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Saab History On Swedish Government’s Position On Saab

Posted on 17. Feb, 2009 by .


This past December, I was delighted to see the Swedish Government come through with a financial support plan for Saab. This plan was offered, after the whole discussion on possibly nationalizing Saab which there were a number of media sources covering. We learned shortly after the presentation of the financial support plan that the Swedish Government did not want to “own” Saab, but would help if necessary.

The news over the past two weeks referencing the Swedish Government’s position, specifically Maud Oloffsson, Fredrik Reinfeldt’s & Göran Hägglund,( the leader of the Swedish Center Party’s) statements have really surprised me because they are almost an entire 180 from their position late last year.

However, it’s Sweden’s State Secretary Jöran Hägglund (not to be confused with Göran spelled with a G instead of a J, thank you JV), that still gives me some optimism about Saab Automobile’s future.

I am hoping that the Swedish government makes the right decision sooner than later, because there is a lot at stake for them if they make the wrong decision.

I mentioned earlier that although I am a proponent of nationalizing Saab, at this point, all I am looking for is for the Swedish Government to show their support and for Saab Automobile to succeed in their efforts to be independent. I believe it is the Swedish Government’s responsibility to their people to support Saab, much like it was when they began. Why do I say that it is the Swedish Government’s responsibility, well a precident was set when the company began.

Since 1947, Saab Automobile has been inextricably linked with its Swedish roots as an innovative and progressive automobile company. The heritage of Saab Automobile originally began in 1937 as an aircraft company. The formation of Saab was in response to the immediate requirements of the Swedish Government during the War, so it’s foundations began as a byproduct of the Government’s needs for economic and societal security (funded by the government).

While there is no question that Saab is a Swedish brand, the dire straights that the parent company (General Motors) is currently in, could mean the end of Saab. This could effectively end 60+ years of uniquely Swedish innovations, engineering and significant contributions to the automotive industry as a whole. Not only will there be an economic void of monumental proportions, there will also be a total loss of national pride and identity for the country of Sweden.

Across Sweden, industry, academia and Government will all be affected if Saab were to be no more. It is clear that reversing this trend is the best way for Saab to maintain its unique Swedish design, engineering, innovation and identity. I believe that Sweden supporting Saab Automobile, is the proper and most suitable method in order to continue economic security for the country.

If the Swedish government is truly serious about meeting their goals of economic and environmental security & sustainability, much like they were back in 1937, they will move quickly to support their Saab Automobile company.

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