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Another Update From Saab Automobile On Saab Status

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This is another update from Saab Automobile on the status of Saab Status.

2010-01-08, updated at 16:15

Update from the GM
On December 18, 2009, GM announced that the planned sale of Saab Automobile AB could not be implemented and as a result, the GM would begin an orderly liquidation of Saab’s operations.

Today we want to give an update on where we stand. After the announcement in December, GM had a number of inquiries from parties interested in acquiring Saab. Several requests – including a renewed proposal by Spyker Cars – has also developed into concrete bid until yesterday submitted to the GM. GM will carefully analyze them to determine if any of them can lead to a sale can take place.

Simultaneously, however, GM will continue with the announced settlement process. AlixParters designated “supervisor” to lead this process and Swedish authorities have been asked to approve this choice. Using this kind of “supervisor” is the normal procedure in Sweden and he seems in the interests of shareholders.

The two activities – the orderly liquidation and a further evaluation of marketing opportunities – continue in parallel. The ongoing settlement process does not prevent us to consider the bid.

The decommissioning process is expected to take several months and will ensure that employees, dealers and suppliers safeguarded in a satisfactory manner. During the process, we will continue to inform and give updates on things that might affect you. As previously indicated Saab’s customers can be confident that guarantees will be maintained and that service and spare parts will be available to continue.

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GM Selecting AlixPartners To Wind Down (Eliminate) Saab

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This is completely unacceptable, and mixed messages with bids coming in and production resuming on Monday and now this from GM.

Now GM is having someone else do their work to “wind down” Saab. If you read between the lines, this is a message to the Swedish Government who still don’t get it. They need to give these bids an EIB loan guarantee. If they don’t presumably, none of the bids will be accepted!

To learn more about AlixPartners and express your opinion about their partnership with GM to “wind down Saab”, check out their website and send them an e-mail by visiting their website here.

Here’s their press release below.

GM Statement Regarding Saab


GM today confirmed it has selected AlixPartners to supervise the orderly wind down of Saab, and has requested approval of the selection by the appropriate authority in Sweden. The use of a wind down supervisor is a commonly-used process in Sweden and works in the interest of the shareholder.

The wind down process is expected to take several months, and will ensure that employees, dealers and suppliers are adequately protected. As stated previously, Saab customers can be assured that warranties will continue to be honored and that service and spare parts will continue to be available.

GM also confirmed that it has received several proposals for Saab and is continuing to evaluate these proposals. This evaluation is not affected by the appointment of AlixPartners.

Tom Wilkinson
Tel: 313-667-0366
Mobile: 313-378-6233

John McDonald
General Motors Company
Phone: 313-667-3714
Mobile: 313-418-2139

Stefan Weinmann
Director Opel Global Corporate and Internal Communications
Telefon + 49-6142 7-77339

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Saab Automobile Customers Wait For Greater Clarity Regarding The Saab-Koenigsegg Financing Situation.

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Photo Credit: Sebastian LaMotte, TTELA

According to TTELA, Saab Automobile customers at ANA Trollhattan are waiting for greater clarity regarding the Saab-Koenigsegg financing situation.

I must say it’s nice to see the 2010 Saab 9-3x in dealerships in Europe, if only those were available here in the United States at this time.

Here’s the piece below.

Saab Automobile at customers at ANA Trollhattan are waiting for greater clarity regarding the Saab-Koenigsegg financing situation.

The news of the Koenigsegg Group’s sale purchase of GM’s Saab did not have the final clarity on the deal, which many hoped – instead, it was again complete critical comments on how the remaining funding will be resolved. And in an already tried and tested car market, a clear message would have been very much welcomed.

– When the news first came out it felt really optimistic, but then it landed in a downward spiral again, “says ANA’s CEO Joachim Lind.

He and the seller in May Karlsson explains that a lot of customers wait and see how it all unfolds before the strikes. Locally it has sold more than 50 percent fewer new cars so far this year compared with last year – there is still much better hope than the country as a whole which is the entire gap to the winner 64 percent of Saab brand to compare with 25 percent of the car market as a whole.

On the other hand, one can expect that Saab’s home should have a larger sale of the brand. But during the conversation with TTELA’s mission emphasizes the time and time again that they are filled with confidence – new Saab 9-3X should provide increased sales during the fall and the new year, as well as new 9-5. If the new Saab owners succeed with financing, etc.

Such hope is expressed by Hardy Brax, as he has just struck and bought a new Saab 9-5 at Ana, explaining that he has been Saab Owner since the 60’s.

– An excellent car, with good performance and few technical faults, he confirms.

He is convinced Saab’s future, but has one or two words to say about Maud Olofsson and government. What speaks against him is typical of all the customers in the country going into buying the marque is that he lives just in Saab’s home town and also until retirement worked at the factory as a supervisor and have a discount when they buy Saab.

A more hesitant customer can find us on Blennermarks car a stone’s throw away from the Kardanvägen Ana counted. Blennermarks is a distributor of Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi and Ove Rundberg stand and watch an Audi A4. Today he owns a Saab 9-5 and he does not really know what he should do.

– I am interested in Audi, Volvo or Saab. I do not really know what to do but wait for a few weeks there will be a clearer statement on the progress of the Saab.

Audi has attracted customers to the statistics of registrations of new cars – they have lost less in sales than the market as a whole, while Saab has halved its market share. Audi is now more on the new car than the Saab Saab’s home market. But no malice are not noticeable from Magnus Andersson, CEO of cars on Blennermarks.

– Here in this area, we are all dependent on the Saab.

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