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SCANIA AB Reports That Saab Spyker Name Change Okay

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The SCANIA GROUP AB reports that the Saab Spyker name change is okay. As far as the Griffin emblem is concerned, it looks like SCANIA will have a say in the use of that.


Dear Ryan

The company name, i.e. Saab, is not an issue for Scania.

When it regards the use of the Griffin symbol, there is an agreement between the parties concerned (Saab, Saab Automobile and Scania) which stipulates how and what etc. Until the acquisition not is finalised, I don’t want to speculate on your second question but just to say that Scania will have a say in the future use of the Griffin symbol.

Best regards



P.S. As an old Saab friend, I hope that the brand that got me interested in cars and motor sports really will survive and be well maintained in the future. I was brought up at the times when Erik Carlsson, Stig Blomkvist and Per Eklund were kings of the Rally sport. My first car memories are from my father’s green Saab 92 (which by the later were replaced by Ford Anglia and Volvo PV and Amazon).

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Saab 9-3x Review Reinterates TTiD Without The XWD

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Photo Credit: Automobile

A review in the Irish Times reports that the Saab 9-3x, while a good addition to the existing 9-3 lineup is difficult to appreciate given it’s lack of integration of two of the most important technologies, together in one model.

These technologies that are mutually exclusive of course are the TTiD, 1.9 liter Diesel engine and the XWD, Cross-Wheel Drive system.

As we learned, the reason for not integrating them together was due to the amount CO2 output which exceeded the Swedish Government’s mandated amount so therefore Saab would not receive the certain tax credits, etc. if they chose to offer it. Of course, Saab could have offered this combination if customers required it and not get the tax credits, but that unfortunately did not appear to be considered.

The second reason about why the combination was not offered was that Saab Automobile also believed there wouldn’t be enough buyers wanting this combination, to justify it as well. I have to disagree with this, especially given that diesel wagons in the United States in particular are selling so fast that dealers cannot even keep them on the lot and pre-owned diesel vehicles are seeing very high prices as well. Then of course, think about a diesel wagon, that’s raised like the Audi, Volvo or Subaru, but this is not just diesel, it has cross-wheel drive as well. While the product came out seven years later than it was planned, with that combination, it may have a chance.

So, is it too late for Saab to give customers the option if they are interested in having both TTiD & XWD outfitted on the 9-3x? Time will tell.

In the meantime, here’s the review below discussing this issue.

FIRSTDRIVE SAAB 9-3X : Saab’s lifestyle crossover should fit KYLE FORTUNE’s life perfectly.

I ski and I own a mountain bike; for my birthday this year I received windsurfing lessons and I’ve even been known to do a spot of paragliding. Oh, and some golf, too. Badly. I’d never consider myself the sort of “lifestyle” person marketing people get so excited about in new car presentations, but I guess I fit the mould fairly well. At a push I reckon I could find the money to spend on Saab’s 9-3X SportWagon.

It should suit me perfectly – I’ve always liked estates (have you ever tried to get skis into a saloon?) and I guess I’m a practical kind of chap at heart. I can’t walk past an outdoor gear shop without wandering inside and wondering how I could possibly justify buying another GoreTex jacket, which means I’m usually to be found wearing some sort of technical clothing that offers capabilities way beyond what I actually need. Which is why I love cars like this.

Like those outdoor shops, I find plastic-clad wheel arches and big chunky bumpers on an estate absolutely irresistible. Add the raised ride height and I’m smitten. I think all estates should look this rugged, but if you’re like me, you’ve only really got a choice of four: Audi’s allroads (the A4 or the A6), Volvo’s XC70 and Subaru’s Legacy Outback. And this new Saab. It’s hardly surprising that two of the crossover machines come from Scandinavian firms, as the sort of conditions we have to deal with once in a lifetime have to be lived with for months at a time in their home markets.

So the 9-3X has all-wheel drive – XWD, in Saab-speak. At least it does on the version we tested, this 9-3X having a 207bhp 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine. But the chances of anyone in Ireland buying this model are slim, not least because its 194g/km emission figure puts it in band F and will result in annual road tax of €1,050. So, the 1.9-litre TTiD turbodiesel makes more sense – €302 a year to tax and likely to have a much more attractive price. Factor in the diesel’s fuel consumption advantage; at 5.5l/100km – compared to 8.1l/100km for the petrol – on the combined cycle, and it’s a good deal more parsimonious. It’s not much slower either, the diesel only trailing the petrol’s 0-100km/h time of 8.2 seconds by a mere tenth of a second.

Diesel it is then, but a quick look at the specification states that if you want the diesel, you can only have it in front-wheel drive. That’s shattered any fantasies of winter drives in the Alps for me. When I’m at the bottom of a snowy track I want all wheels driven, and snow chains in the boot. The 9-3X TTiD is a charlatan then, a pseudo off-roader without the ability to match its looks.

We could perhaps forgive this if it was otherwise outstanding, but the 9-3 feels old and the addition of an X doesn’t change that. The usual Saab quirks remain – a transmission tunnel ignition and cup holder that opens with an action like the stop-motion footage of a flower blossoming. Then there’s the Nightpanel button that blacks out all but the speedometer’s dial to lessen distraction and eye strain. Why the rest of the industry hasn’t copied this remains a mystery. It looks good, inside and out, but it’s otherwise utterly forgettable to drive. It steers, stops and goes, but with nothing resembling verve.

Years of GM stewardship and underinvestment has left Saab on the ropes, trailing its premium rivals and only just keeping up with the mainstream. Every bit of me wanted to like the 9-3X, but it just didn’t stack up.

Saab used to stand for out-there engineering, quirky detailing and individuality – I remember reading adverts stating that, through the gears, Saabs could out-accelerate Lamborghinis. That a 9-3 driver stopped to mention that their car was just an Opel when they spotted me getting out of the 9-3X SportWagon does rather suggest a brand that’s lost its lustre.

If there is hope, it’s that Saab is to be taken over by Swedish supercar firm, Koenigsegg. If it can inject the new 9-5 and the 9-3’s replacement with some of the lunacy of its own hypercars, Saab should have a future. I hope they ski too.

** Saab will launch the 9-3X in Ireland in time for January 2010

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Saab Automobile Continue Tomas Ledin Tour With 9-3x

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

Saab Automobile AB’s website provides yet more information and photos of their exhibition with singer, Tomas Ledin who has been on a spring tour that Saab History covered in June.

As part of this tour, the Saab 9-3x is present, and available for those to take a closer look at.

For more photos, please take a look at the website directly.

As we reported previously, Saab and Volvo have joined another Swedish icon – singer Tomas Ledin – on his nationwide tour, and this extraordinary collaboration has really been turning heads.

We went along to Ledin’s latest concert in Helsingborg to witness the unusual sight of these two rival car companies exhibiting together.

The Saab and Volvo tent was packed with Ledin fans who were taking a closer look at two striking new models, the Volvo V70 DRIVe and Saab’s new multi-terrain performance vehicle the Saab 9-3X, both of which have been met with rave reviews.

And at the entrance to the venue, another two cars were involved in an unofficial ‘Swedish Beauty Contest’ as the Saab 9-3 Convertible and the Volvo C70 were showcased side by side. Both drop-tops are great examples of Swedish automotive design at its best, but the real question is – which car do you prefer?

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Saab Hopes For Increased Sales With 9-3x Addition

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TTELA, Trollhattan, Sweden’s own local newspaper reports that Saab Automobile hopes for increased sales with the 9-3x addition coming this fall, says Annicka Troedsson.

The sales as we know during Saab’s reconstruction period were quite dismal, but they have picked up globally as well, particularly since the recent news about Koenigsegg’s memorandum of understanding with Saab Automobile.

However, it’s going to take some serious funding to be secured so that the production will grow and sales will significantly increase.

Here’s their article below.

ROLL IN … Saab hopes much of its 9-3X, which will be available after the summer. According to information manager Annicka Troedsson Saab’s total orders increased slightly in June.

Lousy sales for Saab has lost half of the Swedish market during the reconstruction

TROLLHÄTTAN Worst development of all.

New sales in Sweden the first half of 2009 shows extremely poor figures for Saab. Compared with the same period in 2008, sales have fallen by 63 percent.

Saab percentage pin is the largest for any brand except for a couple of Luxury Vehicles which only sells a few copies each year. The market share halved, from eight percent the first half of 2008 to four percent. It shows the figures provided by trade association Bil Sweden published yesterday.

– It reflects the situation we find ourselves 
 in the recession and recovery, “said Troedsson Annicka, Communications Manager for Saab Sweden.

New owner important

She points out that it is urgently vital to get everything ready with a new owner. But the question is still uncertain, with new speculation about Fiat as a possible Saab Owner, which started again on Tuesday.

– We are in negotiation with Koenigsegg. The speculation is in the media, I do not want to comment, saying Annicka Troedsson.

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Robert J. Sinclair, A SlideShow Of Memories (1932-2009)

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Saab History has just received a very nice slideshow representing the memories and accomplishments of former President Of Saab-Scania Of America, Bob Sinclair.

Robert J. Sinclair, former CEO of SAAB in North America and beloved father, husband, and friend, passed away peacefully on May 10, 2009. He was a gifted pianist, raced sports cars, offshore powerboats and his beloved Volvo Burro dunebuggy, and had a lifelong passion for fine automobiles, motorcycles, classical music and native american fishes which he avidly studied and collected for his aquaria. His good friend John Stein assembled this slide show of snapshots from his life, which was played at a celebration of Bob’s life on June 20th 2009 near his home in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Saab History Eager To Test Drive 9-3x This Fall/Winter

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

The Saab 9-3x, or the 9-3x Cross-Combi as I like to call it, is planned on becoming available at dealerships worldwide this fall.

This vehicle will be the next vehicle available for consumers to purchase, and I hope that I will some day get the opportunity to own this vehicle.

I love the idea of the 9-3x through and through and had it been introduced in 2002 as it was supposed to be, it would’ve been an incredible sales opportunity for Saab Automobile then.

However, fast forward seven years later and the year is 2009, and Saab Automobile is now being relaunched with it’s new owner, Koenigsegg. The branding of the company appears to be continuing in a systematic way, emphasizing the outdoorsy and independently minded owners and the 9-3x shall be the vehicle that best represents Saab’s brand pillars today as their effective transition vehicle into the new era for the company.

The Saab 9-3x, utilizes a recently available & proven cross-wheel drive system abbreviated as XWD. The 9-3x compared to its counterpart SportCombi sibling, stands a bit taller, more agressive exterior styling and thus has better positioning to outsell the competition such as the Subaru Outback, Audi Quattro Wagon & the Volvo All-Wheel Drive Cross Country Wagon.

Fortunately, now living in New England where all of these cars are ubiquitous, we will see the real test for Saab, a vehicle that should serve this demographic well. So it’s all up to the funding and an all-out marketing blitz to get former Saab loyalists as well as conquest sales behind the wheel of the 9-3x this fall & winter 09/10 season.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the North East has historically been the hot bed for Saabs as we know, and should do well with this XWD equipped in a recognizable raised wagon form as an option for those sick of the typical Subaru/Audi/Volvo or SUV/CUV options. While the Turbo-X was the halo vehicle for the technology packed in a performance oriented product, the 9-3x will be the renaissance vehicle for Saab’s XWD, reflecting all of company’s virtues, most notably, utilitarianism outfitted in a right-sized, and Swedish designed yet agressive form.

I have test driven many cross-wheel drive Saab vehicles beginning with a 9-3 XWD prototype, then later, the 9-3 Turbo-X, and more recently a 9-3 SportCombi with XWD & eLSD and I must say the latter was by far the best, but I don’t see it ending there. It is my hope that I can test drive the 9-3x Cross-Combi this winter season here in the North East through some real snow and inclimate weather and send the message that Saab is here, their products are ready for the consumer and they’re on the move as they say in Sweden.

If I start seeing Saab 9-3x Cross-Combi’s in my neighborhood here in the next year, then I’ll finally be able to convince myself, that people are listening, learning and responding to this new era for the company. The specific region that I live in here in New England is all about the outdoors and all-wheel drive, so if this vehicle is not a hit here, Saab’s marketing in the United States has failed because the car is a winner, period. Here’s hoping this year’s marketing blitz sets the tone for the best advertising we’ve seen yet.

So, here’s hoping we begin to hear more about the 9-3x arriving at dealerships this fall, specifically what options they will come with, when exactly they will be here in the fall and so forth. I am hopeful that one of my site sponsors will receive one of these in the not-so-distant future and could provide me the opportunity to review it here on Saab History.

I am excited and eager along with my supportive Wife as we have our Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes & our recently acquired LL Bean tent, ready for a weekend real-life test drive & Saab adventure to report on here on Saab History.

For more information on the Saab 9-3x, please visit my archive, there are nearly 50 posts related to this product alone.

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Saab Automobile AB Partners With Swedish Entertainer Tomas Ledin For Summer Tour 2009

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Saab Automobile’s new blog has mentioned that Saab & Volvo will be partnering with a famous Swedish entertainer, Tomas Ledin on tour this summer.

The tour is anticipated to bring around some positive excitement for the newly independent company.

The Swedish entertainer Tomas Ledin has initiated a partnership together with Volvo and Saab for his summer tour 2009.

Tomas Ledin wants to support the Swedish car industry and highlight the fact: When things are going well for Swedish automotive industry, it is going well for Sweden.

Saab and Volvo will together have events and activities in connection to the shows, it will also be 2 cars on display, one from each brand.

Tomas Ledin, Volvo and Saab. All three, strong brands with the unique Swedish DNA!

More info about the tour at tomasledin.com.

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Saab Automobile Technical Director Interviewed By TTELA

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Photo Credit: TTELA

Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA interviews Saab Automobile Technical Director Mats Fägerhag.

It sounds quite positive!

Here’s the interview.

We get a kick start

Must Saab be included in a large group to survive?

– “Not at all,” says Technical Director Mats Fägerhag. Necessary co-operation can just as easily be done through partnerships.”

– “There is a completely different transparency for such solutions today.”

During the years the automotive industry have taught us large scale operations with shared components, development and production. Precisely for this reason many believe that Fiat would be the optimal ownership solution for Saab. But that is an outdated approach, says Saab’s CTO Mats Fägerhag to TTELA. Large corporations are not the only way to cut costs. An option as good as anyone is to be an independent company with various partnerships.

– “Everyone wants to find the volume by sharing investments with others. There is an openness to these things today that did not exist five years ago,” he says, and continues:

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