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Alix Partners Member Part Of Original Reconstruction Team

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Stephen J. Talyor of Alex Partners has been indicated by Sweden’s Dagen’s Industry as being part of this team to “wind down Saab”, but on the other hand strangely enough, he was also part of the reconstruction team last year to “Save Saab”.

This is really getting quite strange indeed.

Here’s a bio about Stephen Taylor

taylorStephen brings over twenty years of experience as a specialist in international business recovery and insolvency, serving clients across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His industry expertise includes textiles, manufacturing, retail, and real estate. He also has experience in various Asian markets.

Prior to joining AlixPartners, Stephen was the Eurofirm Business Recovery Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In that role, he assisted clients by analyzing their market positions and cost structures, determining appropriate benchmarks and milestones, negotiating debt and capital structures, and identifying both quick wins and longer-term strategies. He is well known for challenging orthodoxy in the search for better solutions, and strongly believes that the traditional approaches found in many European countries are sub-optimal for ailing companies and economies. He led some of the first corporate cases under the European Insolvency Regulation to arbitrage the differences in bankruptcy law between the countries of Europe. He has also advised international political and financial institutions on the development of best practices in the field of insolvency and business recovery, including The World Bank Group, The European Commission, the Commonwealth Development Corporation, and several governments.

A frequent speaker throughout the world, Stephen is the author of the chapter on international insolvency in the Handbook of Credit Management, and a contributing editor to both Kluwers International Corporate Rescue and the Global Restructuring Yearbook (Euromoney). He is also a consulting and contributing editor for the latest edition of the highly successful European Restructuring and Insolvency Guide (White & Page) published in 2005.

Stephen is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Fellow of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3), and is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, INSOL Europe, and INSOL International. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music with honors from the Royal Holloway College, London University.

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The Business Plan To Take Saab Automobile Up Market

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“Upmarket (or high-end) commodities are products, services or real estate targeted at high-income consumers.”Wikipedia

Dagens Industri has recently posted what they believed to be a heavily summarized version of Saab Automobile’s new business plan.

This business plan effectively lists three phases of the plan, with the intent that by the final phase, the company will be fully transformed into an up market automotive manufacturer.

Saab History unlike many media outlets and blogs, decided to verify this information with official channels before communicating or speculating about it here online for the global public.

In my correspondence with folks at Saab Automobile AB, I have received responses from them stating that they cannot comment on this report. I would have liked to hear that it was either false, or had some truth to it. However, I did hear that “business plans can change” which leads me to believe that if this plan is in fact authentic, there could be some modifications to it as things progress and markets change, etc. If the plan is not authentic, then it really doesn’t matter what was in this list because we have no real idea if it’s authentic or not.

I can actually say that I believe this was just someone’s speculative editorial from Dagens Industri, from what I’ve learned from other insiders over the past week.

So, why am I posting this you may ask if I don’t believe it’s really authentic? Well, I think that for historical sake, it should be noted because who knows, maybe down the road the plan in part, could see the light of day and we’ll have a time stamped record of it here on Saab History for our reference.

Here are the phases from Dagens Industri of what they believe Saab Automobile’s business plan.

The 3 phases for Saab:

2010-2011: present phase

* 115.000 cars sold gives break-even financially

* Average price per car: 189.000 SEK / €18.3034/ $27,102.15 USD

2012-2015: transformation phase

* 80.000 sold cars gives break-even financially

* Average price per car: 208.000 SEK / €20.143 / $29,874.40 USD

* New models including a 9-5 Koeningsegg Edition

2016 – : premium phase

* 65.000 sold cars gives break-even financially

* Average price per car: 280.000 SEK / €27,160.26/ $40,215.54 USD

* New models including a New 900

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The Saab Automobile AB Reconstruction Team

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The Saab Automobile AB Reconstruction team was appointed by judge Cecilia Tiselle at the Vänersborgs court on February 20th, and include four people directly responsible for the future of the company.

It should be known that the details of this reconstruction process does not actually involve the Saab Automobile AB Management board nor the Swedish Government, it’s just the reconstruction team themselves.

I am hopeful that this team will pull it off, they’ve already met the April 6th milestone according to court documents, and so it seems there is a good chance that they will meet May 20th’s as well unless they feel they need an extension.

Here are some brief summaries of the team for our reference.

Jan Ã…ke Jonsson – Saab Automobile CEO.

Jan Ã…ke Jonsson, Saab Automobile AB President since 2005 continues to lead the company through reconstruction.

2005 – Managing Director of Saab Automobile
2002 – 2005 Sales & Marketing, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Saab Automobile
2002 – 2002 Executive Director and Vehicle Line Executive, Commercial vehicles, GM Europe
1997 – 2002 Vehicle Line Executive, Trucks/Vans/Mini-segment, GM Europe
1995 – 1997 Director, Business Unit 9000/9-5, Saab Automobile
1993 – 1995 Vice President, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Saab Automobile […]

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Saab Sighting Of The Week “Saab Automobile USA Communications Director’s 9-5 SportWagon”

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Photo Credit: Jan-Willem Vester/ Saab Automobile USA

Jan-Willem Vester, the Communications Director for Saab Automobile USA, since replacing Kevin Smith in 2004, has kindly provided Saab History a wonderful photo of his 2004 9-5 Wagon CPO for the Saab Sighting Of The Week.

He has also provided us a little insight into his background with Saab and how he acquired this beautiful 9-5!

Thank you Jan-Willem for your contribution!

First and foremost, my European background has provided us with many postive experiences with Stationwagons as they tend to offer plenty of useful extras – often including better looks — on the same “real estate” as a comperable sedan. Having started with a couple of C900 5-doors (’79 GLs and ’84 GLi), I’ve been looking forward to a true full-size Saab wagon for my growing family – so, when the 9-5 was announced with that beautifully extended body designed by Simon Padian, I sort of knew that over time, I had to have one.

This 2004 2.3T Arc was offered as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle in early 2007 by Saab of Lakeside in Macomb, Michigan. The records showed that this very car had started its life as a display vehicle for Saab Cars USA prior to my assignment here, and may have been shown at the 2003 Owners Convention and other publicity events. True its calling, this car has almost every available option including the 17-inch sport wheel package, giving it a sporty and unique appearance. The Laser Red paint is also rather rare on a 9-5, I believe, and almost litterally puts the Sport in this Wagon. Plus, absolutely ideal of course when presenting it to my wife and three kids on the occasion of Valentine’s day — love on first sight!

On the practical side, the car is always very visible even in Michigan’s most dreary weather, attributing to its safety appeal as daily transportation for my most precious cargo. In the past two years of ownership, our 9-5 quickly became a valued family member and hasn’t missed a beat under any of the circumstances it has been exposed to. Regular service at Saab of Troy as the 30,000 mile mark passed by uneventfully last summer, wasn’t cheap but definitely worth it as the car got fresh fluids all over and immediately felt ready for the next 30,000 miles — and then some… Clearly, this 9-5 still has lots of life left in it, and we look forward keeping it in our family as long as we can imagine. So if you happen to toy with a similar idea, we can certainly recommend it!

Jan-Willem Vester
Manager, Saab Automobile USA Corporate Communications

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The Status of The General Motors Renaissance Center

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Photo Credits: Saab History (Jan 2008)

As you may or may not know, the General Motors Renaissance Center is the headquarters for Saab Automobile USA and not North America as Saab Automobile Canada is located Oshawa, Ontario Canada and Saab Automobile Mexico is Mexico City, Mexico.

In the last few days, there have been a few blogs, one being autoblog and another that I will refrain from indicating, apparently misinforming people about the status of the General Motors Ren Center.

With this misinformation, I have decided to take the initiative and flat out ask the folks at GM what the status is of the Renaissance Center in Detroit (Saab Automobile USA’s Headquarters).

From rapid response I received, I am glad to hear that Saab Automobile USA’s office won’t be relocating because they’ve moved a lot over the years in their leased facilities from New York City (1956), to New Haven (1961) & Orange, Connecticut (1971) to Norcross, Georgia (1992) and finally to the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan (2004).

I leave you with the official statement about the Renn Cenn from Tom Wilkinson Director, GM News Relations

GM’s Worldwide Real Estate operations has been exploring options for monetizing the Ren Cen, a fancy word for borrowing money against the value of the building. This is a common practice for companies that don’t want to tie up large amounts of capital in real estate. The company can invest the capital in the business, and pay back the investors with income from the property.

The previous financing package on the building, initiated in 2003, expired in May 2008. At that time, GM said it would pursue a new financing opportunity when the credit and real estate markets allowed.

Because one type of financing alternative is structured as a lease-buyback, the media reported that GM was considering selling the Ren Cen.

GM has no intention of moving its corporate headquarters from its present location in Detroit. We will continue to explore financing options for the property, although the current credit and real estate markets make the timing for such a deal uncertain.

Tom Wilkinson
Director, GM News Relations

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