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Spyker C8 From 2003 Le Mans Arrives At Saab Car Museum

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Photo Credit: Ola Bolander

It has been extremely quiet from the Saab Car Museum recently, however today, Saab History has heard from Ola Bolander at the museum who has kindly shared a photo of a new vehicle that has been displayed.

Here’s Ola’s note from the museum below.

Here is the latest news from the museum, about an hour ago something new came for a visit in the exhibition, the Spyker C8 Double 12 that ran in Le Mans 2003.

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Saab History Receives Group Photo From Saab Museum

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Photo Credit: Ola Bolander

Saab History has just received a great bird’s eye photo from the Saab Car Museum showing the group that gathered yesterday listening to Jan Åke & Victor Muller’s thank you speech to the employees at Saab Automobile AB.

What a great photo and what a great day. Thank you Ola for the photograph!

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Victor Muller and Jan Åke Jonsson Meet At Saab Museum Tomorrow At Noon To Talk To Saab Employees

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Victor Muller and Jan Åke Jonsson Meet At Saab Car Museum Tomorrow At Noon To Talk To Saab Employees.

If you are in the United States and watch to watch this coverage, it’s 6am on the East coast, and 3am for you night owls on the West.

2010-01-26, updated at 22:15

Employees welcome to the general assembly outside the museum

All employees are invited to a summit with Victor Muller and Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab Car Museum off at 12.00 tomorrow, Wednesday. Production stopped at. 10:30 for all employees throughout the company to get to the museum. Production resumed on Thursday morning, the usual time. Sodexho will be in place and serve hot drinks and cake as long as there is enough.

NOTE that the parking possibilities are very limited if not non-existent at the museum. We therefore ask you to park some distance from the museum and walk the last bit. Park wherever possible. Do you live in Trollhättan and running, it is good if you can park at home and take you to the museum by public transport or on foot.

Restaurant is open at 10:30 as usual. Although turbo-dining room, open 10:30 for those who want to satisfy your hunger before they get to the museum.

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Saab History's Reaction To The Media Reports Today

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It’s amazing, the day began with some nice wake up calls learning that the Swedish Government & GM would be having meetings and a press conference respectively.

Then, I began to hold off from much of anything and learned that the day’s activities were no different than they were on Friday despite all of the irrelevant news.

Here’s how the rest of the day went:

* Saab History learned that Victor Muller of Spyker Cars is still in Stockholm, and was not travelling to the Saab Car Museum as previous reports stated

* Saab History also heard that there is no Spyker Car being delivered to the Saab Car Museum, and therefore that rumor is false.

* Spyker Cars made a statement about the media reports today citing that negotiations on the Saab sale process continue.

* Almost immediately following this, we learned from the Swedish Government that nothing related to Saab was discussed at their meeting today

* Finally, no Saab related news took place at the GM Press Conference. as GM’s new permanent CEO, Ed Whitacre said that “GM has not changed their mind on the wind down on the operation of Saab, but indicated advanced talks, and said that there is no deal to be announced this morning.” and secondly, no members of the press asked any questions about the ongoing negotiations with Saab at all.

Today, was effectively a non-event fueled by the media covering other reports originating with Sweden’s SVT’s rapport. I’ve contacted SVT regarding this and it almost sounds like a retraction is in order.

However, at the time of this posting, GENII concedes their bid for Saab, leaving Spyker as the sole final bidder for Saab, unless the Nygren-Samuelson bid still stands.

I hope for some completion of the Spyker sale process for Saab with GM this week.

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European Saab Clubs Plan Convoy To Trollhättan

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The Saab Club of The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden are all planning a group convoy of Saabs to drive to Saab Automobile’s facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden on January 17th, 2010.

Apparently at around 11am, they will arrive at the Saab Car Museum and then sometime at around 1:30pm (13:30), a huge convoy will drive around the Saab Factory, the Saab Technical Center and so forth. The folks in the Netherlands are also planning on finishing their trip at the Spyker factory in their home country upon their return.

The idea apparently behind this is to get a lot of press to show up to see the visual support of the car company. While I see this as a good idea, I have to stop and consider two things that are critical to this grassroots initiative.

1) Timing If a deal is to be completed by next week on January 7th, why would this event need to take place 10 days later?

2) Location I wonder why they are choosing to drive to Saab’s headquarters, what’s the point?

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Happy Holidays From Peter At The Saab Car Museum

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Peter Bäckström of the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan sends us a Happy Holidays card.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Peter Bäckström & his colleagues at the Saab Car Museum

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Saab Employee Showcases Final Saab Of The Year Produced At Saab Factory in Trollhättan, Sweden

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Photo Credit: Gary Car Wheels

On the website, Gay Car Fans, they have received photos from a Saab employee stating that this is the final Saab car to leave the Saab factory for the year. This photo was taken as production at the factory stopped for 4-weeks until it ramps back up after the first week of January.

This car is a 2010 model year Saab 9-5 SportCombi 2.3T as seen in the photos that clearly look like it was taken by a cell phone camera. I thought cell phone cameras were not allowed in the factory? I remember when I took the tour in 2007 during the Saab Festival, we all had to put our phones in a box before the tour began and pick them up after. Perhaps employees are allowed to?

This vehicle should be placed in the Saab Car Museum regardless, as it is a piece of Saab History!

Here is the quote from the individual that posted the photo.

9-5_rearYes,basically there are two option for a “final car” as i see it. Vehicles that has not yet begun it process in any of the assembly shops (body,paint and general/finish assembly) can not be included even if there is an order/VIN number etc.

I dont know why i couldn’t post my message, becuase i explained it there.

The first one, is the final car that is currently standing at the final gate on the driven line. It is about 2 meter left in order to falling of the line. It’s completed,but not tested and verifed. So when the cars has been tested and verified there once again a option for finding the “final car made”.

The car that is standing infront of the verifed once,ready to burn out from the factory and heading towards the seller is what i would call “THE FINAL CAR MADE”

Here it is on a photo (again sorry for the poor quality on these)

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Spyker Cars Visits Saab Headquarters In Sweden

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Photo Credit: Sebastian LaMotte / TTELA

Spyker Cars have been noticed visiting Saab Automobile’s headquarters in Trollhattan Sweden yesterday, according to TTELA.

It looks like the group from Spyker were getting a tour of the facilities while meeting with Saab Automobile leadership including Jörgen Nylén who drove them in a Saab 9-3x

I am really hoping that Spyker cars can seal the deal and fast.

Spyker cars visited Saab

TROLLHÄTTAN Here is picture proof that the Dutch Spyker Cars is one of the stakeholders who are still in the picture to buy Saab. Yesterday, the company was on a visit to Trollhattan to take a closer look at Saab.

It has been speculated frequently in recent days about the stakeholders who is still in discussions to buy Saab, and which ones have fallen away.

Koenigsegg Group’s defection opened for new entrants. Such is the Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker Cars, which in early December came in as a new hot candidate to take over Saab.

As TTELA said last week, Spyker has confirmed on its website that its major shareholder Convers Group in the back, negotiating with GM to buy Saab.

And Spyker Cars is demonstrably still under discussion. For last Tuesday, while the Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson (C) and Minister for Employment, Sven Otto Littorin (M) held a press conference in City Hall Trollhättan, were representatives from Spyker Cars arrive at the Saab Car Museum in conjunction with representatives from Saab’s leadership.

One of them was Hans Go, Controller and Board of Spyker, who stepped out of a car driven by Jörgen Nylen. Probably got Spyker Cars is the same review of Saab as a dozen other stakeholders, including the Koenigsegg Group, received last spring.

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