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Saab 9-3x Cross-Combi With Kaj Zackrisson At Ice Hotel

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Saab Automobile as part of their re-launching of their website and 9-3x Cross-Combi, they have once again partnered with Kaj Zackrisson, legendary Swedish skier, to showcase this new “widget” that with a large weather balloon at the ice hotel, which electronically, allows one to gather news and updates from Saab Automobile.

I have tried using the Widget myself, but with Windows XP and multiple attempts to install Adobe Air, I wish there were some alternatives here.

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Second Generation Saab-Salomon Aero-X Ski Announced

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Image Credit: Saab-Salomon

Although the Saab-Salomon partnership is ending in North America in January of 2009, a second generation Aero-X ski has been introduced in jet black, inspired by the Aero-x but with a taste of the Turbo-X.

I had the priviledge to demo the first generation Aero-X Skis that debuted on December 7th, last season at Okemo Mountain in Vermont.

With this product again being only available in Europe, we’ll see how I can do with another demonstration.

It is my hope that I can get the opportunity again to compare these skis to the previous ones again this season.

Below is the press release:


Saab inspired ‘Aero X’ ski with full wood core

On the piste with Saab and Salomon

Scandinavian car brand Saab, renowned for its progressive design, continues its creative partnership with leading sports brand Salomon to bring the newest generation of an innovative ski to the market.

The ‘Salomon Aero X’ ski is inspired by Saab’s award winning Aero X concept car and is an expression of Salomon’s latest technology. These all-rounder skis add a totally new dimension to the performance of carving as they deliver unrivalled control on demand.

Like a car axle, the Aero X skis feature ‘hybrid’ technology so the front and back of the skis have very different functions. The front half of the ski is designed to enable the skier to maximize the turn and gain power through it, allowing the skier to choose and control the radius of their arc.

New for 2009 the Aero X skis is constructed with a full wood core for added stability. The core combines with the double monocoque construction to deliver power with impressive torque. The Salomon Aero X ski range offers maximum performance thrills with full assistance, so that every turn becomes intuitive and skiers can unleash the power while remaining totally in control. Just like Saab cars.

Annika Priou, Manager of Saab Marketing Communications says, “This collaboration is testament to the fact that Saab and Salomon complement each other perfectly and understand each other’s independent-minded target audiences. Both brands are demonstrating what seven years of partnership can bring. Together we present cutting edge design to sporty, activity-related products.”

The Aero X ski is priced at around 799 Euros and will be available in January 2009. For more details visit www.saab.com or www.salomon-sports.com.

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