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Swedish Minister Maud Olofsson Visits Saab In Trollhattan

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Photo Credit: SVT

The Swedish Minister, Maud Olofsson is visiting Saab in Trollhattan today according to TTELA

The last time she visited Saab in their home town was back on February 23rd, the day after the company filed for reconstruction, which ended up lasting six-months. […]

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Saab Sighting Of The Week “Manhattan From Trollhattan”

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The Saab sighting of the week this week is a 1997 Saab 9000 CS with NH plates “Manhatn”, clearly a reference to a place the owner either lived or wants to live, apparently living in exile in New Hampshire.

What I think is interesting about this vanity plate reference is that Saab also made a connection to this reference in a book published in 2002. This book focused on Saab’s first home, Trollhättan, Sweden in comparison to their first home in the United States, Manhattan, titled “Manhattan / Trollhättan” pictured below.

With Saab returning back to their Swedish Roots in Trollhättan, Sweden, wouldn’t it make sense for their United States roots to follow suit? The recent poll asking Saab History visitors where Saab Cars North America should move their new headquarters to, 2nd place goes to New York, NY


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Saab History Learns That BAIC Plans To Continue Old Saab 9-5 Production In Beijing, China

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Saab History has learned at the recent 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show that BAIC, the ones that just signed a memorandum of understanding with Koenigsegg, plan on continuing the old Saab 9-5 production in Beijing, China once the all new Saab 9-5 production begins in Trollhattan, Sweden.

Although the old 9-5 Sedan ended production during the first week in July and it’s 9-5 SportCombi counterpart will cease production in March of 2010, that production has been indicated to be continuing on in China at some point.

While all of Saab Automobile’s new products will be built in Trollhättan, Sweden, their old 9-5 now in its 12th year, will continue on for presumably the Chinese only-market. Initially learning about this plan, I was not alarmed as much as the news that came recently from TTELA who spoke to BAIC’s CEO Wang Dazong, where he indicated that he not only wants production, but technology and intellectual property rights from Saab Automobile as well.

I think that recycling a good product is one thing and keeping it alive is a nice idea for a particular market, (I wish they could have done this with the old C900), but wanting Saab’s technology and intellectual rights sounds exactly like what hurt Saab with GM all of these years and I don’t want that repeated with BAIC.

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Saab Design Center In Trollhattan, Sweden Relaunched

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Photo Credit: Saab History, 2007

The Saab Design Center has been recently relaunched back in Trollhättan, Sweden according to insiders close to the process as Saab History has recently learned.

This Saab Design Center facility is now located near the Saab Technical Center across the street from the factory, which is the original site for the design center as showcased in the 1999 Promo film with former Saab designers, Einar Hareide and Tony Catignani.

You may recall that four years ago, Saab Automobile’s design team prepared for a relocation to Germany, by initially launching what was known as the Saab Brand Center which was located in Mölnlycke/Pixbo region of Sweden near Goteborg. This Saab Brand Center was established to maintain Saab’s design DNA. A year later, it happened, the team from the Saab Design Center in Trollhattan and their equipment, were relocated to the new GM Europe Design Center in Russelheim, Germany, except the folks at the Saab Brand Center.

Over the course of this year, the GM Europe Design facility has been in the process of relocating back to the Saab Design Center in Trollhättan, Sweden. This facility will not only include the staff that chose to move to Sweden from Germany (unsure if anyone has moved), but also the staff that includes Simon Padian and his brand design team that have recently been consolidated from the Saab Brand Center in Mölnlycke/Pixbo as well.

It’s very encouraging to hear that all of Saab Automobile’s design expertise including the Saab Brand Center, will be one cohesive and integrated unit appropriately located together in Trollhattan, Sweden like it was from the very beginning.

Saab Automobile’s design has returned home, although some close to the matter say it has never really left thanks to the Saab Brand Center launch back in 2005, which maintained the Saab design language ever since. Either way, this is a good day.

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Swedish Company Launching Next Gen Electric Cars?

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Photo Credit: Allt Om Motor

Allt Om Motor has recently published a piece on next generation cars, with this particular one outfitted in a Saab 9-3 convertible!

This particular piece reminds me of the 2006 Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid Convertible concept.

Swedish company behind the next-generation electric cars.
2009-06-25 14:13

The Swedish company Electro Engine in Sweden AB has developed a new system that enables high-performance electric of conventional cars today is powered by internal combustion. Demonstration vehicles shown to the public during Almedal Week. The launch will take place June 29 kl. 09.00 in Visby harbor.

The system, known as True ElectricTM, can be used directly in the manufacture of new machine cars. It can also be used to convert second-hand cars to pure electric cars. This can be done without any reduction in car safety and performance. Moreover, the system has the potential to be far more cost effective than the system used for electric traction in the market today. A key component is a revolutionary and patent-pending systems for battery management.

Electro Engines CEO, Thomas Bergensfjord, notes, “many want to continue running stylish, practical and safe cars with good performance while they are keen to choose a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative. With True ElectricTM can now combine electric cars environmental friendliness and low running costs with the existing cars function and performance. For example, we may have a SAAB 9-3 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, reaching a speed of 180 km/h and run 15-20 mil of clean electricity without we changed the car exterior or interior – with both the trunk and pull the hook to go. ”

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Saab Automobile AB’s 9 Days Until Reconstruction Ends

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Saab Automobile has just 9 more days until this three-month reconstruction process will come to an end on May 20th, with a decision to be made about their future.

This process for reconstruction as indicated in the court documents officially began back on February 20th, 2009 at a press conference when Saab Automobile made the announcement just three days after GM publicly indicated their intent to offload the brand by December 31st, 2009.

At a cost of approximately $822 million dollars, this process was not cheap, however I am hopeful and optimistic that Guy Lofalk and the Saab Automobile AB reconstruction team worked hard to ensure Saab Automobile met their reconstruction objectives. These four reconstruction objectives involve insuring that the process completes, they are decoupled from GM, they produce products for their potential buyers and that once reconstructed, they will be stronger as a company moving forward than they were when they started.

In looking back at this process so far, Saab Automobile AB have managed to come through all of the checkpoints including the critical milestone of April 6th, where the Swedish court allowed them to cross over mid-review towards completion.

There are now just 9 days until the reconstruction process completes, and if the process does not need to be extended according to the time line, there will be an announcement, negotiations will commence between Saab Automobile AB and their new owner(s), financial control will and the equity will be restored for Saab Automobile AB as a newly independent company exactly as planned.

This week, Saab Automobile AB will be launching a new advertising campaign in their home market of Sweden this week, to indicate this new era of independence for the company.

The victory party will be taking place on July 17th through the 19th known as “Saab Days” in Trollhättan, Sweden.

I am excited about this process and it sounds like there is going to be a nice light at the end of the tunnel.

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Prospective Buyers Tour Saab Automobile Facilities

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

Sweden’s “The Local” confirms reports that the prospective buyers for Saab Automobile are still visiting the facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden at this time.

It is unclear if all the 27 that have signed the confidentiality agreements with Deutche Bank who are managing this process along with the reconstruction team, are touring the facilities.

Here’s the piece from the local.

Suitors tour Saab headquarters

Buyers interested in purchasing in beleaguered Saab Automobile have been visiting the company’s main base of operations this week to get more information about its factories, organization, and business plan.

According to Saab spokesperson Gunilla Gustavs, a total of 27 potential suitors have signed confidentiality agreements indicating they are serious about making a bid for the Swedish automaker, which is currently undergoing a court-ordered restructuring.

“There may be more. Several are Swedish, but most of them are international. A number have ties to the auto industry. Others belong to other sectors, such as finance and investment companies,” Gustavs said to the TT news agency.

Saab CEO Jan Ã…ke Jonsson is meeting with potential buyers this week at the company’s Trollhättan headquarters in western Sweden and in the coming weeks will also receive representatives from Deutsche Bank, which Saab has hired to manage the sale process.

Plans for US owners General Motors (GM) to complete the sale of Saab in June remain on schedule. Saab currently has until May 20th to complete the restructuring process, but has already indicated that it may request an extension from the Vänersborgs District Court.

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2010 SAAB 9-3x Cross Combi Debuts At New York Auto Show

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile USA

Saab Automobile USA’s Jan-Willem Vester has provided Saab History with a recent press release about the Saab 9-3x Cross-Combi debuting at the New York Auto Show this Thursday.

Here is the press release below:


Latest in 9-3 Family Combines Advanced Cross-Wheel Drive With Fuel Efficiency

DETROIT – Saab will introduce the 2010 9-3X at the 2009 New York International Auto Show on April 8, a rugged all-rounder aimed at active individualists seeking an alternative to a large crossover or SUV. It is the vehicle’s North American debut, following its world premiere last month at the Geneva Auto Show.

Developed and manufactured at Saab’s headquarters in Trollhättan, Sweden, the 9-3X is designed to stylishly transport outdoor enthusiasts to their adventures. It features distinctive looks; a versatile SportCombi body; higher stance; and advanced all-wheel-drive technology. On top of that, the 9-3X also offers fuel efficiency and functional storage without limits on the kinds of roads it can travel.

In the 9-3X, the acclaimed Saab Cross Wheel Drive (XWD) system – which made its debut in the Turbo X limited edition model last year – will be combined with the fuel-efficient 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. The 9-3X embodies Saab’s “EcoPower” technology philosophy, which aims at combining a dynamic driving experience with an efficient use of resources to achieve responsible performance.

Distinctive appeal

Saab designers raised the chassis of the two-wheel-drive 9-3 SportCombi 1.4 inches (35 mm) and added automatic body-leveling so the 9-3X can handle a rugged driving terrain regardless of the load on the rear axle. It is designed for those who frequently travel gravel or unpaved roads, without compromising the driving experience on asphalt.

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