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Saab History Interviews Simon Padian, Saab Automobile Brand Design Chief At 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show

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Film Credit: Saab History

Saab History had the great opportunity to interview Simon Padian, Saab Automobile’s Brand Design Chief at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this week.

Padian, this year entered his 20th anniversary with Saab as a designer and has seen just about every change in the Saab brand design program beginning with his first mentor, Bjorn Envall who co-designed the Saab 99 with SAAB’s first designer, Sixten Sason.

A thank to Tynan’s Saab & JMK Saab for making this happen as well as Simon Padian for sharing his time with Saab History.

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The Saab 94 (Sonett I) : 1956

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The Saab 94 (Saab Sonett I Super Sport) was created in 1956 of which only 6 were ever built even though it was originally planned to go into full-scale production as the first sports car for SAAB.

This SAAB Sonett I Super Sport project was lead in October of 1954 by SAAB chief engineer, Rolf Melde while incorporating designs from chief designer Sixten Sason where they were built in total secrecy from the public outside of the Trollhättan area within a barn in a small town called Åsaka. The SAAB Sonett I Super Sport or “So Neat” as translated was an open-top two seater sports car that was officially unveiled at the Stockholm Motor Show in February of 1956. These prototype sports cars got a lot of great press internationally, however the Sonett Super Sport project never got into production due to new regulations in motorsport two years later in 1958 that led to the opportunity to use standard vehicles with Sonett engines thus making the Sonett body, frame, etc. obsolete and unnecessary. As a result of this decision, the six Sonett I models became instant collectors items.

This production vehicle for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:

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Production Concept