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Saab Employees Rally At Saab Factory In Trollhättan

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Photo Credits: TTELA & GT

Thousands of Saab Automobile employees finally gather outside of the Saab Factory in Trollhättan, Sweden today according to TTELA & GT.

The protesters are carrying signs, including the “SAVE SAAB” logo I provided to some of them in an e-mail last night. Their sign however includes this but they added “SAVE SAAB from Ganster Motors, a play on GM”. Creative!

I’m glad our “SAVE SAAB” campaign in Detroit took off and inspired others around the world including Saab clubs and now Saab employees.

Good for them, send your message loud and clear!

Here’s TTELA’s story followed by GT’s below.





Thousands manifested outside Saab

TROLLHÄTTAN Save Saab, Saab save, save Saab!
Several thousand Saab employees gathered outside the main gate at noon to send a message to the owner of General Motors.
– Show us that you deliver what you promised!

For unions call down near 3 000 Saab employees up to a demonstration at 12 noon today. All left their jobs and marched out to the main gate. Banners reading “Saab has a soul, GM”, “Save Saab” and “General failure take” appeared in the crowds.
– We still believe in this and have constant contact with the bidders, “said Annette Hellgren, chairman of the Union, just before the demonstration started.

And people were furious at GM.

– It is pure torture from GM’s side, “said Rune Olsson, who worked 25 years at the factory.
The manifestation was short, but afterward sent the trade union representatives off a letter to GM’s CEO Ed Whitacre with an appeal to sell Saab


Banners outside the factory spoke for themselves: “SAVE Saab from GM – Gangster Motors”, “Saab has a soul, the GM?” And “save jobs at Saab.”

– All are here, all 3 500 workers, both factory workers and officials, “says Borje Andersson, GT’s reporter on the spot.

During the manifestation of the letter was read out, in which the staff addressed to GM’s chief executive, Ed Whitacre.

– The letter requires the employees to GM will take responsibility for their employees and sell Saab.

They are demanding that GM will demonstrate the confidence of the employees, being a good employer, “said GT’s Borje Andersson.

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Spyker Cars Says EIB Loan Is Biggest Problem

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Bloomberg reports that Spyker CEO, Victor Muller says that the European Investment Bank (EIB) loan is their biggest problem.

Evidently, this is the most time consuming aspect of the entire deal for the company. In addition, the CEO also indicates that the EU and the Swedish National Debt Office are also slow to move on things.

What I am concerned with is that most of these places are entering the holiday season at this time, so will they be even slower? When you hear a quote from the EIB stating that ” It’s possible that the European Commission will reach a decision this month” , it makes you wonder if they really care to get this resolved by December 31st? If they don’t grant the loan before then, and the deal is not signed immediately following the loan being granted, it’s over.

Furthermore, one would have thought that all of these parties would have been motivated to work harder, faster & smarter since the Koenigsegg failed due to all of these parties moving slower to begin with. We can’t have a repeat of the same process again, only to be bottle necked again by the same slow-moving bureaucracies.

Here’s hoping that the EIB, EU and the SNDO can get their act together ASAP.

Spyker CEO Says EIB Loan Is Biggest Saab Deal Hurdle (Update1)

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — Spyker Cars NV’s plan to buy General Motors Co.’s Saab unit hinges on the European Investment Bank approving a loan before the end of December, the Dutch luxury-car maker’s chief executive officer said.

GM and Spyker are not the “potential problem for this transaction,” Victor Muller said in a phone interview from his home in Amsterdam today, adding that winning EIB support before year-end is the biggest obstacle. So far, the European Union’s lending arm has sent “neutral signals” on approving a 400 million-euro ($574 million) loan that is key to the sale and which the Swedish government must guarantee, said Muller.

“It’s mainly now down to the government agencies,” Muller said. “That’s really the main issue. We’re getting lots of support from the Swedish government.”

Spyker, the maker of $235,000 sports cars, emerged as the frontrunner to buy Saab this month after Koenigsegg Group abandoned its bid on Nov. 24. GM’s Chief Executive Officer Ed Whitacre said on Dec. 15 that the Detroit-based carmaker will shut the unit if it doesn’t reach a deal with Spyker by the end of this month. GM has separately agreed to sell some technologies for Saab’s 9-3 and 9-5 models to Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co.

The EIB was not immediately available for comment.

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