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The “Save Saab” Gathering In Southern, California

Posted on 18. Jan, 2010 by .



Photo Credit: Drew

The Southern California “Save Saab” convoy has just gotten back to Saab History with a Saab count of about 30.

The event seemed to go quite well for them as they described in their summary below. For more photos, click here.

We took about a 120 mile road trip up the California coast, to near the small town where the *Sideways* movie was filmed. We had about 30 cars in attendance, and had after party at a local tavern that was originally a stage coach stop in the pioneer days of the West Coast of America.

It was a balmy 55 degrees F despite how much clothing people appear to be wearing, and since we didn’t think there was a support convoy in Hawaii or Alaska, we were probably the last Save Saab Caravan still at it (the caravan part at least).

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Saab Sighting Of The Week "1992 Saab 900 Turbo Project In Los Angeles!"

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This week’s Saab Sighting Of The Week was quite a suprise when I received an e-mail over the weekend. This photo was taken by a camera phone (note it’s a bit wavy), of the Saab History 1992 Saab 900 Turbo Project that found a new home late last year in the West coast!

It was nice seeing this photo as I could see the critical “Made In Trollhattan” by Trolls sticker, the classic New England Saab Association Sticker and Saab-Salomon stickers and of course the Saab Rally Lights on the front, a throwback to Saab’s rally days.

I think it looks quite happy out there, in a good and resourceful new home with great year-round weather enjoying some nice travels in the area.

A thank you to the individual that shared this photo with me. I think the one who sent me this photo, did not know that this was once owned by Saab History, thinking it was just a random Saab sighting as it was not from the owner.

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General Motors Submittal To U.S. Treasury Extended Until 6pm, Followed By Press Conference At 6:30pm

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CNN Money reports that General Motors is now delaying their business plan submittal to the U.S. Treasury from 4pm to 6pm tonight.

It’s not surprising that General Motors cannot even meet a deadline, but I guess as long is it is taking place on the 17th, it’s okay.

Trollhattan Sweden’s TTELA, whom I just got off the phone with, also indicate that General Motors will have a press conference following this submittal, a half and hour later, at 6:30pm EST, which will be 12:30am for the folks in Sweden.

It’s going to be late night for us, but an even later night for the Swede’s who are 6 hours for those on the East Coast and 9 hours ahead of those on the West coast!

There’s nothing like dragging this news out until the 11th hour, almost quite literally in this instance today, whew!

Here is a loose translation from TTELA:

GM holds a press conference half a night

Tonight leaving General Motors its action to the U.S. Congress. Latest news is that GM intends to hold a press conference at its headquarters in Detroit at 0:30 GMT.

According to Detroit News says GM’s spokesman Tom Wilkinson plans to share their action plan after the stock market closed, that is, after 23 o’clock Swedish time.
According to the Detroit newspaper GM is planning to publish its plan around 23:30, followed by a press conference an hour later.
It is a more than 50-page document, with nearly 1 000 pages of appendices and the additional pages, which then lands in Washington.

We can assume that Saab will play a negligible, but for Sweden still incredibly important, part of the plan.
Data in recent days has increasingly pointed to the GM intends to separate the Saab in a separate company.
It is likely that it is the information we have to wait for Saab in the night.
In this case: What does it mean for Saab?
Firstly it is a marker from GM that Saab should be separated and, at best, to be sold.

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Saab-Salomon Partnership Ends In United States In 2009

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I have just found out today that the Saab-Salomon Partnership will be ending in United States In 2009, however other European countries will continue where General Motors Europe & Saab Automobile AB is breaking even.

Both Saab & Salomon officially began in 1947, however the Saab-Salomon partnership began in 2001.

In early 2007, the Saab-Salomon partnership had ski events here in the United States, specifically at five participating ski resorts, 2 in the North East, and 3 on the West Coast.

In Janary of 2008, Saab Automobile also had their global launch of the Saab 9-4x BioPower concept in Detroit, Michigan. It was at this location where Saab further illustrated a collaboration with Salomon, specifically on the integrated ski carrier and cabin design of the vehicle along with avid skier, Kaj Zackrisson. At this launch, I filmed and inteviewed Kaj simultaneously while he showed us this Saab-Salomon inspired concept car.

In March of this year, I promoted the Saab-Salomon Aero-X skis at the Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont, a ski resort that formerly worked with Saab USA, and at the time also collaborated with the Saab-Salomon partnership program. At this resort, I was filmed while I skied and promoted both the Saab-Salomon partnership as well as clear indicators that this mountain was in need of a new partner, and that Saab USA’s XWD vehicle was well positioned to partner with them in such a capacity.

Although there has not been a lot of activities here in the United States since 2001, many ski resorts did enjoy the Saab-Salomon partnered activities and events over this time.

As of January 1st, 2009 the Saab-Salomon partnership will officially conclude.

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