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Saab History On the All New Saab 9-5 World Premiere

Posted on 18. Sep, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: Saab History

As an attendee of the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this week thanks to Tynan’s Saab & JMK Saab, I had the opportunity to see the all new Saab 9-5 and interview those that are responsible for shaping the future of Saab Automobile and the products. Without this timely support, I would not have had the opportunity to cover this experience here on Saab History for us.

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The All New Saab 9-5 Global Debut & Press Conference

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Film Credit: Saab History

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Saab Automobile had their global premiere of the all new Saab 9-5 sedan during a press conference held at 1:30.

This press conference began with Saab President, Jan Ã…ke Jonsson who discussed Saab’s emergence from reconstruction along with their process to become an independent entity from General Motors. Following his introduction, singer, Asha Ali began her song “The Time Is Now” that led to the unveiling of the all new Saab 9-5.

Please enjoy the video I produced. Overall though, I think it came together quite well for the initial introductory film for the Saab 9-5 debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

This footage and my presence would not be possible without the support of Tynan’s Saab & JMK Saab.

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Saab 9-3x “Changing Perspectives” Television Ad

Posted on 25. Aug, 2009 by .


Saab Automobile AB has just launched their latest tv commercial featuring the Saab 9-3x. This new TV ad is called “changing perspective”, complete with a soundtrack from Swedish Singer Asha Ali called “Time Is Now”

I wonder what market this will be played in, a quick guess tells me the U.K. with the voiceover, but then again, it would be great if this ad was played on tv as-is here in the United States.

This video is number 482 in the Saab History video archive.

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Saab Automobile Continue Tomas Ledin Tour With 9-3x

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

Saab Automobile AB’s website provides yet more information and photos of their exhibition with singer, Tomas Ledin who has been on a spring tour that Saab History covered in June.

As part of this tour, the Saab 9-3x is present, and available for those to take a closer look at.

For more photos, please take a look at the website directly.

As we reported previously, Saab and Volvo have joined another Swedish icon – singer Tomas Ledin – on his nationwide tour, and this extraordinary collaboration has really been turning heads.

We went along to Ledin’s latest concert in Helsingborg to witness the unusual sight of these two rival car companies exhibiting together.

The Saab and Volvo tent was packed with Ledin fans who were taking a closer look at two striking new models, the Volvo V70 DRIVe and Saab’s new multi-terrain performance vehicle the Saab 9-3X, both of which have been met with rave reviews.

And at the entrance to the venue, another two cars were involved in an unofficial ‘Swedish Beauty Contest’ as the Saab 9-3 Convertible and the Volvo C70 were showcased side by side. Both drop-tops are great examples of Swedish automotive design at its best, but the real question is – which car do you prefer?

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Saab Car Show in Frankfurt, Germany – Photos

Posted on 16. Sep, 2008 by .


Photo Credits: Saab Automobile Germany

The folks from Saab Automobile Germany and the local dealership in Frankfurt that hosted the classic Saab car show this past weekend, have provided Saab History photos of the event.

As you can see with the photos, there were a number of vehicles present, by local Saab Enthusiasts in Germany as well as Switzerland. On hand, was Peter Backstrom, curator of the Saab Car Museum in Sweden as well as Andrew Dyson, Saab designer at GM Europe.

During the event there was live music provided by Swedish singer Pia Fridhill, and even a live demonstration of a Saab 99 restoration by a master technician at the Saab Zentrum Frankfurt.

Evidently, there was even a parts market, books on hand in addition to model cars and tv clips showing vintage Saabs in action.

Overall, it looks like it was a great time had by all that were in attendance.

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