of Saab, which is long and has a financial strength, “said Joran Hagglund

The government’s focus is now exploring whether Spyker has the financial resources needed to take over Saab.

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Spyker Cars Is Said To Be Favorite Amongst Bidders

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Photo Credit: Spyker Cars

According to TTELA, Spyker is said to be the favorite candidate out of the parties interested in buying Saab Automobile.

Here’s the article below, loosely translated.

Spyker said to be favorite

TROLLHÄTTAN – Updated 18:09 – Spyker Cars pulls up in pole position when General Motors is now close to deciding for whom to negotiate with the end to buy Saab Automobile, said a source told news agency TT.

According to the stakeholders that GM will be under way to choose an operator who has experience in automobile manufacturing, but on a smaller scale. It should not be a new name, but a company that has omskrivits for their interest.
The data suggest that the Spyker Cars is GM’s favorite.

The company reported discussing buying Saab in its entirety. The plans are to pursue a full-scale car production in both design and development and manufacturing in Sweden.

After GM’s board last week gave Saab a deadline to the end to find a potential buyer walked Spyker Cars spokesperson out and confirmed that it held talks with GM.

The Dutch company has several similarities with the Koenigsegg Group, who surprisingly dropped out of the store for just over two weeks ago.
Like the Koenigsegg is a small loss of weight sports car manufacturer. Spyker produces around 50 super-luxury sports cars per year. Over the past five years, the listed company has gone back every year. Last year, landed the loss of 23.8 million euros, equivalent to 250 million.

Spyker is behind the Russian financier Vladimir Antonov – which is a major shareholder in a Russian and a Lithuanian bank. There are also Arab interests through Mubadala, an investment company from Abu Dhabi, which saved the company away for bankruptcy two years ago.
Spyker Cars has today 135 employees at its facility in Zeewolde in the Netherlands. But in November the company announced that production at the end of the year should be transferred to the subcontractor CPP in Coventry in the UK cost-cutting.

From Spyker Cars is one with scant comment. Mike Stainton, the public relations company PFPR Communications, which handles media relations, neither confirm nor deny if Spyker entered deeper into negotiations with GM.

– I can not give any information about how the negotiations go, “he says.

But he insists that Spyker is still interested in buying the Saab Automobile.

– The statement from last week in which Spyker Cars confirmed to be agreed with the owner Convers Group has expressed interest in Saab, has not changed, “says Mike Stainton.

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BMW Says That Acquiring Saab Is Just A Rumor

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After receiving official responses from both TATA Motors as well as PSA Peugeot-Citroen lately, it has made me wonder if BMW is the only remaining potential buyer for Saab Automobile.


However, I just heard back from my contacts at BMW who have been in touch with BMW Headquarters in Munich, Germany and have said this is purely a rumor.

I did hear back from my colleagues in Munich. As I suspected, this is purely a rumor.

Maybe not the news you were looking for, but that’s the status.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. My father-in-law owned a two-stroke SAAB in the early 1960s. Satch Carlson, the editor of the
BMW Car Club of America magazine, “Roundel”, is still a big SAAB fan and I believe still owns a Sonnet.

Take care


BMW Corporate Communications

I should emphasize that BMW was the last possibility per Saab Automobile AB’s President Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson stating this was one of the three possibilities last month. With BMW not interested, now what? Do we guess as to who else might be interested that JAJ has not mentioned?

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