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Countdown to Launch: New Saab 9-5 Ready to Roll

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Countdown to Launch: New Saab 9-5 Ready to Roll

* More than 500,000 km of chassis testing on European roads
* Handling, ride, refinement assessed across 250 measurement criteria
* Unique challenge of forest test track near Arctic Circle
* Customer order book already open in many markets

From the frozen wastes of northern Sweden to the baking plains of southern Spain, Saab’s chief test driver Peter Johansson and his small team of chassis experts have driven on some of the most challenging roads in Europe to fine-tune the dynamics of the next generation Saab 9-5.

Peter and his team clocked up more than 500,000 kilometers, the equivalent of driving 12 times round the world, in their quest to find the best set-up. That meant optimizing two different suspension layouts, front and all-wheel-drive transmissions, passive and adaptive chassis functions and two steering systems with different brakes, wheel sizes and tires, as well as five powertrain options.

Customers will soon enjoy the results of their work. In many markets, the 9-5 order book is already open and the first deliveries of Saab’s new flagship sedan will begin later this year.

The six-strong driving team focused on a core test fleet of 15 cars, including all the major technical permutations, and established a matrix for evaluating handling, ride and refinement across almost 250 measurement criteria.

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Paul Adler Joins Saab U.K. Fleet Team

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Paul_Adler“We’re delighted to welcome Paul to the Saab team,” said Saab GB boss Jonathan Nash. “Paul brings a wealth of experience of the motor industry and, in particular, the important fleet market.

“Saab has a clear plan for 2010 and beyond and we need the right people to help us achieve our ambitions,” he said. “I think this move endorses the industry view that Saab is back in 2010 and is serious about the fleet market.”

Adler said: ”I am excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead. Saab has a strong brand in the UK and a fiercely loyal customer base, and is now focused on rebuilding confidence after the uncertainty affecting Saab in 2009. However, with the all-new 9-5 Saloon order banks opening last month and with exciting developments for 9-3 and other new Saab models just around the corner, Saab has a great current portfolio, passionate dealerships, a bright future and the ability to succeed in the UK market.”

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Erik "On The Roof" Carlsson Turns 81 Years Old

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Legendary Saab rally driver, Erik “On The Roof” Carlsson or “Mr. Saab” to others, turns 81 years old today. Erik “På taket” Carlsson, or in Swedish meaning “on the roof”, was born March 5, 1929 in Trollhättan, Sweden.

The nickname On the roof, apparently originated by from the children’s book, “Karlsson på taket” by Astrid Lindgren. In this book,the Karlsson character lived on the roof of an apartment building. This “on the roof” name was given to Erik Carlsson because he had the infrequent habit of rolling his Saab rally car on its roof.

Erik joined SAAB as a rally driver, just after the first SAAB 92 model was produced and participated in his first rally with it, the Rikspokalen in 1955. Carlsson, married to Pat Moss on March 3rd, 1963, began a relationship that expanded well beyond the homefront. Patt Moss (1934-2008), a younger sister of legendary rally driver, Stirling Moss eventually became Erik Carlsson’s co-pilot through most of his successful rally career.

The early SAABs that Erik Carlsson drove were significantly underutilized two-stroke vehicles that required the driver to keep the high revolutions up while moving, which meant high speeds at all times. When driving these “strokers” at high speeds at all times, Erik Carlsson developed what was called “left foot” braking where you use your left foot to brake while in the same instance, your right foot to maintain the speed at all times.

While Erik Carlsson maintained 1st place in most of his rally circuits, the most notable rally he participated in was the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally where he was victorious.

The year following this victory, both Erik Carlsson and Pat Moss wrote a book called “The Art & Technique of Driving”.

The most recent book on Erik Carlsson’s career was published in 1999, titled “Mr. Saab”. The Mr Saab title was given to Erik “On the Roof” Carlsson by Saab Automobile as he ended his rally career to continue a public relations career for the Swedish car company.

Today, Erik Carlsson has been known to make appearances at various Saab Festivals and Saab Conventions all over the world including the recent Save Saab event in the United Kingdom where he continues to hold the Saab torch. With any luck, maybe you will get a chance to meet this legendary Saab rally champion to thank him for all of the recognition, attention and history he has brought to the Saab Automobile brand ever since.

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Saab Dealers In U.K. Host Independence Day Event

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Saab Dealerships in the United Kingdom are hosting an independence day event beginning this Friday, February 26th through Monday, March 1st.

“With new independent ownership to luxury Dutch carmaker Spyker in place, this really is an exciting time for us and all our customers. So over the weekend of Friday February 26th to Monday March 1st, we’re celebrating Saab independence. And you can celebrate too.”

For more details on this event, please click here.

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Saab History Confirms Spyker Statement Will Be Today

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Saab History has heard from Spyker Cars, PR company, PFPR in the U.K. that there will be a statement made today. It is quite probable that this statement will be made within the next few hours given that it’s getting close to the end of the day in Europe according to the Mike Stainton, of PFPR.

“I can confirm that a statement will be issued by Spyker today.”

Update: I have just learned from PFPR, the company Spyker uses that, that this news will make us happy. That sounds good!

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The “Save Saab” Gathering In Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Saab Club of Denmark had an unknown amount of Saabs that were in attendance to convoy to Trollhattan, Sweden as part of the “Save Saab” campaign.

Click here for more photos.

We assembled at the square in front of the Town Hall, in Copenhagen, where we were 35 Saab’s.

After a photoshoot by the Town Hall, the convoy drove to the American Embassy. Here we had another photoshoot.

The Danish convoy to Trollhättan, were 20 Saab’s and 35 people, including Mike from the UK and two guys in a Dutch Saab 96.

Danish press was also present, including three camerateams, Denmarks largest newspaper, and to danish automagazines.

The two automagazines and Danish TV2 television followed us to Trollhättan – of course driving in Saab’s.

What did we learn in Sweden this weekend? Well, here you go:

– The new Saab 9-5 is a VERY cool car. It’s doesn’t look as big as the measurements indicate. It is however very, very spacious inside.

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The "Save Saab" Gathering In The United Kingdom

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Photo Credits: UK Saab Club

It was quite impressive to see the U.K. Saab club put together an outstanding turnout, even with Erik “On The Roof” Carlsson in attendance!

Click here for more photographs, absolutely incredible!

Press statement Save Our Saab Support Convoy, 17th January 2010, the follow up

!7th January has been a remarkable day for Saab Supporters all over the world.
In a very short span of time many Convoys have been organised in the period wherein mixed messages from GM made clear that the future of Saab is hanging on a fine thread.
Just before Christmas we heard that GM had not received, from their point of view, realistic bids to ensure a satisfying sale of this beloved brand. Preparations were made to wind production activities and business down.

After that devastating news many loyal followers of Saab decided to organise efforts to have their voice heard and try to do all possible to gain international interest for the survival of this iconic brand that has contributed so much to modern road traffic regarding safety and reliability. Meanwhile several interested parties were reviewing their bids to adjust it and make it more attractive for GM to reconsider sale of Saab.

The strength of the brand has always been the enthusiasm and engineering excellence from engineers, with their technological knowledge based on the highly demanding aerospace industry, mixed with local experience about climatologically and environmentally harsh conditions. Only he who has been confronted with crossing Elks will come up with an Elk test….

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Saab History Interviewed By Swedish Radio Today

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Saab History was recently interviewed by Swedish Radio this morning. We spoke about the Saab Enthusiast gathering to save Saab near the GM Headquarters in Detroit that will take place this Tuesday, January 5th.

I need to clarify that this is a gathering, not a demonstration as indicated by Swedish Radio. The intent is to be present and show our Saab spirit in support of Saab being sold.

Click here on Swedish Radio’s website to listen to the interview or click the image above.


How is the response for the gathering in Detroit?

I continue to hear from individuals around the United States and Canada that are willing to take a day off of work, and in some cases, two days off depending on their travel distance to make the drive to Detroit to stand up for a company they believe should be given the chance to be sold. I don’t have exact numbers just yet, but we see a decent interest so far and we think that when the new week starts, that will continue to grow.

Why are you doing the gathering

As you know the international Saab community is quite strong and devoted towards Saab. That being said, many Saab groups in Europe have planned gatherings in Sweden, Netherlands and the U.K. to send their message that Saab needs to be saved. It seemed logical to follow this idea here in the United States.

Therefore, I thought it was very important on this final week where Saab’s fate will be determined, to gather near the GM headquarters where the decision will be made. At the gathering we intend to show our Saab spirit, and send a message to the media & press that will also be attending, that we want Saab to be saved by being sold to one of the interested buyers.

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