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For Sale: Saab History’s Saab Historical Book Collection

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Photo Credit: Saab History

I have put together this entire 44 book collection together over the past 10 years and would like to ensure it goes to a good home.

Interested parties, please contact Saab History at your earliest convenience.

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A Rare Saab Engine Concept From The Seventies

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Photo Credit: Saab Car Division of Saab-Scania

This photo was provided to Saab History a few years ago and today I have decided to let it surface.

I am hoping that anyone that is familiar with this concept, can help share their knowledge about what it is exactly, why it was developed, etc.

In the meantime, we can add this engine to the list of the many engines that never came to be included in production cars. These engines consist of the 9-cylinder steam engine developed the same decade, the Saab V-8 concept in the late eighties as well as two other engine concepts developed in the early 2000’s, those being the SVC and SCC engine concepts three decades later.

If there are other engines developed, that never surfaced, I would be interested in learning more about those as well!

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SAAB SCANIA – “Leaders in Technology” 1989

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On the topic of SAAB-SCANIA 1969-1989, I managed to find a film that specifically outlines each of the divisions of the company such as Aircraft, Saab Car Division, Scania Division and Combitech and Enertech. Enjoy the film and let me know what you think.

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Saab Car Divisions Secret Saab-Scania V8 Project In 1989

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Photo Credit: Raimo

According to a Saab History frequent visitor, Ivor M, the Saab Car Division worked with Saab-Scania to produce their first V-8 engine, effectively two combined 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engines in 1989.

He’s actually be in touch with one of the original design engineers responsible for the production of this engine! Great work Ivar! Although this is an interesting project, I believe it’s probably best that it was not given the green light because it would go against Saab’s philosophy of “rightsizing” anyways.

I have spoken with the test driver, design engineer and the person responsible for the production (all the same person) of totally 10 engines from SisuDiesel in Linnavouri.

Only 2 were assembled. 8 engines went back to SAAB Valmet factory and according to Valmet today, they have no parts or tools for casting left and they do not know what happened with the parts after the project was shut down by GM.

The engine had a specially made gear box and it will be very difficult to reproduce this engine again.

I will search more in Finland, if somebody assembled more engines from the parts of the remaining 8 engines.

Best Regards

Ivar M

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