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Saab Automobile-Koenigsegg Deal Financing Complete

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Reuters and the Associated Press have recently received indications from the Swedish Government’s Joran Hagglund that Saab Automobile & Koenigsegg’s financial plans have been completed and as we already have recently found out, as there was no funding needed from the government to secure the deal.

This confirms what we heard earlier so now we just need to get the confirmation that everything is a go either by the end of October from all accounts I am hearing.

Here are the pieces from both Reuters and the AP, stating that the the financing is complete and that the deal will be ready by October 31st. This is good news for the first day of the new week!

STOCKHOLM, Sept 7 (Reuters) – Luxury sportscar maker Koenigsegg has presented the Swedish government with a new plan for financing its purchase of Saab Automobile [GM.UL], a government official said on Monday.

State Secretary Joran Hagglund told Reuters the plan no longer involved any extra loan from the Swedish state on top of guarantees for funding from the European Investment Bank. He declined to comment on the details of the plan.

“They have presented us with a plan … we will look at it from our side and decide how credible it is,” Hagglund said.

“As I understand it, they will present information on the matter in the coming days.”

(Reporting by Victoria Klesty)

Koenigsegg secures financing for Saab deal


Koenigsegg Group AB has secured the extra financing needed to complete the acquisition of Saab Automobiles from General Motors Corp., the Swedish government said Monday.

Joran Hagglund, a senior official at Sweden’s Ministry of Enterprise, told Swedish Radio that the consortium headed by sports car maker Koenigsegg has presented a financing plan for the deal to the government.

Koenigsegg Group signed a deal to buy the troubled Swedish car brand from GM in August, but said about 3 billion kronor ($417 million) were missing before it could conclude the deal.

Around the same time, documents filed with the Swedish Companies Registration Office revealed that San Diego-based investor Mark Bishop had opted out of the deal. Bishop had initially been registered with a 22.2 percent ownership share in Koenigsegg Group.

Hagglund said the government is now reviewing the details of the financing plan, but didn’t reveal who was injecting the extra cash.

Saab spokesman Eric Geers said the company would present the new investor shortly and said it expects the acquisition to be completed before Oct. 31.

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Koenigsegg’s Augi K Fabel To Meet With Swedish Government Today To Submit Business Plan

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TTELA & E24 report that the Koenigsegg group‘s leading investor, Augi K Fabel, is meeting with the Swedish Government’s Jöran Hägglund today in Stockholm to convince them that their business plan is financially sustainable.

I really hope that this business plan is now bulletproof and the Swedish government accept it and then turn around and immediately act as guarantor’s of the European Investment Bank loan for Saab Automobile.

Here’s the piece below loosely translated.

Koenigsegg hits Government Tried dark their name at Saab-purchase

Trollhättan Today should Koenigseggs President aUgi K Fabel meet government representative Jöran Hägglund and try to convince that the business plan for the Saab and agree that the consortium has the financial muscle needed, writes web E 24.

It provide a central source for the magazine. Jöran Hägglund has previously asked for a “credible funding” before the government provides the state guarantees.

Håkan Lind, Head of Department, would not confirm details of the Koenigseggs President Augi K Fabel visits the government representative Jöran Hägglund on Tuesday to discuss Saab affair.

– We are constantly meeting with all involved and chose not to comment on with whom and when, “says Lind to TT.

HÃ¥kan Lind also says that the process of investigating the question of possible state guarantee for Saab’s loan application from the European Investment Bank (EIB) of 4.3 billion goes as planned.

– We have the ambition to have all decisions clear to the Bank Board meeting September 22, “says Lind.

Saab-speculators of the Koenigsegg Group tried to keep confidential the names of two of the people who would inject capital for the purchase.

It writes Daily Industri.Koenigsegg Group tried to classify both Mark Bishops and aUgi K Fabel name when the information on the company’s directors submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office in early June. The report DI.

“Privacy in this case should apply to the Agency when such persons may be exposed to violence or other serious but on disclosure,” wrote Koenigseggs representatives, the consultancy company law to Bolagsverket in connection with the Koenigsegg Group registered. The request was under DI later withdrawn after discussions between the parties.

According to the DI has now hidden ghost Mark Bishop dropped out of and replaced by another owner.

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