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Saab Automobile’s New Design Director, Jason Castriota Interviewed By New York Times

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Photo Credit: New York Times

Saab’s new Design Director, Jason Castriota has been recently interviewed by the New York Times.

Here’s a small part of that interview below:

Jason Castriota, formerly designer for Ferrari, Pininfarina and Stile Bertone, has been tapped by Saab to lead design, through Mr. Castriota’s design firm. […]

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Submit Your Classic Saab To The New York Times 2010 Collectible Car Of The Year Contest

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The SAAB Sonett I and the SAAB 93 are featured on the New York Times Today as part of their 2010 Collectible Car Of the Year Contest.

This contest asks you to submit your photos of your collectible car for a chance to win $5,000 and an exclusive interview with a New York Times Journalist to appear on their website!

The deadline is February 22nd, so send the photos in ASAP!

For more details, please click here.

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The New York Times Covers Spyker CEO, Victor Muller

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The was a great article about Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars in the New York Times this past Friday that I want to share.

It is a truly positive outlook on Mr. Muller, his company and also his customers that he knows by name.

From Spyker to Saab, a Quest for Miracles

Published: January 29, 2010

THE top executives at most car companies can rattle off the names of their models. Victor R. Muller can tell you the names of his customers.

That intimacy helps to explain the appeal of Spyker, a Dutch builder of six-figure sports cars that many people had never heard of. Until, that is, Mr. Muller, the company’s founder and chief executive, began bidding to acquire Saab from General Motors late last year. Last week, after rejecting previous bids, G.M. agreed to Spyker’s offer of $400 million in cash and stock.

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Göteborg, Sweden Newspaper Reports GM’s Reasons

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Goteborg, Sweden’s newspaper reports that the news on Friday morning broke at 6:45am when GME’s Nick Reilly called JAJ to tell him that the deal would be scrapped for the following two reasons below.

This is reported, so here’s hoping we get more reports to confirm this shortly.

But a quarter to seven on Friday morning called GM’s European Director Nick Reilly to Jan-Ake Jonsson with news that the deal be scrapped.
The reasons should be two, according to report:

• GM discouraged by Spykers Russian partner. GM’s technology might come to Russia.

• GM’s new management wanted to show decisiveness.

Although sales of Opel should have been stopped for fear that the technology would fall into Russian hands, the New York Times

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New York Times Reports: After Sale, Saab To Refill Inventory To Saab Dealerships In United States

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The New York Times is now reporting that Saab Automobile AB is promising to refill the inventory for the remaining Saab dealerships in the United States immediately following the sale to the Koenigsegg Group.

This is a truly positive response to the recent news about Saab dealerships in the United States running out of cars.

I wonder if any of these 2010 model year Saabs will include the 9-3x in addition to the existing 9-3 lineup, because apparently they won’t be any 2010 all new Saab 9-5s until early next year.

After Sale, Saab Promises to Refill Inventory

Saab, the troubled stepchild of General Motors that is being sold to Sweden’s Koenigsegg Group, said on Tuesday that dealers will start receiving 2010 model-year cars shortly after the sale closes, which is expected to take place by the end of this month.

Mike Colleran, president of Saab Cars of North America, said in an interview that some 2010 9-3s — though not the 9-5 — will arrive in the United States by year’s end. He said that Saab’s plant in Trollhattan, Sweden, was building new cars and that dealers in the United States can order them “immediately after the sale.”

While Bloomberg had reported that existing 2009 inventory was dwindling, Mr. Colleran assured dealers that a four- to five-month supply remains.

“Dealers who run out of cars will be able to buy cars from other dealers,” he said. “We have supply for a good number of days.”

In Europe, Saab’s largest market, the supply situation does not seem to be as good. “One of the side effects with the transition from being a G.M. subsidiary to a Swedish group is that Saab has not been able to run the factory at a satisfactory level,” Stephen Pope, chief global market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald in London, told Bloomberg. “They are disappointing buyers with extended waiting times or just failure to deliver.”

Saab had reported that it will terminate 81 of its present 218 dealerships in the United States as early as the end of this month.

“In anticipation of the sale, we selected certain dealers, 137 of them, to help us to achieve our goals,” Mr. Colleran said. The 81 other dealers received letters from G.M. specifying that they cease operating as Saab dealers under terms of the Dealer Termination Agreement that Saab dealers signed in June.

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Steven Rossi, Fmr. Saab USA PR Chief, Published in NY Times

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Steven Rossi, former Public Relations Director for Saab Cars USA, has recently written a great article about Saab’s History and the cars that people collect today in the New York Times..

Rossi who took over for Lennart Lonnegren in 1990 and continued this role as Public Relations Director up until the a few years after the move to Norcross Georgia in 1994, has a long history with Saab dating back to 1978 as young engineer.

In fact, one of his many humble accomplishments took place before this position. In the early eighties, he worked alongside former Saab-Scania of America President, Bob Sinclair to submit the engineering drawings for what became one of the most iconic products in Saab’s historical portfolio, the Saab Convertible.

As a proud member of the 60-consecutive months of sales led by Bob Sinclair and former national sales director, Sten Helling, Rossi saw not only the convertible but the launch of the Saab 9000 in which he participated in the press event at Talladega Speedway for the “Long Run” in 1986.

Throughout his time with Saab in the United States, he saw many aspects of the business inside and out from engineering to public relations.

Today, he continues to hold the torch as one of the original members of the team that worked in Orange, Connecticut. In fact, he has organized two Saab Reunions in the North East over the past five years for other former employees to gather and reminisce.

I highly suggest you read this piece by Steven Rossi beginning with his opening excerpt below.

SAAB is a relatively young and proudly offbeat automaker, and from the start it has appealed to those who appreciate the unconventional. For aficionados, “Find your own road” was more than a slogan.


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Freeport, Maine Native Gives Up Saab 9000 For Toyota Prius In U.S. Goverment “Cash For Clunkers” Program

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Photo Credit: Joel Page / NY Times

As one who lives in the same state as the driver in this article, that also owns not just the same make, but the same model and color and year even (a 1997 Saab 9000 CS), I was very interested to read about this person’s experience in a recent New York Times article.

Jon Edwards, who lives in Freeport, Maine, the same town that L.L. Bean is headquartered, decided to recently look into the “cash for clunkers” program through the United States government and unfortunately, not buy another Saab, but a 2010 Toyota prius (a conquest sale).

Evidently, the qualifications of the program include that your vehicle must be no more than 25 years old and then get a combined city and highway rating of no more than 18 mpg, as calculated on the EPA fuel economy ratings program. To obtain the entire $4,500 credit, your new vehicle must be at least 10 miles per gallon higher if it is a passenger car and 5 miles per gallon higher if you are getting rid of a truck or SUV. So if the new car is only 4–9 MPG more, you will get about $3,500, but if it’s 10 MPG and more, you will get another $1,000 giving you the maximum credit of $4,500.

I think it’s quite sad that the Saab is going to meet a certain death through this program as I have always been on principle, more about giving every Saab a new chance at life opposed to automatically choosing to part or crush it for parts and/or scrap value based on a few blemishes.

Moreover, if Saab had a hybrid right now such as the 9-X BioHybrid Concept Car, I am willing to bet that this individual would have purchased the Saab instead, but I am guessing that by default, he’s going with the Prius because well, how many real hybrids are actually on the market?

This program is set to expire November 1st or sooner if the funds run out, so hypothetically, if you are in the market for a new car in the United states and qualify for this program, make sure you buy one before this deadline, because you could get this credit in addition to the entire sales tax deductible as well this year thanks to the IRS indicated earlier this spring. Furthermore, and for good measure, make sure you buy a Saab.

Although it’s quite sad seeing the Saab go in place of a Toyota from a fellow Saab owner nearby, I think this kind of situation should spell out another clear opportunity for Saab, which must work hard to meet, keeping existing owners in the brand with new products. At the very least, I hope the owner at least parted out the ski racks and some other items before it went to the crusher for others to enjoy! Does NHTSA thoroughly examine each car for completeness before it gets crushed?

I urge you to take a look at this article at the New York Times, it’s a very interesting read. I also suggest you visit the EPA’s “Cash Allowance Rebate System” (CARS) program, for all of the details.

While I don’t agree with Mr. Edwards going to Prius instead of a new Saab, I do think the New York Times covered this new CARS program well, however their focus on the cosmetic aspects of the Saab 9000 was not enough justification for a new car sale. If Mr. Edwards consulted with a good Saab mechanic, enthusiast or did some quick searches online, he could have simply replaced his bumper from a local salvage yard and a new hood emblem from Saab USA Parts and other items for just a few hundred dollars.

When my Wife and I picked up our 1997 Saab 9000 last June which was also heading to the crusher by the owner, it had a rusty hood, paint cracking on both front and rear bumpers, exhaust rusted away, faulty display computer,electrical ground issues, both headlights sandblasted & cracked, and both emblems flaked away, etc, etc., Did all of those “problems” stop us, no. Now our car is in great working order, after some necessary tender loving care, much like one would do on a fixer-upper home, so why is there a double standard for repairing and restoring cars when people have no problem restoring a home? Both the homes as well as automobiles rack up age over time and use, and both need repair.

I did enjoy this article, I just don’t think this particular car was the best candidate for the CARS program, Saab or not, it just had some cosmetic issues that could have been easily resolved.

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GM Business Plan To be 900+ Pages Submitted at 6pm, 2.17.2009

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The New York Times recently reports that the GM Business Plan is to be 900+ pages and will be submitted to the U.S. Treasury at 6pm, exactly 2 hours after the stock market closes tomorrow, February 17th, 2009.

I wonder how many pages are included in the Saab Automobile AB sustainability plan? Anyone with more information on this?

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