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Saab Automobile, Spyker & Swedish Government Surprised As To Why Talks Broke Down, GM Remains Silent

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Photo Credit: Scanpix / Adam Ihse (From Left: Saab’s CEO Jan-Åke Jonsson, Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson (C) and Secretary of State Joran Hagglund (C)

Sweden’s E24 covers the Press Conference that took place out in front of the Saab Automobile factory today in Trollhättan, Sweden.

From the sounds of it, there appears to be some surprise by Saab Automobile, Spyker and the Swedish Government. I guess they are all surprised because GM just dumped this on them today without any prior notice, even though they actually had until December 31st.

No one is letting the reason out about why the talks broke down today at all. We need to know and the news media will get to the bottom of it.

Here’s the piece.

2009-12-18 | Posted 15:38 | Updated 17:25

“We are very disappointed by this decision. There are many of us that wear and tear in recent months. And we thought we were well under way,” says Saab Automobile Managing Director Jan-Ake Jonsson.

Saab Automobile Managing Director Jan-Ake Jonsson is both disappointed and surprised that GM so early here that has taken the decision to close Saab.

We are surprised that GM has the final decision to liquidate and close down. I think we had come a long way with Spyker Group. The Agreement with BAIC, we also strengthened our cash and would theoretically be able to operate properly for a while, “says managing director Jan-Ake Jonsson during the afternoon press conference.

– Now we await news from GM on how it sees this settlement. It is too early to say exactly what will happen. But there is no bankruptcy or liquidation, but a settlement that will take place in an orderly manner.

– We have a stock of cars and it is important that we get the revenue to pay our debts, “he says, too.

At the same time “says John Smith, chief negotiator for GM, the goal is to close down as soon as possible.

In place in Trollhättan is also Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson and press secretary Joran Hagglund. Earlier in the day, the government pursued talks with Saab’s leadership, the union and the municipality.

As late as this morning was sitting government, GM and Spyker in the negotiations in Stockholm. There was also this morning as Maud Olofsson was told that GM intends to close Saab.

– But we were already indications of the night, “she said during the press conference.

Both Jan-Ake Jonsson and Olofsson says that it is possible that certain activities within the Saab could possibly survive in Trollhättan.

– We have many assets, not least the staff expertise, “said Jan-Ake Jonsson.

Maud Olofsson also fits that target specific criticism of Saab owners of GM.

– It seems that the GM’s side could have done more for Saab over all these years. And you should not forget the GM’s responsibility in this. They must show responsibility for their employees. How it is done may be a discussion about the negotiations with union representatives, “she says.

While she can not see how the government could have acted differently.

– We have worked to strengthen the research side. We have invested in infrastructure and helped with training. Our role is to create a climate that allows automakers that want to be here. We have also assured us that the Employment Service have enough resources and given additional resources to higher education, to vocational training and to the municipality.

Saab’s closure will not only affect Saab’s approximately 3 500 employees. According to a study Growth Board has previously done, as many as 8 000 jobs in Västra Götaland disappear when Saab closure.

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Saab Automobile Being Split Into Five Divisions

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Goteborg, Sweden’s post have just released a story that discusses the Swedish Debt office’s requirement for Saab Automobile to split up into five divisions, Powertrain, Parts, Property, Tools and Investering.

It is important to emphasize says Saab Automobile’s Eric Geers, that this was required by the Swedish Debt office as simply a requirement and not for a break-up of the company.

This process which has already been completed, has made it possible for the old Saab 9-5 tooling acquisition to be had with BAIC as recently reported. […]

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White House’s Administration Favoring Saab Automobiles?

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Photo Credit: Arild

The Washington, D.C. Politico Magazine has recently indicated that the current administration at the White House favors Saab Automobiles as noted in their sightings of Saabs, from the climate czar Carol Browner that used to own a Saab 9-5 SE, to the White House Staffer parking lot sprinked with Saabs, amongst other vehicles.

As you know, the Washington, D.C. area as I reported in my Saab Sightings, has a lot of Saabs per capita, so this no real surprise, although it’s nice to see!

With President Barack Obama showing the ailing U.S. auto industry some tough love Monday, POLITICO wondered — what’s …

… in the driveways of White House aides? A lot of foreign cars, as it turns out.

A survey of West Executive Drive, where White House staffers park, revealed only five American cars out of 23 –a Dodge Grand Caravan, two Ford Escapes, a Jeep Cherokee and a Cadillac.

The lot was sprinkled with BMWs, Mercedes, Hondas, Toyotas, Saabs, Audis, Volkswagens and a Volvo.

Obama himself owns a Ford Escape Hybrid (apparently sitting in Chicago), according to his press secretary Robert Gibbs, who said he drives a gray Ford Escape.

As for Obama’s presidential task force on the auto industry, The Detroit News reported what many of them drive when the task force formed. The News said:

Timothy Geithner owns a 2008 Acura TSX and once owned a 1999 Honda Accord, as well as a 2002 Acura MDX.

Larry Summers owns a 1995 Mazda Protégé and previously owned a 1996 Ford Taurus GL.

Peter Orszag owns a 2008 Honda Odyssey and a 2004 Volvo S60, and he previously owned a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 1982 Datsun.

“Climate czar” Carol Browner has recently said she doesn’t own an automobile, although she used to own a 1999 Saab 9-5 SE.

Energy’s Steven Chu’s wife told the Free Press that he doesn’t own a car.

The vice president’s economist Jared Bernstein owns a 2005 Honda Odyssey.

Obama’s economic adviser Austan Goolsbee owns a 2004 Toyota Highlander.

Midwest recovery chief Ed Montgomery owns a 1991 Harley-Davidson and previously owned a 1990 Ford Taurus L station wagon.

Gene Sperling, counsel to the Treasury secretary, owns a 2003 Lincoln LS, and previously owned a 1993 Saturn SL2.

A search by POLITICO on Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood shows he owns a 1997 Buick Regal and a Ford Escape Hybrid. He previously owned a Cadillac Deville.

Records could not be found for Christina Romer and Gary Locke.

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