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The "Save Saab" Event In Chicago, Illinois

Posted on 24. Jan, 2010 by .


Saab owners in Chicago held their SAVE SAAB gathering today beginning at the local IKEA.

It’s looking like IKEA around the world continues to be one of the best meeting spots for Saab owners.

Please continue to send your comments, photos and videos if you attended this event.

Here’s a great article covering this event by the Chicago Tribune.


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Saab Cars North America Speaks On Saab Dealer Closings

Posted on 23. Nov, 2009 by .


According to the Chicago Tribune, Mike Colleran, COO and President of the new Saab Cars North America speaks about the 37% of the Saab dealership closures in the United States that is taking place at this time.

“It’s not like we’re really eliminating them,” said Mike Colleran, chief operating officer of Saab Cars North America. “We’re just selecting ones that make sense for the new business plan for Saab.”

Colleran said that while the decision was difficult, dealership longevity and stand-alone allegiance to the brand did not enter into the equation. In addition to sales, parts and service performance, the smaller network reflects a marketing strategy aimed at recapturing Saab’s unconventional cachet, something that dissipated during the GM years.

“It is our intent to focus more on premium positioning in the luxury segment, and to focus less on discounts and volume,” Colleran said.

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