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SCNA Is Now Back To Saab Automobile USA

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Saab History has recently learned that Saab Cars North America (SCNA) has changed their name back to Saab Automobile USA.

The SCNA name was apparently a specific part of the Koenigsegg deal, now terminated, interestingly enough.

I didn’t necessarily mind the new name, even if it resembled the Saab Club of North America name, but moving forward, isn’t there a new organization established already, why not keep the name?

I’ve sent some e-mails to the folks at Saab Automobile USA, but have not heard anything as of this writing. If I do get a response that I can share with you, I will update this piece.

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The SCNA, One Acronym, Two Distinct Meanings

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The usage of the acronym, SCNA has historically been referred to in Saab circles as the Saab Club of North America that was created around 2001 and continues to be used today.

In October of 2009, the new organization in the United States representing Saab is now also using this acronym to represent Saab Cars North America, Inc.

While, we have already started to hear about people having to clarify when you say SCNA, you are referring to the club or the company?. In addition, people have received alternate results searching for “SCNA” into google, expecting results about the club or vice versa. It seemed like this at least needed to be addressed.

A suggestion was made that seems to work as a quick and easy solution to this confusion by using the acronym. In order to best separate these search terms, actually writing out both the club and the company Saab Cars North America, Inc. and/or Saab Club of North America instead of the acronym would work best. It may take a bit longer, but it should yield better results for everyone.

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The 2009 Saab Owners Convention Registration Opens!

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Announced on September 2nd, 2008, the 2009 Saab Owners Convention Registration officially opens this week!

This convention is the 10-year anniversary of the Rocky Mountain Saab Club’s 1st Saab Owners Convention that was held in 1999, hence the name of the convention titled “Summit Of The Nines”.

I have previously posted an impressive photo gallery as well as a promotional video that the club provided me that should provide you a nice primer to the event.

For more information on the 2009 Saab Owners Convention, take a look at the official website address here:

Official 2009 Saab Owners Convention Website

* Note, this convention is not affiliated with the Saab Club of North America at all so the above website is the only official website for the event.

To Register for the event, and to receive the early-bird special, visit their website address here:

Official 2009 Saab Owners Convention Registration Site

Note: Registration does not include lodging, click on link below to book.

Official Lodging Accomodations

2009 Saab Owners Convention

For those who have attended past Saab Owners Conventions, you also know how much fun it can be to visit new destinations alongside others who share your appreciation and enthusiasm!

For many reasons, we like to think of Colorado as the “Saab Capital of the West”. For decades Saab has enjoyed strong sales in the region thanks to the car’s exceptionally strong performance in snow and high altitude. Where large displacement, high-dollar über-coupes gasp for air, turbo charged Saabs more closely resemble their aeronautical counterparts. And, as the Saab Owners Convention is a true motoring event at heart, Colorado is host to 25 National Scenic Byways as well as dozens of other breathtaking drives that could equally qualify. For those able, the 2009 event will again conclude with “Saabs Run the Rockies”, a 5-day road rally that will travel many of these spectacular routes and will tour four National Parks.

In 1999, the Saab Owners Convention hosted in Keystone, CO attracted some of the highest attendance figures ever. Without detracting too much from this year’s convention, we see big potential for an even greater turnout in ‘09. Planning is well under way. With the enthusiastic membership of the RMSC and strong, local business support, we look forward to a memorable week uniquely Colorado and quintessentially Saab. Mark your calendar and stay tuned!

Please visit both the 2009 Saab Owners Convention Photo Archive and Promotional Video as well.

What: 2009 Saab Owners Convention

Where: Copper Mountain Resort, Frisco, Colorado

When: August 13-16th, 2009

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Nines Editor To Present At 2008 Saab Owners Convention

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Seth Bengelsdorf, the editor for Nines, the magazine for the Saab Club Of North America will be presenting at the 2008 Saab Owners Convention.

Nines Magazine, as I have covered here on Saab History is a magazine by and for Saab owner and enthusiast.

At this convention, Mr. Bengelsdorf will be presenting about being a writer for Nines. I think this would be a perfect venue to express your interest as a writer for Nines, and if available, a great time to sign up for a subscription!

This seminar takes place on August 22nd from 4:30-5:30pm.

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Vintage Saab Club of North America Meet July 12th, NY

Posted on 28. Jun, 2008 by .


The Vintage Saab Club of North America will be having a meeting on July 12th in New York. They are encouraging not only other members from other clubs, but enthusiasts and owners to attend as well! It sounds like a great time, read below!

VSCNA Meeting Notice

vscna.jpgThe next meeting of the Vintage Saab Club of North America will be held on July 12th 2008 at the home of Bruce and Lori Turk in Walden, NY, rain or shine. This will be a social gathering of like-minded individuals where we will discuss pressing issues such as, but not limited to, when the hamburgers are ready to come off the grill.

New for this years picnic is an indoor banquet facility (A.K.A. “The new barn”) that can easily accommodate all of us in the case of inclement weather. The picnic will start at 11:00am with lunch around 12:30pm. Early arrivals are always welcome if you don’t mind helping to set up!

The Turk’s will provide unlimited parking “on the green” for all make and model cars, a gas BBQ for your cooking pleasure, paper plates, utensils, cups, condiments, soda, macaroni salad, tossed salad and fruit salad. You will bring your own food, beverages and folding chairs.

The V.S.C.N.A. will hold its annual election of officers at the picnic. Only members in good standing will be allowed to vote.

Please sign up in advance so we know how many people are coming. Use his link to sign up: http://www.nysoc. com/cgi-bin/signup/index.cgi

We are also inviting the members of the New York Saab Owners Club (NYSOC) http://www.nysoc.com/ and Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club (AMEC) http://www.icerace.com/ and New England Saab Association (NESA) http://nesaab.org/site/ to join us. Inviting additional clubs insures a large turnout and that’s what we want, the more the
merrier. As always, you do not need to be a member of the VSCNA to participate in one of our events. Everyone is invited, all makes and
model cars are welcome. We do ask that non-VSCNA members make a $5.00 per person donation to our club; a donation jar will be on site.

Directions to the Turk house:

From Route 87 (New York State Thruway) Take exit 17 (Newburgh) Follow sign after toll to route 17K. Make
right at traffic light on to 17K West. Go 3.2 miles on 17K West to traffic light. Make a right at light on to Rock Cut Road (Cumberland Farms gas station on corner). See “Directions from Rock Cut road”.

From Route 84 Take exit 6 (Montgomery- Newburgh) Get on 17K West. Take 17K West 1/2 mile to traffic light. Make a right at light on to Rock Cut road (Cumberland Farms gas station on corner). See “Directions from Rock Cut Road”.

Directions from Rock Cut road. Take Rock Cut Road for one mile to traffic light. Make a left at light toward Walden. Go 1 mile and make a right on Saint Andrews Road. Go .9 miles on Saint Andrews Road; The Turk home is on the left. There is a telephone pole on the left at the end of their driveway. The number 333 is nailed to the telephone pole, which is hidden behind a big tree so go SLOW.

Bruce Turk
333 Saint Andrews Rd.
Walden, NY 12586
(845) 778-2469

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2008 Saab Owners Convention Registration Now Open!

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The 2008 Saab Owners Convention is now open for registration so book your registration now!

If this is either your first time attending a Saab owners convention or your 26th, please visit the Saab Owners Convention archives for more information about the conventions that have taken place over the years.

I am providing you below the official press release from the Saab Club of North America who are planning this event as well as important resources below this. It’s critical for convention goers to know that registration does not include lodging and vice-versa.

The SCNA Board is diligently working on the planning for the Saab Owners’ Convention August 21-24, 2008 in Devens, MA. Linnea Krajewski and Annette Adams are heading up the committee that includes most of the serving Board members. Planning is such that the SOC08 and Eventbrite Web sites should have most, if not all, the information you will need to formalize your plans. The SOC Web site is: www.saabconvention.org

Please note that the information on page 6 of the March/ April issue of NINES was incorrect. The SCNA rate for the SpringHill Suites is only available by calling the hotel directly at 978-772-3030. The Marriott website does not have the SCNA rate. Please use Group Code “SABC” in order to get the SCNA rate of $119.00 per night. The Editor apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused. I am again reminding everyone that our club can only succeed with the help of those who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors and run for office (please see page 5.) Besides the monthly teleconference meetings, Board members are now involved with the detailed planning of SOC’s. Those are SOC’s where no local club has agreed to organize and run the event.

After the success we had at SOC06 the Board decided to pursue future SOC’s in this manner. As everyone should know by now, SOC09 will be conducted by the Rocky Mountain Saab Club and, based on their prior experience, this should be a great Saab event. The SOC09 Web site is: http://www.rockymtnsaabclub.com/SOC09/index.html

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA

What: 2008 Saab Owners Convention

When: August 21-24th, 2008

Where: Devens, Massachusetts

Important Resources:

Saab Owner’s Convention Website (Information)


Saab Owner’s Convention (Lodging)

Springhill Marriot

Saab Owner’s Convention (Registration)


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SCNA To Choose Best of the Best at 2008 Saab Convention

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The Saab Club of North America will be awarding a commemorative plate donated by the GM Heritage Center to the “best of the best” Saab at this years 2008 Saab Owners Convention concours. The 2008 Saab Owners Convention will take place in Devens, Massachusetts from August 21 to the 24th.

Here is the press release below:

The GM Heritage Collection, building on their close connection with the Saab Club of North America (SCNA), is including the club in its ‘General Motors GMNext’ program. Designed to focus on the company’s next 100 years while celebrating the accomplishments of the first 100 years (to be officially celebrated for a week culminating on September 16, 2008), SCNA will be choosing a single car that is most representative of the Saab brand at their National Saab Owners’ Convention this summer.

SCNA President Ian Glenday said, “It is a labor of love for our members to care for and prepare their cars for the joy of showing them with others. The special ‘Heritage Collection’ award for a club member’s Saab judged to be our club’s best example of the brand is especially nice. At the Saab Owners’ Convention for 2008 at Devens, MA in August we will be choosing the best of the best Saab in the Concours competition. I’m sure that this prestigious award will help us promote this aspect of the convention and be fitting recognition for a member who has painstakingly prepared their Saab so that others may appreciate the ‘best example of the Saab brand.’ ”

The GM Heritage Center presented the SCNA with a Club Kit with a machined aluminum ‘Heritage Collection’ commemorative plate mounted to an award plaque. Until now, these plates have appeared only on vehicles belonging to the GM Heritage collection. The plaque will be awarded to the member’s vehicle that is judged to be the SCNA’s best example of the brand. Once the winning vehicle has been selected, the GM Heritage Center will have the owner’s name and vehicle engraved for the plaque.

The GM Heritage Center also presented the SCNA with a specially created commemorative shadow box that recognizes the SCNA’s contribution to preserving the Saab brand, which is part of the GM organization.

SCNA members will take advantage of the offer of a free visit to the Heritage Center (located in Michigan). Dates for the visit are being planned now.

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Saab Magazines Subscription Free With SCNA Membership

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At the recent Washington, D.C. Auto Show, I picked up a free copy of the 2nd edition of the International edition of the Saab Magazine that was free for the asking at the Saab stand.

I decided to finally ask about why these issues were some time ago included as free subscriptions, and then over the years myself and others stopped receiving them. In lieu of a lack of subscription I had to find these magazines at places on the chance that they may have one lying around at places such as Saab dealerships, auto shows and other areas. As a collector, that task has gotten quite frustrating.

The good news is that last week, I received a response from this inquiry from Saab Automobile USA. Their response is that they will now be making the Saab Magazine free to all Saab Club of North America members. Seth Bengelsdorf of Nines has also confirmed this today, so if you are currently not a member or your membership expired, please sign up for Nines Today!

Remember, the Saab Club of North America, also known as the SCNA is the club that offers Nines Magazine subscriptions as well as part of being a member. If you are not already a member, I strongly urge you to join today for this incredible offer!

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