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European Investment Bank Says Loan Still Available For Saab Automobile

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Joe Oliver, at Saab Automobile has indicated that the European Investment Bank say that the loan still applies for Saab should a new owner come in even though the Koenigsegg Group terminated their agreement to purchase Saab. as referenced on realtid.se

This is positive news especially with a company that may or may not even need extra money. A good incentive with most of the application legwork already done can only be a positive at this time and nice to know the loan was not unique to the Koenigsegg Group.

EIB’s decision to loan to Saab of 400 million still applies, says EIB Eva Srejber to Realtid.se. Koenigsegg-defection alters nothing – but a new analysis should be done.

Eva Srejber, vice president of the European Investment Bank and former relay Riksbank (99-07).

EIB loan agreed in late October, and is addressed to Saab and not to the Koenigsegg Group, explains Eva Srejber. Thus, it freezes not because of Koenigsegg Group on Tuesday announced the defection.

– The ownership change is not unusual for us, when we make such an analysis of the new owners, “says Eva Srejber, which since July 2007 is one of nine members of the European Investment Bank’s management team, and as such responsible for the Bank’s financing activities in Sweden.

– It was a loan to Saab, and the analysis was that Koenigsegg Group would enter the new owner.

But that now is not so alters not loan: a condition that the sports car manufacturer Saab will take is not in the loan agreement between the Bank and Saab Automotive AB.

Will GM be able to count on the Bank-million?

– It depends, I can not say about the future ownership of Saab. But we will do a new analysis of the future ownership picture, when it clears.

Can conditions be changed?

– Yes, in light of the strength of the future ownership picture.

For all EIB loans, there should be a “non-objection from the European Commission and the Government of the country the investment is made. In addition occurs. if there is a state guarantee, a state aid investigation, which ran in the European Commission after the Bank took its lending decisions. In the process, however, was not involved, the EIB, but it is a process between the Commission and the Government:

– Non-opposition to the loan per se is finished, because it is part of the treatment before it is entered into our board, “says Eva Srejber.

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The History On BAIC’s CEO, Wang Dazong

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wang.jpgBAIC, the company that will be continuing the production of the old Saab 9-5 after signing an MOU with Koenigsegg Group is led by CEO, Wang Dazong.

Wang Dazong, born in China, educated in the U.S., is no stranger to the automotive industry taking the CEO position with BAIC in February of 2008 after working as the Vice President with Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC) since March of 2006.

Prior to working with both SAIC and BAIC, Dazong was a former chief engineer and design manager at GM, not surprisingly. During his 20-year career at GM which began in 1985, he started out as an engineer and then rose to a chief engineer then manager making design and product development decisions and worked closely with Rick Wagoner, former CEO of GM according to Forbes.

With BAIC now working to not only take on the continued production of the old 9-5 sedan and sportcombi models in China, Dazong indicates that he also wants Saab technology and safety engineering as part of their nearly 33% stake in the newly independent Saab Automobile company much like GM did over their 20-year ownership of Saab according to TTELA.

Here’s hoping history does not repeat itself, for Saab’s sake.

His CV details are below.

1973: Student exchange programme in US
1980: Masters degree, School of Central China Science and Engineering
1984: Doctoral degree, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering, Cornell University, New York

1985: Joins General Motors
2006: General manager and chief engineer, Greater China Operations of
Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems; vice-president, SAIC Motor
2008, joined BAIC.

Source: Management Today

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GM’s Premium Channel VP, Mark McNabb, Resigns From General Motors After Only 13 Months

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GM’s Premium Channel VP, Mark McNabb, the one that has been writing all of the letters recently to Saab Automobile dealers, has just resigned after 13 months.

It’s interesting, because he has resigned just before June 1st, when GM needs to prove that they are restructuring properly so that they aren’t forced into bankruptcy. I am guessing that he’s leaving with his golden parachute before GM goes belly up on June 1st.

Here’s the piece from the Detroit News.

This leaves just Steve Shannon, as the only one spending some of his day with Saab in the United States. That’s effectively all that Saab USA is today, but that’s under the old GM regime, which I hope will be changed with the new Saab just around the corner.

Detroit — Mark McNabb, vice president of General Motors Corp.’s premium Cadillac, Hummer and Saab brands, has resigned after 13 months with the automaker, the company said Thursday.

He will be replaced on an interim basis by Stephen J. Hill, general sales manager for GM’s premium channel.

Prior to joining GM, McNabb was a senior vice president for sales and marketing at Nissan North America.


Earlier this month, GM warned there would be cuts among the ranks of salaried employees and executives, but a company spokesman said it was McNabb’s decision to leave.

“He elected to pursue other career opportunities,” Cadillac spokesman Klaus-Peter Martin said Thursday. “A big part had to do with he wanted to be closer to his family,” in New Jersey.

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Saab Automobile Technical Director Interviewed By TTELA

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Photo Credit: TTELA

Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA interviews Saab Automobile Technical Director Mats Fägerhag.

It sounds quite positive!

Here’s the interview.

We get a kick start

Must Saab be included in a large group to survive?

– “Not at all,” says Technical Director Mats Fägerhag. Necessary co-operation can just as easily be done through partnerships.”

– “There is a completely different transparency for such solutions today.”

During the years the automotive industry have taught us large scale operations with shared components, development and production. Precisely for this reason many believe that Fiat would be the optimal ownership solution for Saab. But that is an outdated approach, says Saab’s CTO Mats Fägerhag to TTELA. Large corporations are not the only way to cut costs. An option as good as anyone is to be an independent company with various partnerships.

– “Everyone wants to find the volume by sharing investments with others. There is an openness to these things today that did not exist five years ago,” he says, and continues:

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GM Supplier Statement on Saab Reorganization

Posted on 23. Feb, 2009 by .


Here is the GM Supplier statement press release on Saab reoganization.



GM Supplier Statement on Saab Reorganization

Saab Automobile AB announced today that it has filed for reorganization in Sweden. In response to the concerns received from Saab’s supplier base, General Motors Europe will promptly establish a viable mechanism for the timely payment of suppliers’ claims towards Saab.

“GM is fully committed to maintaining a viable and successful local and global supplier base during the Saab reorganization,” said Bo Andersson, GM group vice president for Global Purchasing and Supply Chain.

GM hopes this gesture will encourage suppliers to support efforts to help Saab reorganize into a fully independent business. During the reorganization, Saab Automobile AB will continue to operate as usual.


J. Christopher Preuss
GME Vice President & Global Product Communications

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TATA To Design & Develop Next Generation Gripen Jet

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Photo Credit: Jonas Tillgren / SAAB AB

According to the press, Tata Consultancy Services, a division of TATA, who said they are not interested in buying Saab Automobile back on January 5th, 2009, will apparently be designing and developing the next-generation Gripen fighter jet for the Swedish Aerospace company, SAAB.

SAAB Technologies will be creating an Aeronautical Design and Development Centre (ADDC) in India which will allow them to save on costs. Evidently, according to SAAB Technologies CEO, Mr. Ã…ke Svensson, this collaboration will include more than just this project.

I guess this confirms Tata’s lack of interest in Saab Automobile as they will now have their hands full with SAAB Technologies next-generation Gripen Jet project.

Here is an excerpt of the news:

BANGALORE: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will design and develop the next-generation fighter jet Gripen for the Swedish aerospace major Saab,
a senior official of the IT bellwether said here Monday. Saab, whose strike fighter Gripen is in race for the Indian Air Force (IAF) order to induct 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) in its fleet, has set up an aeronautical design and development centre with TCS in Bangalore for the multi-million, multi-year contract.

“As part of the contract, we will transfer technology and competencies in the aerospace sector to the TCS centre, which will play a key role in the development of the next-generation Gripen and other products,” Saab vice-president Kjell Moller told reporters here.

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Saab History Interviews Former Saab USA President Joel Manby

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Photo Credit: Manby (L-to-R Ralph Millet, Joel Manby, Bob Sinclair)

I have recently had the privilege of interviewing Joel Manby, the former Saab USA President from June of 1996 until April of 2000.

Below is his updated and candid account of our interview, it is a great read, so take the time and enjoy!

Thank you Joel for your time and contribution, we all appreciate it!

Saab History: How Did you end up joining Saab Cars USA in June of 1996?

Manby: I worked at Saturn as a Regional Vice President and was picked to lead Saab Cars USA in order to improve the dealership distribution network by making it more focused and more profitable.

I used to co own some retail dealerships so I knew how important the car buying experience was in the customer’s final decision on what brand to buy, especially since it was the 2nd most expensive purchase a family would make after a home. I also knew that our competitors like BMW, Audi and Volvo had a much more profitable and focused dealer network. I was determined to reinvigorate the dealership network to turn around the car buying experience to one that was enthusiastic for not only the customer, but the dealership’s sales team as well. We were asking dealers to invest in exclusive dealerships and sales people so in many cases we actually removed some dealers who were not committed or dueled with poor brands in order to get other dealers to invest heavily. Our basic goal was to go from selling 25,000 Saabs through 360 poorly focused stores (average = 70/year per store) to 40,000 sold Saabs through 240 stores (a more focused and profitable average of 170/year per store). Dealers need to know they can be profitable before they will invest.

Saab History: How did this strategy work?

Manby: The units sold per dealership increased to over 150/store as did the national sales figures which topped 40,000 during my time. We had more exclusive stores than any time in recent history and had the 2nd highest sales year in Saab history to that point….so I would say it worked well. We also gained huge share in Southern California where we were almost non existent.

Saab History: Consistent advertising was never something that Saab had, what did you do to turn this around?

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GM’s Mark LaNeve Says Saab To Be Sold By March

Posted on 23. Dec, 2008 by .


CNN Money indicates that General Motor’s Vice President of North American Sales, Service & Marketing expects to have developments ready to sell Saab by March. March is the deadine in which the White House and the United States Treasury will be reviewing how the bailout funds provided to GM, have been used.

If you listened to Mark LaNeve’s response to my question about GM’s support of the Saab brand back in January at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show, this quote below should again come as no surprise.

LaNeve said the auto maker expects to announce significant developments in efforts to sell its Saab and Hummer brands by the end of March 2009.

All I can say to this at this point, is to a fruitful post-GM era for Saab Automobile in 2009!

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