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Saab CEO,Jan Ake Jonsson Greeted Upon Return To Saab

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TTELA reports that Jan Ã…ke Jonsson received a warm greeting upon his return back to Saab in Trollhattan, Sweden.


Photographer: Roger Larch / TTELA

Saab CEO was hailed by its employees

CEO Jan Ã…ke Jonsson was welcomed back to Saab after his U.S. trip. There were many who wanted to show their appreciation, among other things, he got an armful of roses.

This morning, Trollhattan, Saab’s managing director Jan-Ake Jonsson back to work – and got a real surprise. Several hundred members of staff had gathered at the main gate to pay tribute to him.

– Thank you. Here we go hard, “said a noticeably touched Jonsson before he went into the building.

Hanna Svensson

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Saab Automobile AB Allowed To Continue Reconstruction Until May 20th

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Photo Credit: Roger Larch/ TTELA

TTELA Reports that at the judge, Cecilia Tisell of the Vänersborgs District Court has given the go ahead for Saab Automobile AB to continue their reconstruction process until May 20th.

This is good news, please read the translated version below:

April 6, 2009

Session Hall in Vänersborgs kommunshus was well-filled, but the 250 seats was enough well to. The massive anstormingen of creditors did not happen. Photo: Roger Larch
The reconstruction can continue

Vänersborgs District Court announced BY twelve o’clock that Saab’s reorganization will continue, but only until the May 20. A creditors’ committee is appointed, and this included the representatives of the creditors are General Motors, IAC Sweden, Tax and a staff included.

On Monday the creditors’ meeting will take place from the floor in Vänersborgs town hall.

The media interest was very high and reporters and photographers took up several rows from the floor in Vänersborgs kommunhus when the creditors’ meeting took place during Monday morning. The representative of the creditors took up a handful of rows with ten seats on each. The massive influx of over 1 300 creditors did not happen.

President of the Court of Cecilia Tisell started to go through what is applicable to today’s meeting. That creditors may request that a creditor committee is appointed. Creditors can also make a requirement that it be terminated, if they do not believe in the new reorganization plan.

When the creditors’ meeting was closed after just one hours, none of the creditors’ representatives demanded that the reconstruction would cease. In contrast, the number who felt that a creditors’ committee should be formed.

The administrator Guy Lofalk explained that there are several stakeholders who want to invest in Saab. The next step is now a long presentation of the company for these stakeholders.

Saab introduced its timetable, which the company intends to request an extension on the construction of three months when the time expires May 20. Saab will also require negotiation chords which calls for creditors write down the debt by about 75 percent. Such thinking Saab to June 17.

GM has promised to write-down of debt, and that Saab will get access to the necessary tools to build the new cars.

Saab Jan Ã…ke Jonsson’s main argument for Saab to be alive is that there are several new models which in principle is clear. With them he thinks Saab before 2013 can reach volumes of 130 000 cars a year.

Marcus Nyman, CEO of IAC Sweden, a major subcontractor to the automotive industry, was one of the creditors who gave the reorganization continued its support. He believes in Saab’s plan:

– That I have been able to see the operational and financial here today it is an extremely positive plan. With a new owner can take this further and create a profitable Saab and a profitable sub-clusters, “he says.

– Saab is an extremely important customer for IAC. We are dependent on their future employment and activities in Sweden. It is important for the region and the whole of Sweden that Saab is on the market.

– We support the further reconstruction to one hundred percent.

While he expressed concern about what happens to the tools to build the new models of General Motors’s insolvency.

IAC, which has done away with many of the staff because of the current crisis, still has a claim on the Saab in the multi-millions as Marcus Nyman. Although GM has said that it paid the majority of providers who had claims on the Saab before reconstruction.

– We have not received the full amount from GM that was said from the beginning, “he says.

What do you think of that it looks as if GM treats subcontractors different?

– It may be GM answer. It can be an administrative error that has occurred.

He understands the requirement of chords, but hope to avoid.

– We hope that GM solves the remaining claim. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to take such a blow, “he says.

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Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA Report On Saab Automobile AB’s Board Meeting This Morning

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Photo: Roger Larch / Archives

Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA much like SVT did earlier, has covered Saab Automobile’s CEO Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson leaving the board meeting today. He and everyone else at Saab are quiet about what is going on from what we know.

One thing that is interesting and hopefully not revealing, is the mention by one of TTELA’s staffers that wrote this column, that Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Employment Authority. When I lived in Trollbäcken, Sweden back in 2003-2004 and was looking for some part-time work in addition to my current responsibilities, I was told to go here. I wonder if they are merely going to be there for a support role. This is interesting indeed.

I have sent some inquiries to both Saab Automobile AB, TTELA as well as Arbetsförmedlingen in hopes of some further clarification on this. I will keep you posted!

Here is the piece below:

Saab’s board, among Saab’s CEO Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson, has been in session during the day. But what is discussed at the meeting, is a secret.

TROLLHÄTTAN The meeting Saab’s board had in the day has been postponed indefinitely. This is confirmed by the two unions and the IF Metall union to TTELA. Why the meeting is adjourned has no wish to comment.

“No comment.”

It is the reply from Saab on Thursday. The Board has been in session and discussed the future fate

Sources from the unions have confirmed to TTELA and other media that a meeting takes place during the day. It is a meeting with the video link where GM Europe boss Carl Peter Forster is the chairman.

– I can not comment on it, “Troedsson Annicka of Saab’s information department.

And not much else either.

During the day, the European Investment Bank confirmed that Saab has submitted an application for a loan. However, General Motors is not creditworthy, according to the Bank. In order to grant loans require government guarantees.

Arbetsförmedlingens chef Angeles Bermúdez-Swan Kvist will visit Trollhättan to inform themselves about the situation.

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Saab Automobile’s CEO Jan Åke Jonsson Held Press Conference at the Saab Factory This Morning

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Foto: Roger Larch

According to Trollhattan’s TTELA Newspaper, Saab Automobile AB’s CEO Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson Held a Press Conference At the Saab Factory this morning stating that we are on board with a plan, GM is on board with us on the plan, but we still need to convince the Swedish Government of this plan to turn us into an independent business.

Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson went as far as to say that you should probably also contact the Maud Olofsson to tell her your position as well because you are the taxpayer, referring to the people of Sweden in that regard.

I have already gone ahead and setup a contact page so that you can get your message to Maud Olofsson regardless of you are Swedish or not.

Below is a translated piece from the press conference:

Saab’s CEO Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson received the press at Saab in Trollhättan, during Wednesday morning. Photo: Roger Larch
Saab-vd: n believe in a solution

TROLLHÄTTAN Saab’s CEO Jan Ã…ke Jonsson still believe that you should find a solution to the Saab crisis. That was the message at the morning press conference at Stallbacka.

Jan-Ã…ke Jonsson wants to make Saab into a independent business.

It was a stressful and certainly tired Saab-president who received the media at Saab’s main port at 8:30 this morning.

In addition to the press is hard on him, it can be assumed that he came to the meeting with a few hours sleep in the body.

While Saab-management course had followed the night’s press conference from Detroit, where GM did announce that Saab are sorted out into a separate company.

GM made no secret of the solution requires financial support of the Swedish Government.

– Our plan was to create a more independent Saab. It is a good plan – the Saab, for GM and for Sweden, “says Jan Ã…ke Jonsson.

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