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The Saab 97 (Sonett II) 1966-1969

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile USA

The Saab 97 (Sonett II) first debuted at the Geneva Motors Show in March of 1966. This vehicle began production at the Arlöv, Sweden ASJ factory which formerly built locomotives, where there were only 28 Sonett II two-stroke models made, 25 production and 3 pre-production in the first year. In 1967, the Sonett II became the Sonett II V4, up until it ended production in 1969.

The Sonett II was derived from two designs, both the MFI-13 as well as Catherina.

This model was first made famous much like the previous 96, by Erik “On the Roof” Carlsson in a modified car in a rally called the Coupe De Alpes in 1966.

This model for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:

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