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Saab History Welcomes Back Cherry Hill Saab As Sponsor

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Photo Credit: Cherry Hill Saab

Saab History is pleased to welcome back Cherry Hill Saab as a longtime sponsor and advertiser.

As you know, Cherry Hill Saab has recently received their first shipments of 2010 Saab 9-3 convertibles, and in the near future their 9-3x models will arrive along with the all new 9-5 models later this summer.

Cherry Hill Saab is very excited to join the new Saab Cars North America organization to provide new products to their existing customers while also welcoming back those that have left the brand during the previous era.

As a company that is very familiar with premium products, they look forward to this new era of Spyker owned Saab Automobile.

Here’s a brief history and summary of Cherry Hill Saab.

Classic Cars Auto Group started in 1978 as a family owned and operated business here in Southern New Jersey. The Saab Franchise was acquired by us in 1981. It was started in a 3500 square foot Showroom on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Over the years it grew and was moved to our current location, a state of the art facility housing both the Saab and Jaguar Franchises.

Saab has always been one of the group’s mainstays. Building on Customer Satisfaction and referrals, we are now known as the place in the Tri-state area to come for a Saab. We have grown with the Saab Company here in the United States, and offer Sales, Service, and Collision Services.

Our Saab Trained Sales Staff has over 100 years experience in the Automotive Business and will strive to assist you in getting the car that certified. They will listen to you. Not only what options and colors you want, but also what your needs are. They will suggest the best vehicle for you. Then they will work with you to tailor a payment option that makes sense. We stock more than 80 Saabs, so that you have a full array of choices, all available for immediate delivery.

After you take delivery, that’s when we really go to work. Our service staff can assist you with your every need, whether it is a question about the functionality of your car, a scheduled maintenance, or a major repair. We offer a comfortable waiting area with WI FI Connectivity, wide-screen Television and even a Cappuccino Machine. If you need to be somewhere we also have a shuttle service, or can arrange for a car for you to drive while your car is being repaired.

We welcome everyone into our family. As a member, feel free to call for advice, talk about your current car or perhaps discuss the purchase or lease of a New or Pre-Owned Vehicle. Or stop by, we would by happy to see you in person and try to help. You’ll find that Cherry Hill Classic Cars is truly a unique car ownership experience. Our enthusiasm for both the Saab product and our customers makes us the Number One place to do business.

Cherry Hill Classic Cars
2000 Route 70 East
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Phone: 1-856-424-5300

Fax: 856-424-2057


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Saab Cars North America Continues Onstar Program

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In a surprising move, Saab Cars North America has made a decision to continue to offer Onstar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors Company, to all new 2010 Saab vehicles only sold in the United States.


Saab to Continue to Offer OnStar Hardware and Service to Customers


Detroit – Saab Cars North America has reached an agreement with OnStar to continue to offer OnStar subscription service to Saab customers under the automaker’s new owner, Spyker Cars NV. The agreement begins with model year 2010 vehicles and applies to Saab vehicles sold in the United States.

As a standard feature on the Saab 9-3 Aero and the all-new Saab 9-5 models, OnStar continues its tradition of “always being there” with highly trained and knowledgeable OnStar advisors to assist Saab customers when they need it most. The OnStar service is complimentary for one year for Saab customers.

“OnStar is a critical technology that our customers demand and expect,” said Mike Colleran, President and Chief Operating Officer Saab Cars North America. “With this agreement, we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional service and support for Saab customers.”

OnStar offers a number of industry-first safety and security services like Automatic Crash Response and monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostic e-mails. Additionally, OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation is the only embedded vehicle navigation system that pairs audible directions through vehicle speakers with the support of a live OnStar advisor. OnStar Hands-Free Calling can also make it easy to stay in touch while on the road by allowing drivers to use simple voice commands to connect with others while keeping their eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and minds on the drive.

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Cherry Hill Saab Receives First MY 2010 Saab Deliveries

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Photo Credit: Cherry Hill Saab

Cherry Hill Saab, a longtime Saab History advertiser and supporter who recently attended the New York Auto Show, that will be starting up advertising efforts here again shortly, have just received their first 2010 model year Saab deliveries.

The two deliveries that traveled from Sweden via Wallenius Wilhelmson to the Port of Newark, New Jersey consist of a Saab 9-3 Aero convertible as well as a 2.0T convertible in silver and carbon gray.

Today marked their first new products in over 400 days, a significant milestone for them with their new agreement with the newly created Saab Cars North America organization under Spyker ownership.

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U.S. Saab Dealers Meet In Boston Early This Week

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Photo Credit: Saab History / Logan Airport Saab 9-5 Friction Tester

Saab History has learned that U.S. Saab dealers will be meeting in Boston early this week. The invite was extended to all Saab dealerships in the United States.

The meeting will be the first official in person gathering for Saab dealers following the acquisition of Saab Automobile by Spyker Cars, N.V. The meeting begins this evening with a meet & greet reception at 6pm, followed by meetings on Tuesday.

This looks like a good opportunity to meet the new leadership of Saab Cars North America and quite possibly, Spyker Cars as well.

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Mike Colleran, President Of SCNA – Autoline Interview

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Mike Colleran, President & COO of Saab Cars North America was recently interviewed by Autoline Detroit this past Friday.

Click here for that 47 minute interview.

Below is the summary:

Mike Colleran, SAAB, Todd Lassa, Motor Trend, Jeff Bennett, The Wall Street Journal. Topic: Reinventing SAAB.

You may recognize the headline above as a famous ’60s song written by the Kinks. However, when GM exited from bankruptcy last year it almost turned that hallowed tune on its head. With brands being jettisoned left and right, “Stop Your SAABBING” — recorded by Big Ed & The Board — seemed like the song Detroit was ready to export to Trollhattan, Sweden, home of the iconic motor company SAAB. And as word of its impending doom grew you could practically hear the cries from the Swedish automaker’s loyal community for a white knight to save their favorite cars. But instead of resolution came the teeter- totering spectacle where one moment the the brand was saved by some international buyer, while the next the doors were being locked for good.

Yet in the end, Dutch businessman Victor Muller rode in to save the day on a white hand-built Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder and stopped all the potential sobbing with his purchase of SAAB. And now the resurrection begins. But how can a car company that sold less than 9,000 vehicles last year in America be reborn?

For those answers and details on the plan itself join John McElroy and his Autoline panel — Todd Lassa of Motor Trend and Jeff Bennett from the Wall Street Journal — as they talk SAAB with Mike Colleran the man in charge.

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The 4 Saab Promo Ads (Intro, Moose, Snow, XWD)

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Saab History has recently learned about the four Saab promo spots “Intro”, “Moose”, “Snow”, “XWD” that were going to be launched a year ago. These ads (although unfinished) were apparently produced for the 2008/2009 season for the Saab USA website prior to ownership change of the company. According to an insider, the ads were going to be included as part of the website’s site design, but that all was canceled when GM went bankrupt.

These unfinished videos look very intriguing and it would have been nice to see these launched at some point, especially with the Saab 9-3x and the continuation of Cross Wheel Drive in the 9-3 lineup. I am certain all of the ads would have been very effective in the North East and other areas in the United States that see snow and ice. I know that the Moose ad would be very appealing to the people in Maine, that’s for sure.

These ads were done by McCann Erickson, the ad agency that Saab USA transitioned to in September of 2007. The ads we have seen since this ad agency became the “agency of record” for Saab USA, included three, “Recycle” featuring the 9-3 convertible, “Read The Road” featuring the 9-3 Sport Sedan with XWD and finally an ad with the 9-3 Sport Combi. These four ads would have been added to already impressive ad spot lineup.

What is interesting is that McCann Erickson hired MadSound for the audio as well as RTT for the animation. RTT has an office on Main Street in Royal Oak, the same town where Saab Cars North America, now have their new headquarters.

I wonder if Saab Cars North America as well as McCann (if they are still their agency) along with RTT & Mad Sound can finish these videos and get them launched. It would be such a waste of time if they never see the light of day especially since they appear near complete, don’t you think?

These videos look great and should be finished up and launched, it’s not too late.

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Saab Cars North America Announces New Headquarters

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Saab History has just received the official press release from Saab Cars North America.

Saab Cars North America Announces New Headquarters

* Saab Cars North America to reside in Royal Oak, Michigan
* Company to invest $2.4 million to enhance North American Sales and Marketing Operations
* Over 2000 jobs to be retained or created over the next few years

DETROIT – Saab Cars North America today announced that its headquarters will reside in Royal Oak, Michigan, creating or retaining approximately 2000 jobs in North America. The company will invest $2.4 million to enhance its U.S. Sales and Marketing operations. Saab Automobile AB was recently purchased by the Dutch automobile company, Spyker Cars NV.

“Saab Cars North America appreciates the assistance and cooperation of the City of Royal Oak and the Governor’s office in helping make the company’s decision a reality during tough economic times,” said Mike Colleran, President and COO, Saab Cars North America. “As a direct result in acquiring local and state assistance, we look forward to renewing our U.S. presence as an independent, premium luxury automotive brand with Swedish heritage while maintaining our loyal following and potentially attracting new customers.”

“From advanced batteries to homeland security and life sciences to building materials, companies across all industry sectors are choosing Michigan for their growth plans, because our state is a great state in which to do business,” Governor Granholm said.

The State of Michigan Economic Development Council worked with the City of Royal Oak to secure the project. Governor Granholm approved a state tax credit, with local contribution by the City of Royal Oak, for a total benefit of $1.4 million over five years to encourage the company to expand in Michigan versus other competing states.

“This is tremendous news for Oakland County. While the county continues to transform into a knowledge-based economy through my Emerging Sectors, Medical Main Street and Automation Alley initiatives, the automobile industry still employs a large segment of our workforce. This affirms that we remain the global center of the auto industry. Credit is due to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, my Economic Development Department and Royal Oak,” said L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive.

Saab entered the auto business in 1949 with the first model 92. Its aerodynamic shape and advanced technology drew from the company’s roots as an aircraft maker and helped create what was to become a loyal and passionate customer base. GM acquired a 50 percent stake in Saab in 1990 and acquired the balance of Saab in 2000. As part of its strategy to focus on its four strongest brands in the U.S., GM began seeking a buyer for Saab in January 2009, a concerted effort that led to Spyker Cars NV purchasing Saab Automobile AB from General Motors on February 23, 2010.

For more information and a listing of Saab dealerships, please visit the website: www.saabusa.com.

Michelle Tinson
Saab Cars North America
Phone: 248-705-0604

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